Path of Exile Hideout Competition

Theme:Gone Fishin
Hideout: Desert Hideout
We start off on the road greeting Jun and Alva.

Going forward, we get a good clear view of the lake that is inhabited by fishermen.

Just a relaxing day over all.

Above the lake, the map room is ready to discover more fishing spots.

More lakeside view.

On the other side of the lake we will find the boardwalk.

With various vendors in the marketplace.

Oh and there is Einhar's Bait & Tackle.

Exiting the marketplace, we find Zana.

A closer inspection, someone is in the back. Too much fishing tires an exile out. Nap time it is for him.

Finally, we are met by Helena. She has all kinds of lore and goodies.

Thank you everyone for visiting. Have a good one and I hope you enjoyed your stay here at "Gone Fishin".
Theme: ChurchFire
Hideout: Glacial Hideout

Start of the Hideout (Waypoint and masters)

Across the bridge

Straight ahead into the mining camp

Entrance to the mine

Loading dock into a Cart

Some decorations:

Graveyard dead Slaves:


Hope you guys / girls enjoy it, i did making it.

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Its my simple orchard hideout, hope u enjoy :).

Only in the beautiful hill valley, surrounded by lilys and orchids she finally was able to achieve final peaceful rest.

Theme: Courthouse takeover


Please consider my hideout entry

Vampire Lair

Welcome Home

Dark Throne

Going Somewhere

Masters Chambers


Council Chambers

Feed The Cattle

Cattle Pens

Dark Book
Fairgraves 1:21 Naked came I out of the sea, and naked shall I return thither; GGG hath given, and GGG hath taken away
Everything is not as it seems.

In this hideout, what appears to be perceived to the casual eye is not the reality. Each room has a specific motif that fits the character's personality [in this realm]. For example, Alva is the thrill seeking treasure hunter but she's also given into other dark paths note: the hidden bodies. Take a moment, and see if your trained eye can perceive what is the reality, and not just decoration to confuse you.

Thanks for stopping by,

Zana's Treasure Room

Zana, the always curious loner. Leaving Oriath, and then becoming a Master Cartographer - the guide as we progress to take on Shaper and Elder is present to all exiles. Being an orphan at a young age, caused Zana to question everything. Leaving Oriath to escape Dominus, Zana began to search for answers. Filling a treasure room to the brim, doesn't bring her happiness. You see the progression from pure joy to worldly treasures, to sad emptiness and despair with questionable treasures closer to the throne.

Navali's Alcove


Navali, the encouraging prophet. Giving us hope, and encouraging words during our quest to fight Shaper and Elder. She was kept captive by the Mother of Death. Her shrine of remembrance is in her alcove, where she keeps the most deadly beast we've encountered... Brian. Brian, the spider. Skulls are strewn throughout this alcove. A shrine to death, she keeps Brian close to remind exiles of Kitava, and all other gods known to bring death. Exiles be cautious upon approach, the spider looks comforting and like a household pet.

Einhar's Sanctuary


Einhar, a beast capturing fighter. He loves to plan, hunt, and survive. He appears to want help, but as you look around his sanctuary you see sadness. A bunkbed, with no friends. No beasts around him. Once a man who loves to hunt with others, now appears to become a hermit. Zest for life, now you look around and see how he plans on secluding himself and sealing off the entrance to his sanctuary.

Alva's Lair


Alva, the artifact retriever and adrenaline junky. Beginning her lust for adventure in Dominus' Navy, this wasn't enough. 'Things' happened apparently, and she began the quest for Atzoatl. After finding the mythical Lost Temple, the adrenaline was wearing off. She began down a dark path of her vigilante serial killer warpath. Bodies can be seen in the water, in pots, and next to the lamppost when you enter her Lair.

Niko's Hoard


Niko, the excavator. Constantly going deeper, the encourager. He's seeking for something, and convinces us [the exiles] that there are voices. We need to free them. Over time however, he's amassed quite the treasure. Slowly we begin to realize that he's been influenced by Zana with a lust for things of this world, not answers. Fairgraves boats, and all that glitters illuminates the area - not books and equipment to search. What appears to be a zealot for answers and help, craves for you to bring him all that glitters.

Jun's Minimalism

Jun, the bounty hunter - with a desire for answers not currency. Always seeking for reason, and justification when people are crossed. Pushing information out of informants for more loot, and the penultimate goal - the Mastermind. She appears to be in area that is no longer in use, and is decrepit. Melancholy is in this area, not excitement. Once in a cause for answers, there is a library no longer in use.

The Entrance and Map Device


Warm and welcoming, bright and relaxing. The luxurious hideout has natural light, and has a smell of the sea. What's curious in this area though is the cannonball and fires littering the waypoint. Skulls and curious boxes are around the staging area. The map device, normally a natural wonder of engineering, appears to struggle to work. Being powered by some pneumatic system that is converting heat to run the device appears to fail at any moment. Concern to those using, it doesn't appear to be stable.

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2nd Submission

Imperial Sanitarium

720p walk through video


Full Screenshot Collection:


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Einhar's Blood Beast Tavern: Excavated Hideout

I call this cozy home that is not so cozy.
Full collection of pictures:


Map device:

Helena and Niko:

Crafting bench:
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