3.6.3d Patch Notes

Thx GGG, letis gol
The Seraph Grace Wings have had their shininess restored to match their release shininess.

Can we please have the Betrayal cloak restored as well? In Synthesis it looks like it's been dipped in mud :( Not sure what happened but it definitely lost its nice gold brightness. Thanks in advance!
100% Ethical, most of the time.
Flasks finally have an item sound. Thanks for listening :)
Enjoying this league so much, thanks for constant improv GGG!
BS this is worse now 1st train encounter caused enough lag to freeze me & kill me & crash the game , cant say its my pc because i have a very op new pc and this is pathetic
https://www.twitch.tv/xboneshockx (offline)
why so much update ffs
So people wondering about bug fixes. Do you not them fixed?
Those that wonder why they are fixing bugs a month later, do you even bother to look at how obscure some of these are? Seriously, who the hell do you believe yourself to be? I would bet a year's salary that if you were in QA the amount of bugs that weren't found would at least double. Raise your hand if you have done QA. Now raise your hand if you successfully broke the game doing so. If you did not raise your hand. Kindly, go mutter nonsense to the plant in the corner.
Just End this league already, and start next league
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repair pls celestial aura
Can't wait for The Perfect Form armor 3D art.
To be honest I'm a melee player, playing since essence league. I tried a lot of builds, all melee.

Between marauder and duelist I don't count anymore how many hours I spent on this game to try melee builds.

Still after all these years, I still didn't reach late game killing uber atziri, killing shaper, or uber elder. Never done it.

Maybe some of my builds could do so. But even on softcore, death is pretty annoying to me, I hate when I don't kill a boss without dying.

As a melee build our defense needs to be high since it's harder to dodge spells or AOEs... or hits from a bully :p but if we spend on defense we loose some attack damage (obviously)

Those decisions are not the same for a distance / magic build.

A melee build compared to a magic / distance much spend a lot more of exalts to reach crazy numbers and hopefully kill some uber bosses or endgame bosses...

A magic / distance build can kill more easily or on a budget build compensing its lack of damage by avoidance skills.

A melee can't do that, or still, I can't.

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