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Path of Exile Hideout Competition

I call this hideout "The City of God". It is a tiny but cozy hideout.
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Here's my entry for the hideout competition:

The Temple of RNG

"Forgotten Harbor Village in Autumn"

Lush Hideout is perfect choice to build around "harbor" theme - three unique islands separated by wild water coming from few waterfalls. New water effect splendidly highlights the natural flow of water giving more realistic image of design village. On top of that, hideout is build in natural borders: hills and river. This barricade don't give you feel of being separated from the land which most of other hideouts lack. Add to that effect of "falling leaves" and you have ideal base.

It's also worth to mention about sound design of Lush Hideout. Calmly, slow music filled with bird noises and sound of flowing river let you relax between mapping, trading, crafting or afking.

When creating this village I wanted to create "clean" Hideout rather than "flashy" one (for a sake of my old PC). That's why I focused on creating certain spots with easy to navigate paths between them. This way each place feel different from each other and doesn't give you a vibe of mix of different titlesets. First island is village where our cummunity lives. Second one is port itself and third one is of course temple were we can praise toucan.

We start at first island behind the waterfall. After going along the path you will find the entrance to the village. On left top side you can find town hall where Helena and Haku stay. The shallow water you see, was recreated into steam which you can't enter without using movement skill. Behind stone footbridge you see both, former and current, beast master. On other side you can find blacksmith Elreon. In the middle of village Alva investigate sun altar which is our crafting bench. In the bottom you can find cave full of Azurite and Niko. At the shore there are two lovers - lumberjack Vorici and leader Zana. There is also small hut with fishing exile inside.

To next island you get by the stairs. This place is old big port with warehouse which is controlled by Leo. With the help of few exiles, he tries to unload cargo and fix the old boats.Only authorize personal can enter port so unfortunately but you can't access stairs (but there is odder way around). As you follow the path, you move behind the building to find another stone footbridge leading to temple.

Third island is small temple - place were old residences praised Toucan (or other goddess). Our prophet Navali stays under alcove from which she gives a speech about past days. On left side you can find statue of old goddess which still radiate with mysterious power. Behind the rocks you can find old tunnel leading you into the heart of the mountain. You can also take your time and relax on platform like our fellow angler or help Jun with her investigation.

PS. Some effects like "Falling leaves" are hard to capture on image.


IGN: Nanashi_Sabazashi
"Size doesn't matter" - Double Strike Tank Guide
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Four Seasons





Theme Sacrifice
Skeletal Hideout
Betrayal League

Contest Entry
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Hi, here's my hideout in arboreal for the Competition. It's the first hideout that I made full and seriously and I spend over 30 hours on it. I am a bit sad tough, because i couldn't finish it to the objects limitation, so I had to block certain Areas. 764 objects limits for such a big hideout is hard. Enjoy, GL all!

Hello Ing : Strangie
Welcome to the Witchwood

The masters have landed upon a mysterious path of land that seems to have a gloom surrounding it. Upon further investigation, they have come to to the conclusion that this is the home of a notorious witch known for partaking in human sacrifice and several acts of witchcraft.

The masters had to traverse through a perilous cave to get to this part of the forest. Helena waits here for reinforcements so that they can catch the witch and uncover the practices that she was partaking in.

The Entrance

The Witchwood seems to be filled with strange alters, and these alters exude a certain kind of energy. One of these alters seems to have a special kind of magic - as Navali discovered, and can be used to open portals to different worlds

The Map Device

Traversing through The Witchwood, the masters come upon more interesting sights

This seems to be the home of the witch. There is a certain energy coming from inside the house which means she isn't far away. Out masters need to be careful.

The House Of The Witch

There seems to be something brewing in the cauldron, but Alva can't tell exactly what it is.

The Cauldron

The Witch seems to have been building a boat. This makes the masters wonder if she knew they were coming. Maybe she was planning an escape? More importantly, is she still here?

This particular spot also seems to have a different aura surrounding it. Maybe its the azurite here or maybe its just the beauty of the water and greenery that surrounds this place.

The Pristine Forest

This part of The Witchwood seems to have a shrine of sorts. There are certain inscriptions in front of the altar, but Zana can't tell exactly what it reads. It seems to be written in an ancient script that both she and Jun aren't familiar with. Maybe it speaks of a ritual, or maybe it's a manuscript that the witch uses to guide her actions.

The Altar

Fortunately, the masters were able to capture some video footage and pictures with the ancient environment capture technology used during the Vaal Civilization. Hopefully, this should help them figure out more clues as to where the Witch might be.

Video Evidence:

Photographic Evidence:
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Greetings Exiles and GGG,

I'm present to you my Town Hideouts.

Desert Hideout


Alva's Room


Jun's Inn


Zana's Study

Einhar's Kitchen

Einhar's recipe for Rhoa on grill



1 whole Rhoa
1 bucket with apples
1 pot with agave oil
3 cactuses
10 red mushshrooms


Clear the spikes from the cactus and peel it and chop it on cubes.

Chop the apples on half.

Put some agave oil in iron pot then, when start to heat, put the whole mushrooms and cook them till they change their colour.

After mushrooms are ready, put the ingridients inside the Rhoa.

Then put the Rhoa on the grill "Make sure that the fire on the grill is not too high, moderate is recommended" and cook it till crispy crust. :)

Coral Hideout



Einhar's House

Einhar's Kitchen

Jun's House

Helena's Workshop

The mysterious tree that could take you to mysterious lands

Canon Towers

Masters have create the canon towers to protect the town from pillage

Alva loot the wrecked ship

Lush Hideout


Trading Hut

Einhar's place



Be careful with the mushrooms near the tree!

Undercity Hideout




Niko grows mushrooms for food and put some in barrels to ferment

Helena distillate the mushroom must and make some good juice

Alva store the high quality bottles

Jun trading goods and juice

Einhar's Kitchen

Zana's Study

Excavated Hideout



Niko's device

Azurite Rock

Empyrean plaza old ruins

hope you enjoy and good luck!
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( Coral hideout )

"Here stands above the hills and flames a strange village overlooking a basilica with creepy and obscure practices."


Download link :

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