3.6.3d Patch Notes

I want to start off with saying i appreciate the patches to try and fix bugs people are having. However it looks like Betrayal is still causing a lot of issues for some, myself included aswell.

I've read on reddit a temporary fix where you go in the map and go back to your hideout for a few mins and resume the map without any lag when the encounters happen. I've been doing this the past days/weeks and it works.

However, maps where the enemies spawn too close to the portal with the longer load that this patch gave either gets me killed or i still get a disconnect.
I just did a Park map (T13) where the enemies are almost always next to the portal. The loading took so long i already knew i was out of my grace period. Game does a disconnect, i re-login and see i lost 10% on my character. I don't need levels anymore but stuff like that just aggrivates me.

It's weird that during the league itself we almost had no issues with lag/freezing/stuttering but now that it's core, it's unbearable. I don't think it can be fixed because this is like the 3rd patch already concerning Betrayal?
Putting it on hold like Incursion or Bestiary is a no-go for next league because all our crafting options are coming from Veiled items now. Like people said, maybe have Veiled items drop from map bosses, so GGG can find a way to fix it for everyone?

Would be a shame to lose people because it was fine beforehand but now something is wrong.
I still have the issues with the syndicates, making it unplayable with a certain death and of course that 1min extra loading screen.
More frustrated that the league has been out for approx 6 weeks? And yet still an issue..

Overall I felt like every league I play, I get longer loading screens, much more freezes by just doing whatever, lab, maps etc.
Meh, I could play this game most of my free time, but with the lags it makes me really wanna quit..
The syndicate maps are still lagging as hell. I'm still dying on every Syndicate map start. On lvl 94 and above this is EXTREMELY ANNOYING !!

The problem is with the first encounter, that comes from beyond. After i kill them the map is fine.

Please, please fix them.
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Syndicate lags, Grandmasters lag, disconnects everywhere every time, roses are red, GGG is gutter trash.
and now even incursion is having some fps drop fiesta... good job ggg.
....And then there are the constant never ending disconnections.......
Suggestion: a new gamerule for maps containing Syndicate encounters.

If syndicate encounter, then dying in this map/instance does not a) remove you from HC, and b) does not affect your xp bar.

'Nuff said.
That moment when you notice you can support skitterbots with Infernal Legion and EE
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