[3.14] The Nightblade | Videos #1 : Oshabi | #2 : Uber Elder/Maven | Ultimatum infos p74

Doesn't matter where the Aspect is. It can be on amulet, rings, boots... Almost anywhere I think.

Don't rush to get a Bottled Faith, it's a luxury too.

As for crafting : I'm bad at it. I've tried a bit in 3.8 (Blight). But what I was able to craft cost me the same price as the item on trade. So it was fun, but not profitable.
Buy your daggers, it's easier and faster :)


New video !

After my duo in Ritual with the two Nightblades, I am back in Standard this time, and my friends, I am going into hyperspace and I enter the Absence of Mercy and Empathy realm.

Yes, this is it, the Maven's fight !
A truly epic encounter, in the ranks of the Shaper or the Uber Elder.

For the first time, I have included calculations for my "true DPS" ingame, as well as visual clues for the memory game. As you will see, I beat the Maven three times at it. But sometimes, there is only one way out :

#7 : Death Will Be An Escape

This video, Knowledge is Power: The Maven, by Eliteish Academy, helped me to understand the fight.
Check it out, all is clearly explained.

Good luck and have fun, Exiles :)
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
Hi Exiles,

I haven't played a lot of Ritual. My character is level 91 and I've just made it to red maps.
Ritual is a fun and simple league that is all about clearing speed, so The Nightblade is not best suited for it.
But I've come up with a variation of the build that uses several minions to help clear the encounters : Arakaali's spiders, the Agony Crawler, the Yriel's snake and the Skitterbots.

They effectively act as damage over time, since they clear while you dodge.

Current gearing

PoB : https://pastebin.com/Hg3vr39U

Here is a demo in T11 Iceberg, with our bro Einhar coming in for more juice :

#8 : Arakaali's Shadow

Hope you like it, good luck and have fun :)
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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Hi Exiles,

here is a short medley video where I'm showing

What I'm working on (april 2021)

It features several of my characters. Among them, the Nightblade is preparing for The Feared fight (Shaper, Elder, Cortex, Chayula and Atziri) and is tanking the Shaper's slam !

If you think that's an April's Fool joke, just watch !

Other characters : The Pestilent Viper, The Infused Trickster and the White Wind (a very cheap Frost Blades Raider) against the Cortex !

Good luck and have fun :)
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
I'm planning to clean the first post comes 3.14, as I do every league.
This thread is actually more tidy than my personal desk, is what I'm saying.


Here are two new uniques useful for our build, up until early red maps :

* Goblinedge dagger
Inc duration of power and frenzy charges, life and mana on culling strike...
Not bad at all.

* Replica Three-Step Assault boots
Life, DEX, Elusive effect, movespeed. What's not to like ?


I'm working on the 9th and last video of the build for 3.13. To be published soon !

This league, I have made fewer videos than usual for the Nightblade. But I have already made so many (probably more than 100 !) and I don't want to repeat myself.
Plus, I was busy with other builds I wanted to play and improve : The Pestilent Viper, The Infused Trickster and The White Wind (PoB : https://pastebin.com/A3mdZvNN).

You can find them on my Youtube channel, where I have added different playlists, as well as one for Wolcen and one for Last Epoch (so yeah, my channel is also tidier than my desk !)

Good luck and have fun, see you tomorrow for the announcement !
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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In preparation for 3.14, I continue to clean and update the first post.

- Removed outdated infos

- Reorganized the Videos section.

- Reorganized the PoB links.

- Gem links : adding Vitality level 1-5. I'll now recommand Steelskin over Immortal Call. IC is better is you have Endurance charges (and Molten Shell if you have armour).

- In Options, Ascendancy order :
1 - Mistwalker, for the increased Elusive buff.
2 - Ambush and Assassinate for more dmg.
3 - Opportunistic, for more dmg against enemies on full life or low life
4 - Noxious Strike, for life recovery with poison

Planning to :
- Update the PoB links.

- Add the Maven to the Boss Fights section.

- Add new screenshots

Good luck and have fun :)
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.

Few changes for our build.

The reworked low-life, now at 50%, which changes the Ascendancy notable :

"Ambush and Assassinate
Now grants 15% more Damage with Hits and Ailments against Enemies that are on Low Life (previously 25%)."

Before : 25% more dmg for 35% of the fight = 8.75% more dmg on average.
Now : 15% more dmg for 50% of the fight = 7.5% more dmg.

Quite good actually, because we will have the bonus during a larger portion of the fight and we still have 100% more crit chance and culling strike. Very helpful against bosses.

New catalysts :

* Added a Noxious Catalyst, which adds quality that enhances Physical and Chaos Damage modifiers on a Ring, Amulet or Belt.
* Added an Unstable Catalyst, which adds quality that enhances Critical modifiers on a Ring, Amulet or Belt.
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
PoB links updated for 3.14

Basic versions

Standard. Minmaxed version ; level 96.

