[3.10] The Pestilent Viper | 86% elem res, 88% chaos | New video : 600% speed + triple dmg !

Hi Exiles,

Here is a new and original build : The Pestilent Viper, an attempt to mix melee poison with the chaotic power of the Occultist.

This build features :
- Chaos DoT dmg with Pestilent Strike and Viper Strike
- Plaguesplosions !
- Max slowness on enemies
- Very high resistances against elemental and chaos damages

PoB links
* Basic dual-wielding setup : https://pastebin.com/71T9iU1S
* Advanced setup with 83% elem, 88% chaos res : https://pastebin.com/qj8qTtMG
* With Incandescent Heart, 86% elem, 88% chaos : https://pastebin.com/qcLLkaAy


- Efficient farming with Pestilent Strike
- Good bossing with Viper Strike
- Not expensive. Doesn't need 80ex investment to just start working
- Very tanky against elem and chaos dmg

- Poison melee is not to everyone taste
- Need to swap gems for bosses
- Quite squishy against phys dmg
- Full setup is heavy on uniques

Videos :

#7 : T17 maps - 600% movespeed + triple damage with awakened sextant poison mod
#6 : T16 Promenade - 400% movespeed + double damage with simple sextant poison mod
#5 : T17 Vaal Zone
#4 : T16 farming and bossing
#3 : T14 Hunter
#2 : Max slow
#1 : Plaguesplosions

Current gearing

Why Occultist ?

From the Occultist Ascendancy, we get some nice QoL features for a poison build :
- Second curse
- Curses apply to hexproof enemies
- Chaos explosions
- 60% chaos res
- Hinder stacks

I want to know more about Plaguesplosions

Very simple :
- Withering Steps + Profane Bloom Ascendancy
- Activate Plague Bearer
- Run
- BOOM !

Slowness lends strength to one's enemies

To slow enemies, we use :
- Temporal Chains
- Aspect of the Spider
- Flesh & Stone / Blood Stance
+ Cold Snap

So we can slow, maim, hinder and chill them, and the result is that we (almost) petrify enemies :) Even bosses are notably slower.
Temp Chains : 29% less action speed on white and blue mobs / 14% on rare and uniques
Maim : 30% reduced movespeed
Hinder : another 30% reduced movespeed
+ Cold Snap : chilled ground reduced action speed by 10%. At level 20, 19% increased + Hypothermia support : 20% inc. Total : 10%+(39*10%) = 14% reduced action speed.


* Pestilent Strike AoE + explosions from Ascendancy allow for smooth clearing. Hit a pack one or two times, and run while they die and explode.
* Load Plague Bearer to the max, pop Withering Steps then run through packs.
* You can use Viper Strike + Ancestral Call to load Plague Bearer faster (4-5 hits are enough generally) and then run with Plague Bearer.


Farming :
Pestilent Strike + Unbound Ailments + Deadly Ailments + Added Chaos Damage + Vile Toxins + Ancestral Call

For bosses :
Viper Strike + Multistrike + Unbound Ailments + Deadly Ailments + Vile Toxins + Added Chaos Damage

Sometimes, I just swap Viper Strike and keep Ancestral Call.

- Enlighten level 3 + Blasphemy + Despair + Temporal Chains
- Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Fortify
- Plague Bearer level 21, Flesh & Stone, Withering Step, Vaal Blight
- Aspect of the Spider
- Optionally : Precision to get 100% hit chance, Cold Snap + Hypothermia

Detailed gearing

- Weapons : dual dagger or dual claws.
Uniques : Bino's Kitchen (poison prolif), Wasp Nest (fast, life gain on hit), Mortem Morsu (fast, phys to chaos conversion)

Bought these little badasses for 3ex each in Std :

- Helmet : no mandatory unique. Life, res, attributes...
Best mod : Nearby enemies have -9% to chaos res

- Body armour : Nothing mandatory here.

Bought it for max life and chaos res.
Also, Sacrificial Garb looks cool af for a Witch.

- Gloves : Fenumus' Weave are BiS unique to get Aspect of the Spider, if you don't have it on another piece of gear. Atm, I rather use :

And Aspect of the Spider is on my boots.

- Boots : Nothing special here.
I got those boots with Aspect of the Spider

- Amulet : Solstice Vigil is BiS

Other good choice : an Impresence with no mana Despair.
For the hipsters : an Aul's Uprising which grants level 15 Envy aura. But slightly inferior to the other.

- Belt : A Stygian vise

- Rings : Life, elem and/or chaos res, chaos dmg to attacks

- Flasks : Coralito's Signature is mandatory.

If you don't have Solstice Vigil or Impresence amulet, use Witchfire to get Despair without reserving mana for it :

What I'm planning to improve

*Cluster jewels.
Notables : Blessed, Born of Chaos (+3% max chaos res), Touch of Cruelty, Unholy Grace, Wicked Pall...

*A tankier setup with :
Incandescent Heart = 25% of elem dmg taken as chaos dmg
+ Divine Flesh = +10% to max chaos res, 50% of elem dmg taken as chaos, all dmg penetrates ES
= 75% elem taken as chaos

> 90% chaos res + 76% elem res with Soul of Steel = (90*4 + 76)/4 = 86% elem res !


You may also like my previous build, The Nightblade Assassin.

