PSA: Watcher's Eye Change in Upcoming Patch

Tomorrow (Friday NZT), we're planning to release Patch 3.6.1 which includes a change to the "30% increased Maximum total Recovery per second from Energy Shield Leech while affected by Zealotry" modifier found on the Watcher's Eye Unique Jewel. This modifier unintentionally went out with a value six times higher than intended which is making it much more powerful than intended.

We try to avoid nerfs mid-league but we feel the power of this item warrants an emergency change. We are extremely sorry to anyone that this has negatively affected. We want to give you as much notice as we can before any more item sales are made.
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Grinding Gear Games
Oswald89 wrote:
Hey bex . about emergency changes.

A bunch of players cant access the league's mechanic due a bug that makes Cavas disappear its been 4 days now and no one answers us :

But watcher's eye its whats important here , srs bussiness.

That's in tomorrow's patch too.

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