Path of Exile Hideout Competition

Kings' Crypt

Managed to squeeze in everything I wanted after hitting the object cap!


Album (for zoom)

Throne Device

The Study

Einhars' Camp

Alvas' Creation

Treasure Room

Collapsed Storeroom

Oriath Structure



Album (for zoom)


Throne Room

Zanas' Study / Crafting Corner

Einhars' Camp

Alvas' Sacrificial Altar

Altar Close-up



Collapsing Crevice

Bountiful Shrine Room

Oriath Altar


Full View

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Interrogation Chamber Hideout
No MTX Version

Now I can see what Jun do to them.
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Battle Scarred Hideout
Check it out!

My theme is the Colosseum... complete with stadium seating.

Place your bets up top.
Don't cross Vorici or Haku to get to the treasure.
Nose bleed seats to the main event.
Club level seating to the slaughter.
Bar is full pregame Nico, Eihnhart and Elreon talking with the patrons.
Master explorer and master of the hunt serving snacks. Long line bummer.
Zana at the information desk.
Who else Leo Vagan front and center warmed up ready to duel to the death. VIP exile seating floor seats.. watch for spatter.
Caterina conveniently taking the corpses. If you wondered where the skeletons come from in the syndicate encounters... now you know.
great to do that kind of stuff.

yet i really am mad about the fact that players like me, who cared for ho's before 3.5., don't get a chance to take their old ho into the competition, even though i never used it for any competition before. it's not like the ho system was complete bs before. plus i really think i could've made the list with that one. not fair imo.
great to do that kind of stuff.

yet i really am mad about the fact that players like me, who cared for ho's before 3.5., don't get a chance to take their old ho into the competition, even though i never used it for any competition before. it's not like the ho system was complete bs before. plus i really think i could've made the list with that one. not fair imo.

agreed. if a hideout hasnt been used in any competition, i see no reason why it couldnt be used now by its creator :( this is kinda punishing the ones who were the most enthusiastic about hideout creation
The Overtaken Templar Research Laboratory


Guided Tour

The exiles have taken over the Templars' secret laboratory hidden in the catacombs beneath the city of Oriath. In these well-guarded, dank, and misty halls, what secrets are they keeping?

Molten liquid pours into the abyss below, turning water into steam. Steam which flows through pipes, jetting toward the surface, turning turbines which spin cogs which set strange contraptions in motion.

A vast variety of volumes line the walls of the "planning room", where researchers, including an expert on maps, industriously pour over reports searching for findings to present when next the conference is called. Or at least they are all supposed to be. One is reading a treatise entitled "A Statistical Study of the Effect of Proximity to Kuduku on the Efficiency of Fusing Orbs". A large machine in the corner of the room pulls the moisture from the air, preserving the papers against the effects of the mist.

Where research fails to uncover answers, interrogation may succeed. The Templars kept a wide assortment of tools and chemicals for just such a purpose, in plain view of the nearby cells.

Where interrogation fails to loosen lips, nothing is wasted. More material is always needed for experimentation, and the prisoners can't be allowed to starve.

The main hall hides a deadly trap for intruders. It is illuminated only by a dim eerie glow from curious tanks which seem to attract bugs, moss, and flesh-eating fungus. The darkness, heavy mist, choking fumes, and spores veil the traps on the floor until it is too late. The exiles dispose of bodies here to grow the mushrooms in this grotesque garden.

Guards stand ready nearby to deal with any more bodies reanimated by the fungus, and bar entry to the vault. Any research venture requires funding, and that funding ought to be well-protected. What was once a holy gravesite has been repurposed with a few clockwork trap additions as an extra security measure.

In the lab proper, Niko experiments on strange minerals from deep beneath the earth. Surgical researchers prepare their tools for their next test subjects. Einhar supplies some monster corpses for use in today's experimentation. A surging power cable draws power from a subject chained to a table. Human and monster experimentation takes place here. I'm sure it's for great advances in credible science.

We bid farewell to today's subjects, and move on to the lab's main floor,
where a great many steam engines concentrate power into one of the lab's greatest achievements: the crafting bench. In one corner of the lab, an alchemist concocts the thaumaturgic chemicals required to keep it running.
Today, some power has been diverted to research matter transferrence. If it works, when the switch is flipped, the two exiles in pods will instantly switch places. Ignore the broken glass and body from the previous trial, this time Helena is sure it will work.

Through the iron gates is the restricted research section, where only authorized personnel are allowed. The scrolls from ancient lost civilizations, heretical tomes, and descriptions of unknowable cosmic horrors housed within require researchers with a certain level of mental fortitude.

At the back of the lab lies what may be the Templar lab's greatest discovery,
a consecrated shrine containing a relic of immense power. The foremost masters of cartography and exploration determined that the site was concealed behind the rear wall of the lab. With a bit of explosive power, the shrine was unsealed. The staff of the lab is very excited about what they could do by siphoning off some of this artifact's power.
Here is my hideout. The theme is "VR training center".

Video of the hideout.

Some of the inspiration comes from the movie "Avalon", here are some examples:


Training zone:


with the game master hidden behind:

Teleportation to the hall of achievements

The music box is taken from another film of the same director, "Ghost in the Shell: Innocence"

Hideout file.
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City of the sun


original hideout:Arboreal hideout

The Arboreal hideout is very large,so it's easy to reach the 762 limit.
Open the CC of the video will show the description of every area in hideout.

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Here's my first entry for the competition (I have a lot of ideas so I might submit a couple more).
The theme is basically a museum of curiosities that was buried and has now been rediscovered.

Video link

No paid MTX has been used, although the entrance looks a lot better with a wide light beam and some falling leaves :)
Path of Exile Hideout Competition

Hi all first of many that i will be posting
This is fun good luck all :D

This hideout is a club were the exiles go to Party :P

Path of Exile Hideout Competition

Hi all this is were Exiles go to wash just like the Romans.
This is fun good luck all :D

Path of Exile Hideout Competition

Hi all this is just an Exiles Home
This is fun good luck all :D
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