Betrayal as a Core Game Mechanic

Fluffylife wrote:
I think betrayal is one league i would have been happy with not going core..

Preach it brother
Wonder if syndicate rewards will still be worth it with all these nerfs
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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3.21 Waiting Room (No more?) - Why does Ruthless have exclusive league challenge rewards???
With 3 events per map will the presence of defeated syndicate members from one encounter affect the deal options of syndicate members from other encounters?
I hate how often the best option was for me to just walk away if I didn’t want to derank or mess up rivalries, especially on research.
There needs to be a 3rd option like destroy the syndicate member’s item.
When I kill a man he stays dead.
What about the pure breachstones and scarabs that will be transfered to standard ? Are the changes retroactive or are we getting ''legacy'' breachstones and scarabs ? (Yes I know no one cares about standard, but it's a valid question nonetheless.)
You still do not understand what makes the Mastermind the shitfest it is and will still be. That's sad.
Added this clarification to the post: Clarification - the removed ranks of veiled mods are the initial lower powered ranks, to account for the later introduction of Jun.

Fluffylife wrote:
I think betrayal is one league i would have been happy with not going core..

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Qarl wrote:

We have reduced number of ranks on many Veiled crafting modifiers, and most modifiers require more unveiling to gain higher tiers. Some high-value modifiers, like Additional Totems and Non-Chaos Added as Chaos are becoming Elder or Shaper mods.

I guess there's no reason to do Betrayal content, then. Seems like the crazy crafts you want that can enable cool builds will be Shaper/Elder drops with no way to craft them on your own. While this may(!) make them more common, it also makes the Syndicate, as of right now, not worth doing, especially considering you can get Veiled items from the new Synthesis content.
What would be the point of doing the encounters or rather the safehouses? Are there any exclusive items/mods/whatever to it?
I guess it depends on the numbers and mods that you get by unveiling items, but as of right now, I see no point in engaging with the system. Heck, I'm already avoiding most of the encounters because I find them annoying.
It was an interesting league mechanic but not really a fun one, at least after a while.
Im glad its going to core

Although I do think incursion and delve need to be re-looked at as far as accessibility and being able to play the content...

There's a reason very little time was spent in delves.
I've said this before elsewhere, but it seems relevant here given the specific mention of lore...

There should be some means to review at leisure all the non-conversation lore bits we find in the course of the game. One possibility would be a hideout object - an 'Exile's Journal' of sorts - you can interact with to 'recall' them.

I wonder too if there will be alternative models for stashes in the future, as well as the option to disable the animations for hideout stashes. The latter comes up because it is possible to 'cover' a stash with a box, yet still interact with it... this was a nice feature which is spoiled by the animation.

Lastly for present, with respect to skins: first, the Order of the Djinn outfit would be a welcome addition to the skin roster; and second, many existing skin sets would be improved by the addition of matching shield skins... particularly those from the various supporter packs.
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