3.7.2b Patch Notes

They also 'fixed' the Kalandra's Craft prophecy, too. It no longer works with Syndicate encounters.

OFC, they stealthed that fix in without adding it to the patch notes.
<3 thx
Please add Rich Presence support for discord too!!
seriously? no uber elder fix? after 2 weeks?
any fixes related to flickerstrike crashes?
"re-worked the patching process for the Steam client, patching should now take considerably less time."

The dream sentence :)
Avengii wrote:
Nice. Steam gets more support right after I drop it for taking years to patch. Too bad there's not a fix for that problem that's been around forever. The stand alone client is nice though. I don't get spammed with DotA invites when I'm grinding now.

If anyone is using the Steam client still, stop. There's a better way.

I have had zero issues with the steam client. AS far as you getting spammed with dota invites thats your own personal issue with YOUR settings.
Still broken i play on xb1 x load game get to hideout flasks not loading in move insta crash happens all the time is this just me?

"a game to be played forever..."

Honestly guys it is getting really ridicolous, i sit there reading Chris Wilsons Q&A a few months ago, stating "sorry 3.6. is so screwed up, but we are working hard to make 3.7. a much better experience for the players, so please understand we do not put much effort into improving 3.6"
I did understand. I have played the last 5 leagues from start to end and none of them worked in the beginning, all needing several weeks of fixes.

Now here in the praised 3.7. it is even worse than ever.
I see developers coming to beaclast, not even knowing how they exactly buffed the Fortify(just one of the most used and strong defense mechanics)
not knowing exactly what works on the legion mechanic or not.
"i guess Essence Drain works and lots of other stuff too"
yeah well not....rip priloferation, and everyone else
Now we sit here having an unbalanced 2 skill metagame.
But all that would still be fine, im used to it...

But when even the Basic stuff that u can do when the league mechanic sucks once again falls apart, it is time to worry..
Uber Elder is bugged forover 2 weeks now,
now comment no fix. i spent 2 weeks of my time preparing my character for the fight, and the fight just doesnt work.The frigging final boss of your game doesnt work for over 2 weeks!You just seem not to care anymore.
I dont care that the future leagues will still not be propperly beta tested, that the current league has once again more flaws than strengths, i would just play the game for the past content. But when even that crumbles, is not taken serioulsy and not being taken care of in a timely manner, it is time to move on.

You gotta give us something, that works.
I hate to see the game I love so much going in the wrong direction, and i really hope u guys can turn this around, and we can praise u for your hard work again instead of beeing disappointed and salty.

Finally fixed crashes bound to counter-attacks, thank you! Been reporting this since league start and been using those skill gem everyday, it's been hell to play with getting at least one crash per map

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