[3.11] The Nightblade Assassin | New video : General's Cry + BF = ... 6 Blade Flurries !

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Hi Exiles,

The name of this build comes from two gems :
- Blade Flurry, our main skill
- Nightblade support, which is tailored-made for Assassins.

I have created the build I wanted to play with my favorite Ascendancy and my favorite skill. It's not meta, but it's fast, fun and versatile : I have done every content with it.

Even if you don't play this build, I'm sure you can find one or two ideas you can use in another build, and get the inspiration to create the character of your dreams. I have myself read a lot of builds to find ideas.

* I began this guide in 3.5 and called it Old & New School BF Assassin. It was suboptimal and remained mostly the same in 3.6.
* In 3.7, with the rework to melee, my dream of a pure phys/chaos dual-dagger Assassin became a reality. This was the Impale version.
* In 3.8, the Assassin became a true shadow killer thanks to the Elusive buff. I devised the Invisible version of this build. I changed the name of the build to The Nightblade Flurry Assassin.
* In 3.9, I made a tankier version with Mind Over Matter and shortened the name to just : The Nightblade Assassin.
* In 3.10, I added the cluster jewels and tested the Perfidy chest.

* In 3.11, we get Wind Dancer keystone and No Witnesses notable on the tree = more defenses. We lose DPS because of the nerf to dual-wielding.
- Currently testing a new Keystone, The Traitor.
- Going SSF in Harvest. Testing a new setup : General's Cry + BF.


The former versions are still viable. Find more infos in the next message.

I want to pay tribute to Mathil for his old BF Assassin. It has been outdated since 3.5, but it was the basis for this build.

Good luck and have fun :)


PoB links

SSF Harvest :
- Level 90 : https://pastebin.com/zavzPxVn
- Level 80 : https://pastebin.com/53Pm9LUK
- Level 73, beginning Atlas : https://pastebin.com/8WRf3ZFX
- Level 17, act 2 : https://pastebin.com/TNGfDE3y

In Standard, level 95 :
- 3.11 (beta). Traitor Keystone.
- Full DPS setup with 2 clusters. I beat Aul 560/100% AoE with this setup.
- MoM setup with no cluster. More defenses.

In Delirium :
Level 93, MoM, two clusters. Won my first Simulacrum and made a T16 100% Delirious map with this setup.

(Last updated : 07/05/20)
/!\ To be used with Community fork.

Latest videos :

#5 : Blades in the Dark. Testing General's Cry + Charged Dash.
#4 : The Flow of Life.
#3 : The Ancestral Blade Flurry. New setup with General's Cry linked to BF.
#2 : Red Harvest - Malachai act4.
#1 : The Traitor - new Keystone, Minotaur fight

#18 : The Last Stand (T16 100% Delirious Promenade)
#16 : Aul, the Crystal King - depth 564 - 100% inc AoE
#13 : The Simulacrum, with Kosis at wave 20


* Blade Flurry Assassin.
* Dagger / Claw / Shield
* Physical and chaos damages

- Not a 1-click-AFK build : we use several skills and buffs
- Clearspeed is nice but not super-fast. We are no Scourge Arrow Raider.
- Becomes expensive for endgame (15ex and more). But still an off-meta build, so not that expensive.
- It's melee, so you'll die.

- It's melee, so you'll have fun.
- Boss killer
- All contents viable
- Beginner friendly | Can be done on a budget

Current stuff in Standard @level 95 (90ex budget)

Current stuff in SSF Harvest @level 90

Stuff at the end of Delirium @level 93 (15ex budget)

League Start

New to the game ?
Here are some advice for a smooth beginning :

1- Get the Wanderlust shoes, for the +20% movement speed and freeze immunity :

* Or you can easily craft yourself magic boots with movement speed. Go to a vendor in town and sell them : normal boots + an orb of augmentation + a quicksilver flask.
You'll get +10% movement speed on the boots.
Repeat and you'll get +5%, up to +30% movespeed. /!\ Each time, it raises the level requirement of the boots. So be mindful before adding speed, otherwise you won't be able to equip them.

2- Get a Quicksilver flask. Get it in act 1 as a reward from Bestel after retrieving the Medicine Chest.

3- Get one or two rings/amulet with mana regen.

4- Craft two daggers with increased damages :
1 dagger + 1 blue Rustic Stash belt + 1 Blacksmith Whetstone.

Check the Vendor recipe system.

5- Our main skill, Blade Flurry becomes available at level 28. Before that, you can begin with Frost Blades or Cobra Lash skill.

6- From early on, you can add two auras : Blood and Sand and War Banner, as well as Dash movement skill.

7- Good unique items :
* The Goredrill dagger at level 5, for some nice bleeding dmg.

* Helmet : the Goldrim from level 1 for good elem resis.

* Boots : The Wanderlust, for movement speed and no freeze.

8- Get Path of Building (PoB) tool, a very good simulator for the game. Then, you can add the Community fork, which has more options.

* Here is a simulation at level 28, when you get Blade Flurry :
> I've put only unique items, just for suggestions. Replace those you want with magic/rares. You will need them to increase your elemental resistances.
More details in the next section, "Levelling".


See my Guide for the 10 acts

I always run out of mana
Get :
- "#% phys dmg leeched as mana" affix somewhere on your stuff. 0.4% should be enough.
- "-x total mana cost of skills" on ring or amulet.
- x% reduced mana cost of skills" on a jewel
- Mind Drinker on the tree. Whenever you can, unallocate those two nodes.
Uniques : Wurm's Molt belt and Slitherpinch gloves are dirt cheap (1 alch), Praxis ring is 1c.

