[3.14] The Nightblade | Videos #1 : Oshabi | #2 : Uber Elder/Maven | #3 : Delirium Ultimatum

rahsaan wrote:
Xelathur wrote:
Got any wisdom to give in terms of the Assassin ascendancy changes coming with 3.13?

Oh, and here's a list of all the required gems, where to get them, and when: https://ibb.co/jZgXLzV


thx a lot for the gems infos, I'll add it in league start section !

As for Ascendancy, obviously I've been thinking about it since the moment they published it ;)

Assassin Ascendancy in 3.13

Overall, I think there are a lot of nerfs for the Blade Vortex poison builds.
For us... not so much.

The Ascendancies are now more streamlined, as they've removed a lot of small bonuses and buffed the big ones. For us, that's especially the defenses bonuses and it's a great thing !

* Mistwalker + small node now give 60% inc Elusive effect (up from 25%) which is great to reach the 75/75% dodge cap.
(We might even remove the No Witnesses cluster on the tree, to get more life or dmg nodes.)
Mistwalker should remain the first choice for the Ascendancy.
We lose some movement speed from the nodes. But we regain some of it thanks to the increased effect of Elusive. So it's not a huge loss. We still have Whirling Blades anyway.

* Toxic Delivery is the big nerf. We lose the 20% phys as extra chaos dmg. Ooch that hurts ! We also lose the reduced dmg taken from DoT. Not good at all. This node becomes useless for us, so we'd better get :

*Ambush and Assassinate = more dmg against trash mobs, more dmg when bosses are on low life, Culling Strike in every case... except the rare cases when the culling does not work (looking at you, Uber Elder and Vox Twins !)
Also, 20% reduced dmg taken when there are several rare/uniques nearby, which is better than the previous 10% +8% from Mistwalker.
It will come handy to survive the 10 boss fight of the Maven !

* Noxious Strike remains a good defense, with the life recovery per poison affecting enemies you kill. So I still recommand it, unless you want Unstable Infusion to generate power charges. That will be the 4th, open, choice for the Uber Lab.
Several users of this build have been baffled by the fact that I recommand poison nodes, without dealing real poison dmg. I understand this. Now, poison becomes a defensive-only feature.

Let's wait for the gems and tree infos. Then the Nightblade will be ready to rock and roll again in Ritual !
(But with all the content coming in the core game, I'm not sure to play the league. Maybe I'll go SSF again like I did in Harvest.)

Good luck and have fun :)

Thanks for the reply - yeah, it still looks like it's a go for this build in 3.13
Seems talent tree from 3.12 would be the same in 3.13
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Yesterday, I forgot to mention that we also lose 15% attack and cast speed while Elusive.

Nerfs and buffs in 3.13

PoB Community fork has just been updated to 3.13.

For reference, I am comparing my character from Heist with the new tree and Ascendancy.
PoB : https://pastebin.com/wKDtezR6

3.12 | 3.13

APS : 9.36 | 8.77
DPS : 3.44 M | 2.83 M --> 18% less damage
Movespeed : +159% | +165% --> an actual gain of speed ! due to the increased Elusive effect.
Dodge : 75/72 | 75/75 --> if I remove the No Witnesses cluster (3pts), it would be 75/70.

DPS gained from Toxic Delivery : 34% | 19%

In 3.13, DPS has been reduced to 2.83M with Toxic Delivery.
If I replace it with Ambush and Assassinate, DPS against enemies :
* on full life = 3.52M
* on low life = 3.82M
If I replace it with Unstable Infusion, DPS at max power charges = all the time : 3.57M

With my character in Standard, the results are comparable.

> The gain of Dodge will help survive at league start. Will need more investment in endgame to increase the DPS.

In 3.13, we'll have less DPS and more defenses


Here is the sequel to my Delve descent to depth 700.
This time, I am reaching depth 690, where a Perandus node awaits.
Golden chest everywhere ! And they read "Grand Offering", isn't that amazing ?
If I open them, what's the worst that could happen ?...

The answer is... not hard to guess.

All of this because...

#13 : In Delve 690, All That Glitters is Gold

Hope you like it :)

Next time : Delve 700.
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
3.13 PoB links

* The Uber-POB
Several stages from levels 17 to 95.

* Endgame minmaxed version, level 96 in Standard

> More life (5.8k) and almost same DPS as in 3.12 !
> Gems groups are more clearly sorted and labelled.

New features :
- Anomalous Nightblade support : +3% dodge
- Awakened Melee Phys dmg support : 10% chance to intimidate on hit. Thank you, Sirus !
- Anomalous Ancestral Protector and Warchief : 40% inc placement speed
- Removed No Witnesses cluster
- New boots with lot of INT, so as to remove the two +30 nodes on the tree (I need 131 INT for my main dagger)
- Medium cluster of Flask duration, with Spiked Concoction and Peak Vigour notables.

* Variants versions have been updated too.

* Lot of updates in the first msg :
- Reorganized the presentation of the build and the sections
- Overview : stuff updated
- Videos : updated
- League Start : when and where to find gems. Thanks Xelathur !
- Levelling : some advice for levels 90+
- Offense : removed outdated infos about poison
- Defences : updated the Elusive section
- Boss Fight section is back in the first msg !
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
Hi Exiles,

here's my last video in 3.12 :

Delve 700.

It features the Unholy Five, five of my characters between depths 695 and 700, in this order :
- Caustic Arrow Occultist

- The Infused Trickster

- The Pestilent Viper Occultist

- Caustic Arrow Pathfinder. (It's a build I've never featured yet in my videos : the stuff is mirror-tier and was given to me by a friend at the end of Harvest. With Awakened Arrow Nova, it's a very quick farming build.)

