Path of Exile Hideout Competition


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Betrayer's Mansion

Einhar's Lair

Map Device Area

Tactical Room

Prophesier's Cave

Crafting Bench & more Map Device Area


Courtyard with some Refugee's Tents

Niko's Mine


Fear not, the dark, my friend. And let the feast begin.
Rita nyasha :3
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I wish I could do a video but couldn't make it work.

Anyways, here is the album, below is each image:


Inspired by the Pandemonium Fortress of Diablo 2, the theme is the Last Bastion of Hope; Outside hell has taken over in a dark inferno.

Inside the gate is a holy protector keeping the evil forces at bay. The team of masters may be the only thing left to save humanity. Each accompanied by tools and resources to aid them in their journey. Enjoy! :)

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Hi, this is my hideout

The theme is one my favority league the abyss and I like to call my hideout the abyssal depths hideout.

Nico will welcome us

The map divice is my favority

And the portal of the abyss league see nice whit the decoration

Check the complete galery:
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The Wraeclast Butcher.

Have you ever been afraid?
Are you afraid of serial killers?
Cuz we exist, we're your neighbors,
we're you friends, we're your family.

Be careful, maybe, you're next.

Hidden Shrine & Bar

My first offering, four smaller areas, each distinct in look and all within the smallest tile-set available.



Here is my entry.


Imgur Album: <-- with lore.

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Base of Operation - Oriath

Themed for Immortal Syndicate Recruitment with the old & new masters in mind

Not sure why google drive registers it as an audio file, but it still works.

Imgur album:

Please accept my entry.. Thanks
Name - I will survive
Theme - Arctic survivor foundry
Hideout - Glacial hideout

Created by - maw

Please Accept my entry Thank you!

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