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[3.7] The Human Blender - Double Malice Ice Nova w/ Avatar Of Fire!

Hello! I personally didnt get why do malice's ice nova multiplie by 2 when we calculate DPS. As i can see from ur guide CoC ice nova cast on each hit and dont share cooldown with malice's spells and we get total of 15 or 2 * 7.5 casts per second if we have 15 APS. The point is why do we have 7.5 procs of malice's icebolt and 15 procs instead of 7.5 procs on malice's ice nova?

Great build and explanation on reddit btw.
@Dezzo79 - thanks for the explanation!

@shalfeyoo - the x2 is because Ice Novas cast on two Frostbolts each. This is why it's important to cast Frostbolt first in the right hand; so that the first Ice Nova gets cast twice. Otherwise, you are totally correct.
Hmmm. Do u mean that frostbold also trigger ice nova? But how if its not a "melee"?
Hmmm. Do u mean that frostbold also trigger ice nova? But how if its not a "melee"?
No, hitting with Cyclone is what casts everything. But Frostbolt and Ice Nova have a special interaction - if you cast multiple Frostbolt projectiles then cast Ice Nova, the Ice Nova will expand from two of the Frostbolts. These two Novas can overlap and both hit a single target.

You can test it out. Take off all the triggering links like the CoC gem and Malice, and just self-cast Frostbolt (with GMP or a Frozen Trail or something) then cast Ice Nova. That should show you what is going on.
Oh i didnt know that nova - frostbolt interaction. Thank you for explanation.
Hello. I just got 21/23 vaal arc from incubator and im thinking about swapping it with ice nova. PoB shows less dmg for arc, and not rly good support gems for it, im thinking about chain support or ele focus, although regardless of fire conversion it still shows that it can shock enemies. Is it true? Wouldn't it increase dmg of ice nova and frostbolt from malice's which will compensate less damage of arc itself? Also arc probably would increase clear speed, especially in legion encounters. What do You think?


After some testing i scrapped idea, arc had too low damage and clear speed actually felt slower when frostbolt didn't get another nova explosions. Also now i know that it can't shock, even if it says in skill description.
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@_Nektre_ - That sounds about right. Arc cannot shock with only Fire damage. We are also only converting half of our Lightning damage to Fire, so it loses half of the damage there; and we also lose out on the doubling up that Ice Nova gets when cast on Frostbolt. CoC Arc has its uses - it's cool for clearing. But it doesn't fit in this setup at all.
Ok, so this build is very, very strong. But it's true, optimising 15 aps + CDR is very hard. Worst time I had, when i wanted to swap from starkonja to 40% ice nova helmet. I've spent like an hour to trying to figure out what should i have on new helmet and ring (using farrul's fur and being in need of aspect of the cat wasn't helpfull). Overall, this build just melts everything. I thought i had good damage on ED vs Uber elder, but this build just melts him. Llike literally melts (fire damage, duh). If this fight wouldn't have moments when this duo can't die, it would take like 30 sec. I wanted to shot a video, but it wasn't deathless so it's not worth showing. Also, did my first deathless uber atziri with this, she first time felt like normal atziri in terms of dps.

One thing to mention, this isn't tankiest build out there. To be honest, i feel a lot tankier as my ED evasion dodge character than this one, but this CoC is way, way more satisfying to play. You need to expect to get one shotted, especially in T16 maps against legion encounters. Also, I suffer from FPS drops on everything but ED this league, so 5 fps when 10 overbuffed angry rares on T16 wants to get me, doesn't help. Here is my gear, and I have one tip for You. If You want to get helmet like this, You will probably need to craft it yourself. I think it's the only build out there that converts 100% ice nova to fire, so if there is helmet with enchant and -#% to resists, it's gonna be -9% cold resist. Also, You don't need this helmet or farrul's for all content in game. In my case, it was just overkill and wanting to get more dps than i got on my ED against Uber elder.

I did it this way. Bought cheapest ilvl 86 helmet with enchant (130C in my case, doesn't have to be ilvl 86, but I believe You can get best rolls with ilvl above 81), spammed fossils, then I got tired to spend chaoses on pristines and 2 socket resonators, so i've just bought a bunch of scorched fossils and one sockets resonators and spammed it until i got -9% fire res and some life. In my case, i've annuled 2 mods and luckily annuled 2 that i didn't wanted on my helmet, so i could craft resists + Aspect of the cat. If You don't use farrul, then it will be way easier for You to craft helmet like this. And You need to get ring with poacher's mark when You don't have fire damage leech corrupt in helmet, because I think we don't have any other source of leech from fire dmg without corrupt or curse on ring. Overall, excellent build, i rarely write posts like this, but this one got me and I'm glad I've chosen it. And srsly, f**k porcupines! Pyre is must-have because of them.

Also, those watcher's eye jewels are kinda expensive, so it might be worth to update in guide. Not like 10ex+ but still, around 1.5-3ex. And as OP mentioned, it's hard to get required INT when You want to play around with Xoph's blood, but with pathing to life wheel it get's easier. And my advice is to swap to it above lv 90, because I've swapped around 84 I believe, and actually ended with less HP than original concept of build (before i could get to life wheel).

Here is my pastebin code, if someone would need some inspiration to build this around Farrul's fur. I didn't bother to make configuration to show crit etc, sorry. Jewels are there, since I don't know how to link them from my tree in this post.


Updated pastebin and items, since Incr dur was kinda messing up Aspect of the cat rotation and i've bought 21/20 gems.


I've actually got a video with deathless uber elder, that shows insane dps of this build very well, especially in first phase of fight and when shaper in last phase was quickly taken down to cull range. Here it is:


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Do we even need the CRS on boots or belt when we get up to 23% from the Flesh and Stone gem? And wouldn't that make it possible to reach the 52% CRS with boots + belt?

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