Continuous disconnections while loading areas. Please Fix

If you believe to be experiencing an issue we'll need specific information to investigate anything as we need to be able to replicate the same behaviour internally. Please see the FAQs 'Helpful Information to Include'. The more information the better, screenshots, videos, etc.
filix wrote:
Yeah plenty of crashes to dashboard during loading. I just had one, while browsing the delve ( at the cart, checking where to get deeper) but all the other about 5+ since release, happened while zoning. Nothing special to replicate, My personal guess is, as it happens kinda very frequent, is that somehow the is a mem leak or anything that after a while when loading the next zone will cause an overload or so. I have an xbox one x, friend with on old and slim report even more crashes during loading. I could imagine they get faster to that limit. I had those crashes in the past league as well, but not that often.

Hi Filix,

How much space is available on your hard drive? If you could find out from your friend is well would be helpful for me.
Deklnu wrote:
81gb free, 77% in use.
What type of console do you have?
Thanks everyone for the provided information. We'll continue to investigate these issues tomorrow morning when we resume our work day and try to address them as quickly as possible.
Good morning everyone,

Thanks for all of your posts and info. We hear your concerns and issues, I want everyone to know that I'm working closely with one of our senior engineer to investigate these problems further and trying to address these as quickly as we can.
zDyinRyan wrote:
Any update?
Fixes are being worked on internally as we speak. I won't have an ETA for an update until later tomorrow.
zDyinRyan wrote:
Fixes are being worked on internally as we speak. I won't have an ETA for an update until later tomorrow.

So u guys are leaving the game unplayable for a minimum of 4 days? Lmao
This is a rather complex problem which doesn't have a straightforward resolution, that being said we have a plan in action to tackle these issues. I've been working alongside the team over the last 48 hours who've been aggressively working on this, but it requires time. We're doing everything we possibly can, as quickly as we can and plan on patching fixes in as soon as they're ready. Thank you for your patience, we understand how frustrating this is.

As soon as I have more information I'll post an update.
Hello everyone,

Please find an update in regards to this matter, here:

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