Path of Exile: Legion Patch Notes

Why is nobody talking about how awesome flicker strike is now.
VERY VERY NICE overall...

Love the way some melee skills become unique - best examples are dualstrike with its oneshot crit focus - love it. -earthquake aswell - finally the aftershock will make a HUGE impact compared to the first hit. It will be amazin im sure.

Love the way melee will indirecty get more survivability from gettin up and personal via auras and skills. I dont understand why you dont just grant all melee close quater skills a passive inbuild fortify? Just make it part of the skill already - lol. Anyway:

I see 3 GREAT problems/conserns here:

Melee/ranged elemental conversion skills has added elemental damage - thematically this makes perfect sense - but that means i feel completly cheated in that i can no longer support that skill with any passive notes that just grant % increased damage with attack, or multiply the damage with support gems like "More melee/ranged physical damage" This kinda defeats the whole concept of conversion.

Why will only "some" of the melee skills get "added flat damage"? . stuff like sunder, reave, wildstrike, HEAVY-strike???(underused as it is), frenzy, vigilant-strike, and many more: will be completly left behind? why?
Not much can compare with 100 added flat phys imo. It makes little sense to me, to render half the skills unuseable honestly? What am i missing here?

This skills gets a HUGE aoe AND added flat phys AND it will attack 4 times faster?? And it is a movement skill, (and also channeling) -This will be more powerfull than anything else out there - atleast on paper? What is up with that?? It will have more damage effectiveness that any other AOE skills as far as i can see - and it will have more- or the same as the "former" singletarget skills. What am i missing?

Best regards
>wow we made power creep,how do we fix it ?
>oh,let's just double mobs HP,yea that will fix it !
are you fucking serious ? you just almost nullified all the "buffs" to melee by making mobs harder to kill
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Kinda happy with melee changed, kinda sad with spell related changes.

Lets see how many times I die before I rage quit.
Having a hard time wrapping my brain around the melee changes. So much speed nerfing, but base damage buffing. I have no idea what the final dps changes will look like, or if they will even be buffs. But, it definitely sounds like melee will "feel worse"

I dont get why there are these speed changes, when so much of what is wrong with melee in the first place is the feel.

But Cyclone looks great :/
Well, I guess they forgot Raider existed.
Snorkle_uk wrote:
its worth noting GGG, occultist WILL need a rework now after this. It doesnt make sense any more, you cant really make proper builds with it, uve got these essence drain type nodes with the chaos degen stuff but you cant make an essence drain character with it, again, because there isnt 4 keystones to take, the profane bloom stops ur contag spreading, so youve got a 2 pointer into the chaos dot stuff and then... u dont want the es regen node cause ur wicked ward destroys it, u cant take profane path, you are not crit so pc useless...

thats one example, but theres a ton of builds i either have or have in my mind, and now theres no longer a 4 node option for them because uve basically destroyed the class and if u pick it then at best ur now taking 2 of the small travel nodes rather than a big node cause none of the remaining big nodes really work for your build.

Its destroyed and you HAVE to rework it now, obviously not for this patch, but for next league its going to need to actually function for builds again.

the team really needs better communication about what one is doing and another. it is like a school group project where everyone did their own thing and then just smashed it together like a frankenstein.
People were going to play life builds this league, but now withough 10x the gear investment of life you can't play es. Less you go guardian support right??

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My body is ready
woohoo we reworked melee, lets nerf everything else to the ground so everyone plays the same things again.

wanted to go ES again but this is the second time it gets made hardly viable, i was there for the first 30% nerf too....its getting annoying.

the focus is on melee this league, and you better participate or FO.

no supporter packs for me this league....
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