[PS4] 3.7.1c Patch Notes

Not sure why this is happening, but since the update the fps has been really poor during fights with 8+ enemies (e.g. abyssal trove, etc). Hope you guys can get it to smooth out?

Additionally, flame dash is still casting twice at a time fairly regularly (not that I mind it too much)

My boyfriend has been a big PC PoE player for years, and this is my first league (but on ps4 obv) - I really enjoy the game, so thanks as a whole!
This is so sad. Even the boss in the conservatory rubberbands when he uses shield charge...Ive done it 3 or 4 times since this league and he rubberbands every time.
you didnt fix shit
lol a patch you sure
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you didnt fix shit
yeah, overall the experience is worse than prior to the patch. The game may not full out crash when transitioning but your character may just not be able to move...

This seems to happen even more frequently when in town or in your hideout. The UI is fully accessible and functional but you just can't move...at all.
Can we get a fix to prevent getting trapped in the cages near the blood altar. Got stuck there the other day because a mob got stuck and indent to kill it and it instantly closed on me
For a friend and me it is even worse now... we can not play anymore together due to constant desync, crash, getting stuck and so on... horrible!

I should have waited before bying the supporter pack i guess...
I played yesterday 4 Hours and had one blue Screen. Not even more or less before the last Patch. But the Patch didnt fix the Double LeapSlam and after the Patch, i stuck sometimes after using the Portal. Sure, i wouldnt play HC with those bugs and Crashes :)
I hope they fix the crashes for all the other Player asap an the Bugs that not fixed
Any word from GGG that they're aware of the issues and what they're planning to do about it? Sort of feels like they release a buggy patch and then go silent until the next buggy patch. Communicate with your community GGG.

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