PSA: Watcher's Eye Change in Upcoming Patch

would be interested in the total amount of items affected. 10? 1000?

and why not compensate the players with the usual difference of the market price in exalts?
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I certainly hope you do an across the board nerf, and hit the ones that exist now. If it is that powerful, that it warrants a nerf this close after launch, then it has no place to exist past the patch in it's current state. If you're going to hit the futures, the hit them all, and be done with it.
Better delete Betrayal
I dont want to tell you how to do your job, but as its quite a change that influence existing market to some extend (even for those few ppl) i would recommend a global announcment every 1hr prior to the patch encouriging ppl to check full announcment on the site. Even simple: "PSA: Watchers Eye change in upcoming patch - more details on". That way you are giving chance for those that might fall into buing it "at a bargain price" while actually falling into a bit of a scam!
That should help preventing some saltiness at least and provide some protection over the ones who have might be saving for them.
Six times wow. It seems to me as if something about 3.6.0 was rushed. Game breaking bugs, or rather league breaking. Syndicates as they are now are clunky and got issues. Wrong values on items and drops. Previous leagues always had some issues, but at least the general idea was working. I'd rather have you take your time in future releases. Just insert an extra race week or something. Most people wouldn't even mind if your 3 month plan became a 3 month and an extra week if needed plan I guess. It just might spare your customers a lot of disappointment.
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vio wrote:
would be interested in the total amount of items affected. 10? 1000?

and why not compensate the players with the usual difference of the market price in exalts?

Come on, compensate? Really? You are one of the few players still around that played POE since the very beginning so again compensate? Did ggg in all those years had ever compensate anyone for anything? I guess some people will be VERY upset tomorrow. ^^ The tears will be real!
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I found a Mirror óf Kalandra, so who cares? :D

Funny thing.. saw that jewel not 6 hours ago, someone linked it.. seemed way too powerful, so i think it's a good thing you change it!
Kinda a noob here. Is this how legacy variants are created? Or is this just a plain Nerf that affects new and old versions of this item? From people's replies it seems it's just an across the board change to this specific modifier. Just wanted some clarification.
Makes sense
ITs funny how the whole game becomes more of a joke every league. Power creep getting worse and worse and you guys simply dont give a fck.
But sure, THIS item will break the game and needs a insta hotfix xD
Realy dont like where this is going....

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