Cheers and have fun :)
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Just added two new videos :

#4 : T16 farming and bossing
#5: T17 Vaal Zone

I'm planning to do a demo with the Arakaali dagger, which fits this build very well.
Gl & hf :)
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Advanced setup : max chaos and elemental resistances

The build still feels squishy, so I've read several Poison / Pestilent Strike builds, mainly to improve the defenses of this build. Some have great ideas and thx to them, I've found a way to further capitalize on the Occultist Ascendancy bonuses.
This setup requires several uniques, so it's more expensive and not-SSF friendly.
But with it, you can get 88% chaos res and (up to) 83% all elem res.

PoB @lvl 92 : https://pastebin.com/qj8qTtMG


This setup is inspired by Durimon's Defense for his Pestilent Strike Assassin.

I have adapted it to the Occultist like this :
- Get 45% chaos res. Should be fairly easy thanks to +60% chaos res on the Ascendancy

- On the amulet, anoint Cleansed Thoughts : chaos res is doubled. Now you have 75% (90%) chaos res. Anointment : golden – blue – clear. A bit expensive, I know.

- Get Apep's Supremacy shield (budget: Apep's Slumber) : +3% to all max res while poisoned. The wording is precise, it includes chaos res. Now, let's poison ourselves with...

- The Golden Rule jewel : Poisons you inflict are reflected back to you / +1% chaos res per poison on you. Since we poison all the time, we now have 78% to all max res.

- With Maw of the Conquest helmet, we are Unaffected by poison. Not to be confused with Immune to poison from Pantheon. Unaffected = you are poisoned but take no dmg.

- Let's add Soul of Steel on the tree : +1% all max elem res, that's 79% fire/cold/lightning res

Then, the icing on the cake : we put a Glorious Vanity / Xibaqua timeless jewel to get Divine Flesh : all dmg penetrates ES, +10% max chaos res, 50% of elem dmg taken as chaos dmg.
Now, you have 88% max chaos res and 79% elem res. So your actual elem res are : (88+79)/2 = 83% !

If you're not familiar with how the elem res works, you may think it's not much of a difference for a big investment. But here is how it works : if you have 75% res, for 100 dmg the enemy inflicts, you actually take 25. With 83, you take only 17. → 17/25 = 0.68, so that's 32% less elem dmg taken ! Nearly a third.

Additional infos
- Divine Flesh "50% elem taken as chaos" includes DoT dmg, like burning ground.

- With 88% chaos res, you won't feel Desecrated ground, even in t16 (I've tested).

- With Apep's Supremacy shield, you also take bleeding as chaos dmg. In another words, with 88% chaos res, you will barely feel bleeding and corrupted blood.

- Thx to Apep, poison expire 50% slower. It is further slowed by Shaper's Presence aura from Solstice Vigil : effects on you expire 20% slower. This guarantees permanent poisoned status. Maybe 2 or 3 times longer than normal, I don't know exactly how it calculated.

- Since all dmg penetrates ES, we always have ES, so we have a natural 50% chance to avoid stun :
As long as a creature has greater than 0 energy shield, it has a 50% chance to ignore a stun. This is calculated independently of the creature's chance to be stunned. First the chance to stun is calculated as normal, and if the stun check succeeds and would cause a stun, there is then a 50% chance that the stun can be ignored.


- To reach the hard cap of 90% chaos res, you'd need the Born of Chaos notable on a small cluster jewel : +3% max chaos res.

Plus, who wouldn't look pretty with this helmet ?
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Tbh if you want to keep the -9 res helmet you can get "unaffected by poison" from small cluster jewel "Antivenom".
True, but the Maw helmet has this mod "20% of dmg taken gained as life over 4sec" which is awesome.
Here is a new video where I can facetank twinned bosses in a T17 vaal zone + twinned bosses in T16 Promenade :

The Pestilent Viper #6

On top of that, I'm using the sextant mod "8% inc dmg and 4% movespeed / poison on you".
With 72 poisons (easily sustainable), the DPS is actually doubled !

(And that was just the Simple sextant mod. The Awakened sextant mod with 100 poisons would triple it.)
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I have looted this ring in a Synthesis map :

This was a good occasion to continue my transition to full chaos defense, with the Incandescent Heart :

In conjunction with Divine Flesh, now I take 75% of elem dmg from hits as chaos dmg !
Elem res = 79%
Chaos res = 88%
So, my actual elem res against hits are : (88*3 + 79)/4 = 86% !

I've lost life in the process, 4.8k down from 5.1k. The build feels squishier against phys dmg. So I gotta see how to defend this weak point. Maybe a Granite or Jade Flask (I'm currently using Acrobatics).

Also Enduring Cry. I can get Vigour notable in 2pts (+1 End charge). Maybe rework the skill tree by adding cluster jewels for Warcry effects and/or phys dmg reduction.
But first, I need to see how the cluster jewels will work in 3.11.

PoB @ level 92 : https://pastebin.com/NNy7HnRu

* +10% max chaos res manually added on the Glorious Vanity jewel.
* Corrected the Temp Chains mod on the Solstice amulet : removed "when cast as an aura", which isn't recognized by PoB.
* Also, for some reason I can't find, my res are indicated as lower in PoB.
But I can assure you they truly are 76/76/76/85 in hideout, with +4 when poisoned.

And now, I know why I'll never get a prize in Oriath next beauty contest !
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New video. This time, I'm using the Awakened sextant for the poison mod : that's 6% movespeed and 12% inc dmg / poison.
With 100% : 600% speed and 1200% inc dmg = triple damage ! (PoB numbers)

I've tested it in some spicy T17 maps and here is the result :

Pestilent Viper #7

Hope you like it :)
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