The Uber-PoB
Several stages from levels 17 to 95. Use it mainly to see the progression of the skill tree and find suggestions for your items.

Variants from past leagues
- Ritual. Wasp Nest claw, Arakaali's dagger ; level 91.
- Heist. Frost Shield ; level 94.
- Harvest. SSF, dual claws ; level 90.
- Delirium. Loreweave, Bottled Faith ; level 93.


After playing this game for 8 years, I have finally bought the legendary Loath Bane Ambusher !

I have dreamt for a long time to get this item. There are now some better daggers that have been made with Harvest crafts. One is the Dread Barb Gutting Knife (550 phys DPS), which was crafted with this build in mind.

But the Loath Bane is still amazing : 1.9 attack speed, 570 phys DPS, it's like a fast and furious Japanese sports bike on a Tokyo highway !
I've gained 19% more dmg with it.

I've bought it for a very good price (79ex) from an excellent crafter, Mai Cedere, who is also the guy that crafted the synthetised armour I'm using :

This kind of armours are available in Standard and start at 15-20ex. They are truly amazing, with life, res, white sockets, but mostly the Frenzy and Power charges as implicits. The one I've got cost me 15ex.

The only body armour that could compare to these is the Replica Loreweave, with an expensive enchantment from a Tailoring Orb, "Resistance modifiers have 10% increased effects". None available in Standard atm.


Of course, I had to test the Loath Bane. That will be my last video for 3.13.
I'm testing some features for tankiness, which allow me to tank the Shaper's slam (when I'm not outright dodging it) ! Then some tough Maven fights : Uber Atziri, Cortex and the infamous Feared encounter with all the endgame bosses at once !

Buckle up, Exiles, and I hope you've got your halo jump suit ready, because we are going into a...

#9 : Mission - Most Likely - Impossible

Hope you like it :)

Take care and see you in 3.14 !
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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Hi Exiles,

I've missed some important nerfs in 3.14 :

1- Chainbreaker Keystone now adds a rage cost to ALL your skills. Unless you are a slow-hitting build (like an Earthshatter Berseker or something like that), you can't use this keystone anymore. Because if you don't have Rage, you can't use your skills !
And for us, it's unplayable. Believe me, I've tried (not for long : I ripped 2 seconds into the map).

So I'm removing the keystone, and hence Berseker, from the Standard PoB. To compensate, I have added some nodes here and there on the tree and the clusters. I'll think about another Timeless jewel. Maybe one with Corrupted Soul, like I've done in Heist, I don't know yet.

2- In case you're using it, Flesh & Stone now reserves 35% mana. I have switched to Herald of Purity these last months, although I don't like this aura (the Sentinels are just plain bad). But that's the best 25% aura we can get, on top of an Aspect (Cat or Spider are my favorite).

3- Vitality regen less life. Still good nonetheless.

PoB 3.14 Standard : https://pastebin.com/d9EUBYW1

PS : Just realized the previous PoB is : https://pastebin.com/gweDAGue. And "dague" is the french word for dagger.
It was too perfect to last, I guess ;)

Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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The Nightblade in Ultimatum

I'm not playing the build in league atm, because I'm busy with my Pestilent Viper who explodes all the mobs with Plague Bearer + Profane Bloom ascendancy.

But here are some advice if you want to play the Nightblade in Ultimatum :

To win the encounters, you do no need a lot of DPS, but you sure need some proper defences.

1- Max Dodge chance.
* On the tree, get Acrobatics + Phase Acrobatics ASAP.
* Nightblade support for Blade Flurry.
* Withering Step skill on the left-mouse button slot.
* Choose Mistwalker as your first Ascendancy in the Labyrinth.
* On top of it all, add a Jade Flask for another +10% chance to dodge attacks and spells.

2- Cast When Damage taken level 1 + Cold Snap level 1. It will chill enemies, slowing them down and it will give you Frenzy charges.
* Vaal Cold Snap has been buffed in this league : use it manually.

3- A Sulphur flask will give you more damage and life regeneration.
A Stibnite flask will blind enemies, halving their chances to hit with attacks.
The Sin's Rebirth unique Stibnite flask is a classic of this build : 5 chaos.

4- At level 60, the Goblinedge dagger will give you a lot of life on kill.

1 alchemy.
Either use Culling Strike support on your Blade Flurry setup, or get Ambush and Assassinate as your second Ascendancy.

5- At level 62, a 5-link Carcass Jack body armour will give you a lot of AoE.
25-30 chaos.

6- Alternate setup : if Blade Flurry is not efficient enough in Ultimatum, use Cyclone with the same gems setup.

Good luck and have fun :)
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
Do you recommend trying this in the current meta? I'm struggling to find ways to scale BF compared to current busted meta builds.

Love the idea of a non BBBF or BV assassin just struggling to figure it out.

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