Betrayal as a Core Game Mechanic

RIP Scarabs... Why nerf sulphite?!?!
"There's no thing like random one-shots in this game. You only die because you take 353,456,237 hits in 0.2 seconds."

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Get rid of this daily system old was way better. Let them still spawning on the atlas but don't call that daily... there is no diffrent in daily spawn vs 10-20% chance to master showing up in your random map.

If you still going to do this force niko spawn always 3 nodes of sulphite per map.
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
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Why do you keep doing this to delve???
people loved the system, its OPTIONAL, its challenging, dont nerf sulphite scarabs, buff then, make then ALWAYS spawn 3 niko, let people do what they want to do, thats the idea of a video game, dont try to stop me from doing what i LIKE to do.

thats... sad.
Please have the old Forsaken Masters part of the game UNTIL we meet Jun, so that we have access to their lore
Fluffylife wrote:
I think betrayal is one league I would have been happy with not going core...

Betrayal has 0 reason to be in the game. It's unfinished hot garbage, and you literally gain 0 rewards past lvl 58 zones.

I like this game a lot, but there are _fundamental_ issues with design, development, and implementation.

To me personally, it seems like GGG is rudderless and the game/gameplay is an afterthought.

The MTX crew don't have any of the issues which plague the executable, I've noticed...
this sounds pretty bad tbh
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while Sulphite Scarabs are 60-70% less effective depending on tier.

Say what? Suplhite scarabs were the only thing making proper delving possible. How about fixing so people can't farm fossils for days on one daily instead of destroying the ability to delve at deeper depths?

Can't even put words to describe my utter disappointment at this moment.
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What about Cloak of Tawm'r Isley?
Nothing about the killer lynch mobs more powerful than map bosses.

And yet another barrier to entering Delve.

The justification is always "Delve rewards are too great." Why don't you just nerf the rewards from delve and let us get into the delve if we want?

An infinite dungeon with limited capability to get into it makes little sense.

GoldDragon32 wrote:
Not sure how I feel about these changes:

Veiled mods taking MORE unveils to unlock the ranks? How the F is that a good idea???

And really wierd is flipping the rarity on division appearance rate. IN Betrayal Fort and Transport were both tuned to be the most common, with intervention a bit rarer and Research the rarest - but now as I understand it every syndicate map will have a guaranteed research and intervention, making them the most common divisions, with transport and fort splitting the 3rd slot 50/50, making them twice as 'rare' as Intervention and Research encounters. That's just bizzare.

Basically I think it's GGG acknowledging that Fort and Transport were filler encounters; and that Research and Intervention are the valuable ones. Tuning it this way means that we'll still be able to get reasonable numbers of the two safehouses we care about most while still limiting the overall number of betrayal encounters.
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