Betrayal as a Core Game Mechanic

Might as well remove Mastermind. It was/is hell to get to it in Betrayal; now imagine getting there with far fewer Syndicate encounters.

The nerfs are expected, and as always the good stuff is only for the no lifers.

Great game, but god damn the direction is going in leaves me more depressed by the day.
I'd like some clarification here too:

Qarl wrote:

We have reduced number of ranks on many Veiled crafting modifiers, and most modifiers require more unveiling to gain higher tiers. Some high-value modifiers, like Additional Totems and Non-Chaos Added as Chaos are becoming Elder or Shaper mods. (Edit: Clarification - the removed ranks of veiled mods are the initial lower powered ranks, to account for the later introduction of Jun.)

Does that mean they will be added to the shaper/elder mods list that can be rolled with currency or they will be veiled mods that can ONLY be applied to shaper/elder items?

I assume the former, but I think the latter would be a better user experience (more deterministic).
Deadbringer wrote:
Oskarmln wrote:
Breachstones still giving retarded xp w/o any danger, sulphite scarabs nerfed so once again you need to grind so much to access delve, what the hell is this :/

itll be hard getting pure breachstone,they also lowered monster level which is another layer of less exp.. It took 80pure to reach 99-100 now your looking at probably 300+ . Add the cost, time to gathr a party and just finding 300 pure alone.. Plus since they nerfed the monster level it means tier maps are also nerfs. To me you can just run 400maps faster and get your lvl 100 from maps quite eays with a lot more profit if your abusing sextant.

Normal chayulas (mlvl 80) are ~20 mill per hour at 99, the nerfed pures will be 50+ (unless they nerfed density HARD, but then its just less fun), it's still retarded amount of xp without any risk and you can only go near that if you literally have perfect maps with perfect sextants and yolo clearspeed SC build (most people probably never had more than 15m/h at 99 in maps). Of course pure stones will have much smaller impact in 3.6, but xp and rewards compared to difficulty is still dumb. There's literally no reason for this zone to have boosted %xp gain, especially when its already 84 (83 after nerf). TBH I don't care much about this, but not nerfing (at least not enough) obviously dumb stuff just feels weird.
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Thanks as always for your hard work GGG, looking forward to having even more awesome content to play in Standard :D

I like how it's laid out personally. For some people Delve is becoming an addiction lol, like literally they spend 90% of their time delving. For the non-addicts who want to do all the content, but not be overwhelmed by it, this rocks.
Are veiled mods already unlocked in Betrayal going to migrate to the permanent league? Or do we need to unveil them again?

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I'm fine with Pure Breachstones being "removed" from the game but all the other nerfs are insanely stupid.

Tried SSF this league and loved it (played much more than trade league).

Won't be playing SSF again =/. Back to the "play for the first week and uninstall".

To all the HC players who locked research and skipped the stupidly unbalanced mechanic... I'm sorry! Just a tip for GGG when balancing... if a mob is 10 times harder to kill than that map BOSS you are doing it wrong ;)
I guess I agree with most of the changes, but making Scarabs give much less, while the number of Safehouses is getting lowered - I'm not a fan of.
Either Intervention should give more than up to 2 Scarabs, or there should be more than one source of getting them in the game.

From footage of Synthesis, some memories seem to have a Scarab icon above it.
I assume that's the compensation I'm looking for :P

Anyway, Betrayal was my first experience with Poe, I pretty much loved it.
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Pizzarugi wrote:
If you're going to nerf sulphite scarabs, at least make sure they guarantee 3 sulphite nodes appearing.

Alekhoff wrote:
What the hell are you guys thinking over in Kiwi land...

This is gonna make delving pretty much non existent. Not very promising for the coming patch.

Delving already had its time in the spotlight with the Delve league. It's clear they want it to be a side attraction and not a full blown alternative to the endgame (much to my disappointment). They want to reduce people's activity in the mines and take interest in current league stuff.

That's a bad decision then.

No one is going to start off pushing delve right out of the gates in a new league. Instead, delve is the sort of thing that maintains interest in a league past the initial 2-3 weeks after players get their fill of the new mechanics. It seems that GGG should be enabling deep delving access, because that is currently the only content that actually makes pushing your character to the limits have a tangible purpose.

In any event, I wonder if these Scarab changes will be compensated with Niko in maps always spawning 3 nodes. I doubt it though.

the damage of syndicate members are still not nerfed furhter? then i got a question, if you dont interact with jun in act 9, do syndicate member never spawn, or do they?
Delve need more love not nerf that is for sure.
I will be glad if betrayal is removed totally. At least make it in the right difficulty. Red boss fights in 5 sec and betrayal 15-20 sec with one shot.. and 3 of them in a map. Not good at all and unbalance.
Inform us why 2 leagues now delve items still dont stuck or why we dont have a tab for them. My tabs is full of them and i have buy more of them. What about the players who cant buy more tabs. what should they do destroy them...

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