- And the Nightblade to finish the push to 700.

Lasting more than 7mn, it is twice as long as my usual videos, but I think it's worth the trip until the end.
Hope you like it !

Good luck and have fun :)
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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incredible build... luv this!!!
Natsu7227 wrote:
incredible build... luv this!!!

Thx, glad people continue to enjoy this build :)


Going SSF in Ritual league.
Currently in act 5, after 6hrs.
0 death for the moment.

PoB level 45 : https://pastebin.com/Ue9HG1uA
Dual Claws.
BF + Nightblade + Faster Attacks + Vile Toxins
Assassin's Mark, Herald of Agony, Flame Golem.

In Standard, I'm farming the multi-boss fights of The Maven.
My hard drive has crashed yesterday, so I'm unable to do new videos for the moment. Waiting to get a new one to record a 10-boss-fight.
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
Hi Exiles,

here is my current character in SSF Ritual :

Level 61. Found the unique Ornament of the East claw. Currently in act 7, ready to go and fight Arakaali.

For the moment, my goal is to finish the acts without dying once.
After that, I may migrate the character in trade league. I would like to test a variant of the build I've been thinking for a while now, which would be poison oriented : Perfect Agony keystone, Embalmer gloves, Withering totems etc.


Here is my first video for 3.13, which actually contains two episodes one after the other :

#1 : Ritual | #2 : Ten Boss Fight

With this video, you have a bit of everything : past leagues and new league, bossing and farming, early game and very endgame.

- Episode #1 shows two tough Ritual encounters in act 5, preceded by previously unedited clips from past leagues since Legion.

- Episode #2 goes in Standard for the Maven's Ten Boss Fight of Glennarch Cairns !

I've done several of the Maven's fights and they are amazing. Best fights you can imagine in this game, even better than the Uber Elder or the Cortex. We are truly driven into uncharted realms.

Good luck and have fun !
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
Hi Exiles,

I have failed my first objective in SSF league, which was to reach the acts deathless.

I was bold enough to go against Kitava while in Delirium and the burning ground got me.

I have migrated my character in trade league, and it is now level 85. It uses a new variant of the build, based more heavily on chaos damage.

With this variant, we have several invincible minions at our service : the Crawler from Herald of Agony, the Snake from Yriel's armour and the Skitterbots.
Adding Plague Bearer which helps to clear Ritual encounters.

Currently in yellow maps with only a pseudo 5-link for BF on the gloves.
As you can see, only 4L on the body armour for HoAg and the Snake.

It is quite fun to play and very budget :
Wasp Nest claws : 1c each
Yriel's with no link : <8c
Embalmer gloves : 1c

With the rest of the stuff, which is mostly SSF, budget is 20c at most.

PoB : https://pastebin.com/wbV2cnSg

Good luck and have fun :)

Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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Hi Exiles,

Here is a new video in Standard :

#3 : Maven's Four Shaper Guardians

The boys were tough, so I had to go rough !
But I also had to take my time to avoid death.
This kind of fights can be confusing sometimes, so I have tested something new : I have added written comments during the videos, to explain what I'm thinking on the moment. This way, you can better grasp what I'm doing.

Enjoy the fight :)


Other new videos you may like on my YT Channel :

* The Pestilent Viper Occultist : Maven's Pure Chayula
With the Profane Bloom ascendancy which has been buffed (40% chance to explode enemies on death), it's a real pleasure to farm ! But the boss is really dangerous.

* The White Wind : Hydrosphere
Testing this new skill with my Frost Blades Raider, a small but fun build.

Upcoming videos :

* A T4 Harvest boss with the White Wind
* Maven's Elder with my Lightning Tendrils Trickster
* The Nightblade in Ritual

Have a good week-end, good luck and have fun :)
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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Hi Exiles,

On Poe.ninja, a level 100 Blade Flurry build is quite similar to the Nightblade :


PoB : https://pastebin.com/4YnZTnxQ

- Dual Dagger : 500+ DPS each, with 15% chance to deal double damage while focussed on each = 30% more dmg while focussed
- Ryslatha
- Chainbreaker keystone
- Aspect of the Cat
- Ancestral Protector and Warchief
- Panopticon amulet anointment

Only 3.8k life but more than 100M DPS !
Almost ten times more than my character in Std.

The main difference : the build relies on Hatred, with less mana reserved and increased effect.
- Farrul's Fur
- Abyssus Helmet

It's also very expensive, if only for the 3pts Voices jewel : 90ex in league, 250ex in Std.
Or the double corrupted Farrul's Far : 4% life and +2 to level of AoE gems (= BF)

Also makes me think that several medium cluster notables for the totems are good :
- Ancestral Echo : 10% atk speed if summoned a totem recently
- Ancestral Guidance : 30% effect of Ancestral totem buffs.
- Sleepless Sentries : Onslaught if summoned a totem recently

I'll see what other inspiration I can get from this build. Because I'm gonna need more DPS to complete the different Maven fights.

* The 4 Breachlords fight is really tough, because of Esh's shock nova and Tul's snow cone : each of them covers almost all the arena. Plus, they have a truckton of HP. I was able to finish them on the 4th portal.

* I have failed twice at Maven's fight herself. Gotta practice the memory game.
* Also failed twice at the Feared fight (Chayula, Shaper, Elder etc.). They have so many HP and are so deadly together.

Good luck and have fun, Exiles :)
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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