3.6.3d Patch Notes

Before this league I had stable 60+ fps (game installed on SSD)

Before this patch I had stable 60+ fps (game still installed on SSD) in any place except maps with Jun. Where game was just unplayable.

After this patch game unplayable in any map. Every time i use my Arc fps drops to 1. Good job GGG.

Same PC, same drivers, same IP. Any other game runs as fine as before.

So, I guess, you are just really don't want me to play your game (and my money too)

Ok. I'll quit. Good luck.

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this is the most patched league i have ever seen they have lost their minds it seems everyday a new patch and yet it only gets worse.
Well just tested out the patch to see if it fixed the intervention freezes and i did a map with betrayal on it and indeed the intervention didn't freeze the game, it was alright and the other encounters seemed better too. The load time of the map was longer though, but that's fair.

The thing that is puzzling is the stuttering that exists after the map has loaded though. Like you enter the map and for some time it keeps stuttering and some of the skill/buff icons are black etc. I've seen plenty of people report that too in that 50+ page long thread in the tech forums. That is quite annoying tbh and hopefully will be fixed with the loading optimizations that are to come (as it was said in that betrayal loading lag post by GGG).

Also what is up with the poor optimization of some of the outdoor maps...

I REALLY hope this bug riddled, convoluted, third party website requiring league mechanic (synthesis) won't go core though. As soon as i got my synth related challs done, i quit doing it. That crafting system is wack and the mechanic itself is boring and tedius. I don't even run the fragmented ones in maps anymore. If this is your idea of "player retention" then yeah... it backfired.
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How about fix frame drop nobody cares about wing shininess... Losing xp everyday because the game locks up with any amount of density on maps.
Thanks for the Syndicate lag fix. :)
This is how it looks now.
Right after entering the map with Jun:

During the encounter:


The first round of Betrayal lag fixes in the patch before the last one was a big improvement for me.
After the latest patch though it's gotten at lot more worse .. especially in the beginning of the map there is a lot of stuttering and freezes.

After this patch I cannot play because of FPS drop. What have you done?
ZaM wrote:
Fixed a bug where Ignites inflicted while wearing the Emberwake unique ring did not burn slower.

I wish this would be a feature, not a bug :/

Emberwake is sooooooo lackluster. IMO there should be a fated version of this without this dumb restriction.

Yeah, I've been experimenting with a burning arrow build on a L92 raider that uses three ignites. The upfront damage is subpar and I can't do areas where I get swarmed like incursions or deeper delves. Maps are generally ok. ...but I had thought that my ignites were already being slowed. Geez. So I can stay with a build that will take several seconds to do the same damage that another build can do in one shot. Hmmm, what to choose?
Has any exile really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Please explain this, it's killing me. I can't even...
Can you guys take a look at Commandment of Flames?
When it's triggered on my toon, instead of flames I see those two lightning figures chasing after me effect ..

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