Betrayal as a Core Game Mechanic

Cannot wait to see it in practice on 8th of March! =)[span color="#8bc14f"][/span]
But yeah the league was amazing , especially with the new crafting system ( even tho hit's can't be evaded is ultra rng ) , i hope 3.6 will reward "boss killer" and taking risk :D , the game is really in a good way tbh , the only league that i 'disliked ' was 3.2 , but i still played the game alot in 3.2 thanks to content variety in this game <3 ( sorry for bad englando)
Ahh, it's over... My sun... it's setting... It's dark, so dark...
Cant really say I feel happy about 3 things with this.

-One: making mastermind farming EVEN more difficult to do; hell elder takes less to farm

-Two: Sulfate scarabs can still give you only 1-3 nodes. Meaning that running them now is even LESS appealing, since they give a 70% less reward.

-Three: Making high in demand veiled mods even harder to farm since they have more stages. Not to mention that the while "+1 to totems" craft was firstly not easy to get.

Secondly not cheap to craft and thirdly not being able to use it with the new synthesis mechanic (potentially) since broken weapons seem to be of an "influence" of their own.

Overall am personally not satisfied with this result. It adds more content, sure... but cripples your chances of using them. Like the abundance of cards.
Breachstones still giving retarded xp w/o any danger, sulphite scarabs nerfed so once again you need to grind so much to access delve, what the hell is this :/
A number of changes are being made to the Mastermind encounter, predominantly making the fight easier. Completing the fight no longer resets your entire Syndicate, but reshuffles the organisation and removes one rank from each member.

Is this really going to help make mastermind worth doing? Shuffling the entire syndicate is still going to make a big mess for anyone trying to min/max by parking all the meh members semi-permanently in Transport and Intervention .
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Is anything being done about the worst rewards as well as the best ones being nerfed? Haku, Elreon and Aisling's rewards are all absolutely terrible
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Delve has become a crucial part of poe and the only league that added content outside of just sweet loot(abyss), and really all other leagues up to now are irrelevant in comparison.

Please reconsider the sulphite scarab nerf or at least implement ways for synthesis league to help the player get sulphite.
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8% chance to get a (single node) Niko, up from 6.66%.

Well that totally compensates for Scarabs being ‘adjusted’.

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