3.6.3d Patch Notes

Fixed a bug where the Rewritten Synthete boss could sometimes continue to deal damage after it died.

I mean, like... don't almost half of the league mobs already do this? Not that I mind, but, seems weird.
lets go
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Gastub wrote:
How about fixing Atziri's Reflection? Still not immune against the Silence curse. And yes it IS a curse. https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Silence

same here....iam keep dying coz silence (atziri's reflection)
lv 99 btw and its hurt dying 10% rip
why the stuttering happens in this league for betrayal encounter...previous league is itself betrayal yet there's no stutter ever
Fixed a bug where the effects of Vaal Righteous Fire and Celestial Aura Effect microtransactions could display below the ground.

no you did fix nothing

and i really was hyped for a split second
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And when u guys gonna buff Explosive arrow ?
just did betrayal, went really smooth, wich never happened before.

I hope its permanent, so far good job.
nice job, keep fixing more bugs, the response will be good
Nice work
thanks for updating regularly and fixing the bugs but i can't help but think you guys really don't test your game anymore pre-league start. :(

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