Continuous disconnections while loading areas. Please Fix

Deklnu wrote:
81gb free, 77% in use.
What type of console do you have?
Xbox one 81gb available

xbox one S 95gb available

Both do same thing.

I freeze for 5-8 seconds twice going into every portal or new zone. Not many boots to dashboard but to home screen with unexpected error.
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For me it's 143.6 GB free, 81.6% free. Playing on Xbox one 1TB. Thanks for looking into this for us, I don't know if this issue is server related, but, as somebody suggested on another thread, it would be great if we had the choice on which server to connect to. I'm playing from Ireland and got no disconnections during last hour or so, where I got connected to Washington D. C. server, but during previous session earlier, connected to London EU realm, could barely access game due to continued disconnections for over an hour.
Well if you have 5 minutes available to watch a video, this is basically my synthesis league experience once I hit A3. I was still disconnecting, crashing, and lagging before act 3 but now its actually unplayable lol..!AurJoHdZbTaog0l9dBSQcZOOmoBd

Now after this happens, I can try to log back in but over the last hour I've only been able to successfully log back into sarn encampment 1 time. I will either get disconnected without ever seeing sarn back to main menu or my game will actually crash to dashboard.

Personally I don't think this is an act problem or a league problem. I was curious when i couldn't log back in so i tried logging in my pre-existing non-league chars in A8, A1, and A5 and trying to login resulted in me disconnecting to main menu without ever loading in on them as well. I'm playing on the original Xbox One and have 62.9gb free space.

I also just ran a speed test on my xbox and I'm currently getting:

down: 141 mbps
up: 11 mbps
packet loss: 0%
latency: 41 ms
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I'm experiencing the exact same problems. Significant lag when entering areas, loading screens taking ages, multiple crashes.
You cant engage with the synthesis mechanics consistantly because by the time the game has stopped lagging you are either dead or the creep has caught up to you.
Same thing, Using bane with prolif causes huge lag spikes, going to buy mtx's crashes my game, loading new areas crashes my game. Movement feels clunky, moving items into and out of my stash is lagging. Unplugged the box n the router for a good minute and same problem keeps happening. Looks like a memory leak to me, how ironic, that witty comment in the patch notes did you guys in huh. Might as well have given us the syndicate so at least we could craft while were crashing constantly :D.

FR tho, its a gamewide problem. Everyone is at least crashing on loading instances.
Same issue. 10 sec freezes at the start of every zone that either ends up with a death screen or sends you to main menu. Load times are twice as long
I have actually 917.2 GB free of 931.5 GB external ssd and only POE on. I mean in general loading times are fine with that setup, i just have those disconnects after running for some time. (xbox one x) , My friends are sleeping, but as far as I know, they have only poe installed on their internal drive.

Ah yeah and I dont use any mtx, and options are set to prefer performance, not quality.

(had no crash since I wrote my previous message, so it should come soonish)

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I'm having very similar issues too. I'm on an Xbox One HDD with 96.6 GB free (73.5% usage) with a wired connection. Speed test shows 171 down, 11 up, 0 packet loss and 54ms latency. I've tried to hard reset or even reinstall the game since Synthesis launched. However I have constant crashes while trying to load into any zone. Then once I'm in the zone I'm lucky if it doesn't crash as soon as I see the first mob. The game is running worse now then it did back during Harbinger when I was on Wifi.

Edit: I'm on the Washinton DC server.
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So my Xbox one S is slightly better than my Xbox one. just trying to put out as much info as possible. maybe 20% better but still terrible.

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