3.7.2b Patch Notes

Still nothing about the water issue?

Pretty serious issue, just saying. Got a few people that can't even progress without having someone kill specific bosses like Brine King or Fatso at the end of Act 9 because it crashes the game when they enter.

Hopefully it gets fixed soon. Rather annoying issue tbh.

Side not: All of them are on Win 7. Perhaps that helps. Not sure.
How about...

Adding the option to disable shift-clcik movement skills?
i hope the desktop crash is fixed...
No water fix.

No fix for animation cancelling greater spell echo from Pledge of Hands.

Thank you team for your hard work, but you are missing a zero or two at the end of your crashes fixed number.
Spell Echo and Greater Spell Echo are still not cancel-able

rip pledge of hands
This could be the patch that finally fixes things for me. I have been using all 3 counter attack gems!
had client crashes many times in last couple of days... today i lost 3 high tier corrupted, full-chiseled, sacrifice pieces, perandus scarab red maps after client crashes where I also lost my map instance. hopefully this will fix it cause i'm going broke losing these maps!!!!
That, that is, is. That, that is not, is not. Is that it? It is.
No flicker - Multistrike fix?

Nothing about gateways too?

fixes and crashes are welcome.

Turning players into payers.

Imagine making excuses for a billion dollar company that will never recognize you as anything else but a future open wallet.

Chapter: XVIII/Part II.

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