Path of Exile Hideout Competition

My Coastal Hideout

Exile's Hideaway:

Some people have incredible hideouts. I chose to go for a "clean" look this league.

"The mastermind's corruption".
A successful empire, built on the riches of emperors past, forced to flee from the immortal syndicate's mastermind Catarina, spreading rot and desolation.

The people must come before our selfish intent. We cannot be motivated by greed and stand united. We shall not repeat the night of a Thousand Ribbons. Our riches are lost, but we are the goddess' chosens.

We shall prevail.

Catarina's hangout; tormenting unfortunate souls


Throne room, remnants of an empire left empty in a hurry

To the map device!

Strikeforce headquarters (Sorry, I ran out of carpet!)

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Underground Forest

Hello, just started playing PoE after the infamous mobile game announcement from an another company. I have really liked PoE so far. This is my first hideout ever! I tried to capture the feeling of being in a camp that is in overgrown ancient underground ruins. Hope you like it. :D

The Entrance

Welcome :)

Bridge to the Cartographer's Tent

I really like this part. Trees hanging over the ledge and makes it look feel like an underground forest.

Cartographer's Tent

One of the portals goes inside the tent and when you enter the map one last time it feels nice to walk in to the tent and to be teleported to the map.

Main Settlement

Nice open area in which the masters hangout and one sleepy soldier.
He's not dead, just sleeping


I blocked the unused part of the hideout and tried to make it look like defensive line.

Bridge to the Ancient Technology

I designed the ruined wall to have an opening so the water can fall there.

Ancient Technology in the Ruins

The crafting area

The Back Alley

The nature has taken over this place and it has been overgrown.

Market Place

Small lively market place full of supplies and people. :D

Improvement suggestions are welcome. :) Hope that I can learn more how to make nicer and more practical hideouts in the future.

P.S. Really nice hideouts in this thread. So many creative people.
Grandpa's Study

Couldn't get images to work?

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Oriath's Cathedral

Main Entrance

Main Hall

Hallway toward rooftop and basement

Cathedral Rooftop

Cathedral Archive

Cathedral Basement

Entrance of Cathedral Basement
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My first time uploading for a hideout competition. Every league I make the same jungle themed hideout.
Theme: Luxurious Hideout

more here
I accidentally left my gold spewing portal up for to long and this is what happened to my hideout :(

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Here is the "Innocence's Apartment" Hideout.
Full album here :

Images selection and file :
Entrance (Navali)

Innocence's Pillar

Library (Alva&Zana)

Crafting Autel

Investigation Room (Jun's Happiness) and Innocence's Throne

Garden Entrance (Niko)

Garden BBQ (Einhar Cooking)

Garden Bath

Garden Fisherman

Bedroom (Helena)

Hope you'll enjoy it. It was a pleasure to do anyway. There are little details you can looking for, exemple : could you find the 4 corpses in the garden ? (real visitation needed)

Thank you for the competition and the game !
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