Betrayal as a Core Game Mechanic

DarkeAlyce wrote:
I am so relieved to hear I am not alone!

No one said when I started this game you HAVE to have an SSD, I am sick of hearing it I realise that online games are in a constant upgrade flux and I upgrade my tech as often as I can.

Don't worry, people with ssd freeze to death as well. Someone can't just code for shit.
The area where I could survive syndicate lag was Foothills (could cause now they 'fixed' aka nerfed act encounters), even yellow maps = dead.
I have been playing for around 20 lvl or so (70-90) by avoiding syndicate (run accross transport, do not enter labs, kill intervention in a nomob area or just changing maps if i notice at the beginning map is laggy)

I am doing pretty well without veil items
I am doing pretty well without niko's scarab
I am doing pretty well without all the potential drops

I am not doing pretty well because of intervention which literally freeze the game. This is the same order of playing in multiplayer (which i do not for the same reasons)

I wonder if betrayal could be missed by other people, but i would certainly not.
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Not a fan of betrayal TBO
Remove completely. Just like bestiary, the encounters are not enjoyable and do not bring anything of value to the core game. Forcing this type of league mechanic on core players has lessened my interest in playing.
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It's buggy and laggy and DONT PUT THIS on your end game grinds. Stop.
No to conditional challenges on top of RNG pure luck mechanics.
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Remove like Synthesis, Like Bestiary for a while, and then, when you FIX ALL ISSUES that we have right now, then add, just wtf? Every event, every patch some problem with them, that shit is killing, I can understand if mobs uffected by tormented spirits is can kill you cause of a spirit, but these guys can kill you by themselevs cause of FREEZES.
please remove betrayal as core mechanics it ruins the game. its full of bugs and laggy and doesnt add much excitement. it's a disaster and it demotivates players.
No to conditional challenges on top of RNG pure luck mechanics.
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it is still buggy as fck*. i didnt spent one (i really wanted to contribute but it is strange to and quit in the same time?) and dropped synthesis. dropping legion as of today too.

wonder if there is a target date for fixing the induced framedrops?
Why its never spawn 3 encounters at all? NEVER 3!? Why???

GGG pls fix it its 3 league this bug exist
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