[PS4] 3.7.1c Patch Notes

Do you people actually test out things on the appropriate console before deploying "crap"? We are nothing more than your game testers at this point, except game testers get paid, and you just want us to pay you.

At this point, idc if all bugs are fixed "next time" my wallet is closed
It continues to have rubber banding issues after new update within 2 minutes of being in Cruel Ascendancy trial and in other places as well. Toxic rain + Herald of Agony Pathfinder
I encourage everyone to go read up on PC patch notes. Should go back to my other games, but I'm emotionally invested in watching this now. Just waiting for the next one to brick someone.
Still getting double casts on my leap slam and now I cast my spell that is assigned to 'X' whenever I interact with something. Can't comment on rubber banding yet but it has been absolutely shocking since Legion launched so hopefully it's better otherwise what was the point of this update again?
Well, my optimism for crash fixes was misplaced. Game crashing more than before now. So far during every single Delve encounter I'm crashing to a blue screen, 4 times in a row now.

GGG, if you guys don't care about PS4, just refund our money and delete the game from PSN because this is pathetic.
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Still consistently double attacking/ casting and rubberbanding with dash. Hi
Since the update ive been crashing about every 5 to 10 mins and i get stuck everytime i come into or go out of a map. The only thing that unsticks me is pressing square. Got to take a break those crashs are seriously pissing me off
After every patch I've rebuilding my ps4s database.. seemed to stop most of my random crashes. To rebuild yours, turn your playstation off, once the light on ur console is off, hold power button for approx 7 secs until it beeps, plug controller in, select rebuild data base. Should only take a minute or two, not a couple hours as the console suggests lol. Whether it actually helps or not, it's at least worth trying.
I still get crash it wasnt this bad in last league
OK, I have got to cal B.S. on this supposed patch

The rubber-banding has not been fixed, in fact it is worse than pre-patch. Well, on Leap Slam and Cyclone anyway. (Thats what I use). It has caused my character more deaths since the patch than the bug before the patch.

The Skill stacking isn't fixed either. Again its worse in the respect that it now added the default attack to the list of skill stacked. It is STILL affecting Leap Slam AND Vaal Ancestral Warchief.

I can't comment on the crash aspect yet, but I'm sure I will have the opportunity as its worse since Legion went live than before.

I think GGG should have waited that extra day to ensure the "Patch" actually worked first.

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