[PS4] 3.7.1c Patch Notes

What about Shield Charge not being able to trigger Fortify or Endurance Charge on Melee Hit when using a Wand for example? Been using Wand+Shield all league and I really could make use of those support gems.

Also, what about Flame Dash double casting always?
After playing for a few hours, there seem to be just as much crashing as before. Only difference is, it seems more random now. Before patch, game was crashing during zone change. Now its whenever. But just as frequent. I've been sending PS-reports with video every crash. Hope that helps in resovling this annoying issue.
Can we plz rollback this patch? I lost about 45% of my exp bar after this "good" update. One question for GGG, do you guys test pathces? Cos i don't know how this update pass Testers.
After the update I crashed being in the game for a few mins.

I'm pretty pissed off that I spent money on this, I knew I should've have.

Can't get a refund either because of the nature of the MTX.
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area transitioning is STILL broken. crashes every time almost when trying to do the aspriant trial. pls fix this soon
Great job GGG!!!
Please rollback the update, my game is freezing at the login since we updated.
So patch 3.7.1.c crashed the game.
"Fixed a bug where Scourge Arrow gained stages much faster than intended."

Yeah, okay.. you quadrupled the time to charge up, great, thanks

How about fixing something that's actually broken, like disconnects, crashes, lag spikes, frame drops etc etc etc...

Edit to add: even path of building doesn't work right. Crashes my laptop if I leave it open too long. Seriously time to clean house and get some fresh talent and/or sell to a company that can actually handle this mess you've created.
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take my first comment back the game crashes alot more now :(
I was super excited when I woke up to test out the new patch fixes. However, I quickly found out that it was crashing even more now in places that I didn't have crashes before.

Tried to do a couple Delves and it crashed every time, tried 3 of them. Losing -10% exp on a DC is painful and I am not even very high level yet... I could only imagine at higher levels I probably would have thrown the controller through my T.V. (not really / definitely swearing involved tho).

Did a few maps and was OK so stuck with that to get another level in this morning.

My Whirling Blades is still double-casting, along with Vaal Ancestral Warchief sometimes.

I had a crash maybe once every 2-3 hours or so on PS4 Pro doing maps, delves, random stuff. But three crashes in about an hour this morning, makes me not want to play anymore... and am a bit upset that I spent ~$140 now on supporter stuff/cosmetics.

Please fix, you guys/gals got an awesome game here that I have recently fell in love with, but the crashing is about to push me away.

PS - Would LOVE some way to accept offer/refuse/deal with trades in the field a bit better. The Start button works but it often pops up to quick for me to see what they offered or to even react and then can't do anything after that. Would save a ton of loading screens if this was addressed.

Frost Blade Assassin,

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