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Path of Exile Hideout Competition

Hi, here is my hideout ! :)

The Lost Artifact

Original hideout : Stately Hideout

Theme : Environmentally friendly fishing village of love
(repost to apply pics, trying to figure out how... sorry...)
Theme : Environmentally friendly fishing village of love
(repost to apply pics, trying to figure out how... sorry...Last Try... sorry!)




Here's my entry for the hideout competition. The theme I chose was "Legacies".


Pastebin of my hideout
Designer of Kiara's Determination and The Lover Divination card.
"Experiment 22A: Rhoas, when deprived of water, secrete a most delightfully potent toxin."

Few who could survive the managerie

Niko just discovered a new area for mining undercity

Dragons' Nest - Hideout Competition [06.01.2019]

In this video, I decided to use and improve two separate decorations from my videos in the category “Separate decorations” (Well and Bone Wyrm), I think they turned out to be much more beautiful than before. This time I tried to do everything in the style of fantasy and also added more description. I also wish everyone good luck in the Hideouts contest!!!

Youtube Video with presentation and description:

In Addition to the Video - Dragon Hunter Portal Effect in Dragons' Nest:

Screenshots -


Also to complement other interesting GIFs of various combinations of decorations, which may help and inspire the players -


In this frozen land there is a lone manor, giving shelter to a group of exiles and masters.

It's been built next to one of the magic wells, so rare and precious in Wraeclast, able to imbue the items of exiles with magic powers.

Alva is guarding it now.

To get to the well itself you have to cross a precarious bridge, with only shiny insects dancing around the candles to keep you company.

Helena and her helper are waiting here to get you to another hideout if you need it.

The Manor’s doors are always firmly shut to ward off the blistering cold.

Some masters and exiles have found new things to do around the manor. Navali discovered that animals, their magic and habits, might also hold the key to predicting the future.

Niko and his canary, before it was decided that manor should stay locked up, managed to get some holy symbols out and put them next to exiles' posessions. They hope the symbols bring luck.

It's not easy to survive here, especially outside - even the local well has frozen over (The effect of snowflakes comes from the pet "Ice Frog").

To the left of the manor there is something special: an old dragoness once died here after laying some eggs. Young dragon hatchlings decided to stay here, and made their nest around Zana's Map Device. Zana did not complain, the dragons were friendly and found new friends in local human population. People believe that dragons came here to be close to the magic well, to guard it.

If you go a bit farther, you will discover the Emerald Forest, with magic trees keeping their radiant hearts alive thanks to the source of natural power holding off the freezing winter.

Mystic Rakangos inhabit the pools here and observe travelers with benign attention.

This magic paradise is not without its problems, of course, so Einhar and Tora are hunting some local beast living in a cave with some animal carcasses marking its lair.

🏆 - Interview 📜
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Well, here goes nothing.

Welcome to PoE's first venture into the Multiverse, with MtG-inspired hideout Wraevnica, Hideoout of the Guilds.
Lord's Rest hideout

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