Betrayal as a Core Game Mechanic

Pretty hard to disagree with any of that. Good stuff Qarl.
None of the good rewards scale with zone level, and you wont die if you spam act8 or act9 for safehouse farming , i really wish doing harder content was more rewarding for syndicat because running the bridge non stop to make 100000 chaos wasnt fun for me .. i expect a melee buff in 3.7 :(

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Qarl wrote:
while Sulphite Scarabs are 60-70% less effective depending on tier.

So the rich will still buy and spam scarabs while the rest of us are able to deleve even less? This is a wonderful idea, not.
So the veiled mod “Non-chaos as chaos” is becoming a shaper/elder mod, does that mean any item we have that on is “legacy”?
Glad breachstones will still be profitable, even if it's not as much as Betrayal.
Not sure how I feel about these changes:

Veiled mods taking MORE unveils to unlock the ranks? How the F is that a good idea???

And really wierd is flipping the rarity on division appearance rate. IN Betrayal Fort and Transport were both tuned to be the most common, with intervention a bit rarer and Research the rarest - but now as I understand it every syndicate map will have a guaranteed research and intervention, making them the most common divisions, with transport and fort splitting the 3rd slot 50/50, making them twice as 'rare' as Intervention and Research encounters. That's just bizzare.
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Well I guess I should get my first (and probably only) 100.
and Non-Chaos Added as Chaos are becoming Elder or Shaper mods.

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Slightly nerfed: 70-80% reduction
...but we've made some compensations: 0.00001% increased chance for a tp scroll.
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DC doing a mastermind and enjoy spending another 2 months farming atlas objectives to get another attempt. Surely it's equally impossible to improve the way increases/reductions to duration apply to Lightning Warp as it is to make the mastermind progress only reset when you actually kill the mastermind or require far less influence progress to open up. I had a total of 3 chances to do the mastermind in Betrayal. At the same time I could easily get 3 temples in a single play session.
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