Betrayal as a Core Game Mechanic

Oskarmln wrote:
Breachstones still giving retarded xp w/o any danger, sulphite scarabs nerfed so once again you need to grind so much to access delve, what the hell is this :/

itll be hard getting pure breachstone,they also lowered monster level which is another layer of less exp.. It took 80pure to reach 99-100 now your looking at probably 300+ . Add the cost, time to gathr a party and just finding 300 pure alone.. Plus since they nerfed the monster level it means tier maps are also nerfs. To me you can just run 400maps faster and get your lvl 100 from maps quite eays with a lot more profit if your abusing sextant.
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Is something going to be done with Syndicate difficulty? I wouldn't had any problem with these encounters themselves, but I just feel kinda strange when they are actually harder than most red maps bosses. You can easily beat any Tier 15 map, yet getting oneshoted by Tier 10 Syndicate. And now you're going to get multiple encounters per map, with guaranteed intervention... Rip fun builds I suppose.
Will you guys ever respond to the "Constant disconnects when loading zones" thread? It hit 96 pages now, and there's not even one staff reply.
Don't get me wrong, I love this game, and I think betrayal was a great expansion and I'm looking forward for the upcoming synthesis league, but I would greatly appreciate it if you had a look over that thread.
Glad the broken loot multipliers are being nerfed somewhat. Carto and Div Scarabs were awful for the game.

Pure Breachstones should have been nerfed harder I think. But I'll reserve judgement until I see them in practice.

Did not expect the change to Shaper/Elder status on the best crafted mods. This is probably the best way to tone down multimod items.

Does this impact Vagan weapons?
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I hope you fix or alter how fort (spawning in areas you can't get to) and trans (spawning in areas where it travels 1 sec and despawns) spawn in maps. Breachstone changes sounds good rip the tab of them I had to bring back to standard guess I should sell or run them now. Carto and div scarab changes is most likely needed I rarely used either of them but I have seen how crazy effective they are. I think the sulphite change is a bit heavy handed the price of them is already high and they most likely will not go down much even with them being nerfed so much making people that want take part in delve most (like me) make it even more costly.
Not particular pleased with the reduction on sulphite... It was tough enough to to be able to keep delving without going hunting for scarabs.

It would be nice to have delve get more presence in the game. It's a lot of fun, optional content.

Honestly, if I could I'd want to be able to delve as a leveling method.
while Sulphite Scarabs are 60-70% less effective depending on tier.

I know you wanted Delve to be just side content with great rewards to do from time to time, but the depths where you have to go to get these great rewards require tons of sulphite and a reliable character to do hard nodes.

Hope this isn't the last you will tweak about Delve...
Betrayal was a bad league. Much worse than incursion and delve. I hope synthesis is an improvement.
I was sure it was going to go core. All leagues do these days. Even the total failure that is pokemon. This is to be expected I guess. GGG puts some effort into making the league content, they're not about to throw it all away.
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And still no tab for fossil crafting items?! Please GGG, please!!
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