Continuous disconnections while loading areas. Please Fix

I had same problem with finishing act 10. I must only kill kitava but ot do that i needed to use waypoint from town(1st loading), then go to next zone(2nd) and to last zone(3rd time). On that last zone i get crashed something like 7times and i wanted to give up nut i tried something, before entering the last zone i unequiped all my gear and that help. After that i go to map and i go in memories died and load few times and nothing crashed so its strange.
I reached the end!
I cannot enter in The Feeding Trough so I can't kill Kitava.
I tried to reinstall the game.
I tried to clear The Canals and The Ravaged Square first then exit the game then go again in order to maybe save some memory but nooo the ravaged square was resseted and the game crashed again.
I'm 71 lvl at this moment because I'm still trying to enter The feeding trough.
I don't have any friends that can open me a portal there.
So what should I do? Just make new characters lvl up to act 10 and then repeat?
Now, you can only enter 2 or 3 area.
It reaches 4, you will be crash.
So it is difficult to clear ACT 8,9,10.
I did Apex of sacrifices for 2 hours without a crash, so you guys can do that and have some fun lmfao

But in all seriousness it was weird. Then I couldn't kill The Shpaer 2 times in a row because crash.. same with maps 2 or 3 means a crash right now for me.
i cannot enter the feeding trough too, been stuck there for 2 days
I haven't even been able to login to the game since last night. I click start to play, get my character list, pick a character,and get instantly disconnected back to the start to play screen.

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