Path of Exile Hideout Competition


( Coral hideout )

"Here stands above the hills and flames a strange village overlooking a basilica with creepy and obscure practices."


Download link :

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The 5 Corners of Wraeclast City

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Tidal-washed Village

A shoreside place, appearing as a cluster of slum buildings weathered by the sea. That village is bordered by the ocean on the one hand and ruinous fellshire structures and jungle on the other hand.




Map device:


Further impressions:



Total costs: 20,057,000
Total decorations: 762
Alva, Master Explorer Level: 7
Einhar, Beastmaster Level: 7
Niko, Master of the Depths Level: 7
Zana, Master Cartographer Level: 7
Hey there everyone and good luck to you all,

Here is "Slavers Syndicate", that Helena has set up after seeing Catherina's success.

Dreary with subtle hints of morbid.
Wikie's Immaculate Hideout enjoy^^

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Hello fellow Exiles here is my first ever hideout submission called Masters sanctuary good luck to all who put in as much time creating hideouts as they do mapping Ha ha!

The Dark Shrine

Imgur Gallery:


Main Hall:

The Dark Heart (Crafting Station):

The Lower Halls:

The Lower Right Hall:

The Lower Left Hall:

Mapping Device (with active portals):

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!

** Side note to the Dev's **
Please, please, please consider expanding the 762 doodad limit!! I wanted to do more but ran out of doodad space)
"When there's nothing left on the horizon, you've got nothing left to prove."
-Dropkick Murphys

☆☆ IGN to reach me at: @The_Divine_Architect ☆☆
❄️Snowy Cave❄️☃️


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Scattered Redoubt


Old Hall

Map Room/Main Room

Small Garden/Lookout

Training Section

Small Room at the Back

This hideout contest was so much fun:)

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