Should I get a Tabula Rasa ?
Many players will farm Blood Aqueduct in act 9 to get a stack of 9 Humility divination cards and then trade it to Navali to get the Tabula.
I think it's quite tedious and it slows your progression.
It's better to go on in the acts, accumulate some currency, and then buy a cheap rare 6-link chest. Many people sell corrupted ones for slightly more chaos. Get one with the right colors, some life and res.
If you drop a Tabula, sell it to a vendor for a divine orb, then add some chaos to get a rare chest.

I want to make money !
I can advise you to not waste your time picking up rare items.

Just pick up 1-square items. Currencies, maps, frags, essences etc.
Nothing to ID, nothing to vendor. Grab everything you walk on and then drop it into your stashes.
And let's not talk about the chaos recipe, which is IMO a big waste of time.

When you have 100+ alterations/jewellers/scour/chrom/fus etc. go sell them via the trade and earn some quick dozens of chaos.

Also, remember : you don't need a 50+ exalt build to have a strong character and enjoy the game. The more you know the game and improve your skills, the less expensive your build can be.

I want to level fast !
Don't try to full clear the maps, it's useless. Go only to the points of interests : Essences, Breach, Abyss, Cassia, bosses etc.

When you are in levels 75+, you can do Xoph's Breachstones. They are fairly easy.
I was able to go from level 78 to 79 with only 2 Xoph. 50% XP each ! They cost 6-8c.
In level 84, they still give 13% XP.

Interrogating Syndicate members, whatever you choose (kill, bargain etc.) also gives lots of XP.


A mini-guide to Blade Flurry
I remember back in november 2016 when they announced 2.4, this new skill, Blade Flurry (BF). On the moment I saw it, I knew that was the perfect skill I was waiting for. Fast, deadly, some AoE, increasing dmg while channelling. And the green wave when you release at max stage are so satisfying amazing. Kill every nearby mobs.
It has remained my #1 skill ever since.

BF gives you +20% more dmg for each stage, with a total of +100% more when you reach 6th stage, basically doubling your DPS. Then, some more when you release the wave. That's where all the juice is.
Learn the perfect channelling, by releasing when the green circle pop, and then start back to stage 1 immediately. As it depends of your APS (attack per second), you gotta get used to it. Reaching 6th stage can take somewhere between 2sec and 0,5sec.
E.g., if you have 6 APS, it takes exactly 1 sec to reach max stage.

In maps :

Pop Withering Steps, run near the enemies to wither them, then BF. With Whirling Blades, you can jump behind them, or right in the middle of them and blast with Blade Flurry. Channel till release then jump to dodge and attack again. Surprise them with impredictable moves. WB is very fast and allows for quick change in your battle tactics.
* Add Abyssal Cry in the mix to make packs explode.
* Use Phase Run for extra 30% phys dmg : channel to 6th stage, Phase Run, release BF.

You can go Whirling > Flurry : Dash then blast.
Or you can go Flurry > Whirling : Channel and escape to release. Useful when those big Goatmen from Chimera will jump on you.


Daggers have critical chance as implicits. We get nodes on the tree and the Elusive buff for crit chance and crit multi.

It's a good idea to get some cold dmg somewhere on the rings or amulet. As we often crit, we will be able to freeze most mobs. Looking at you, Porcupines !
If we freeze them, they will shatter = won't explode with their spines on death.


We can use Shaper's Touch gloves and then stack Dexterity.
Because more Dexterity now means : more Accuracy, more Evasion + more DPS and more life !

With 500 DEX, you get :
Melee Phys dmg : + 2%*(500/10) = +100% inc dmg
HP : +(500/4) = + 125 life.

In "real game" numbers, the gloves give me more than+350 life and +450k DPS.

For endgame, you can further increase the DEX stacking with a Brutal Restraint Timeless Jewel on your tree >See Endgame section below.


Poison does not do much damage with this build, but with the Ascendancy, it gives us chaos dmg + life regen and crit chance :
+5% inc duration of poison / poison applied recently (4sec).
+0,1% crit chance for each poison on enemy, up to +2%.
With Toxic Delivery :
Gain 20% phys as extra chaos dmg on poisoned enemies
0,5% life regenerated / poison on enemy killed.

Chances to poison

On the Ascendancy, we have Noxious Strike : 40% chance to poison on any hit.

On the tree, two small nodes "Dagger dmg and Poison chance" : 2*10% chance to poison on hit with attacks.
So, on any attack hit, we got 60% chance to poison.

With Adder's Touch : your critical strikes have 40% chance to poison.
So, on crit we have 60+40 = 100% chance to poison.
> A non-crit has 60% chance to poison.
> A crit will always poison.

> Go to PoB, "Calcs" and hover your mouse on "Chance to Poison", you will see full calculations.
This is why the Diamond is so good, because it greatly increases your chance to crit and poison.


In this game, getting DPS is fairly easy, while getting good defences is hard.
We use a combination of effects and buffs that synergize.
/!\ Here, you have to make choices. You probably won't get all these layers of defense.


We easily cap Life leech at 20% of max life with Blood Drinker : 0,4% of atk dmg leeched as life.

For mana leech, you can get the Mind Drinker notable on the tree : 0.4% of attack damage leeched as mana.
Or get the mod on any piece of stuff. Cap should be reached easily. "Warlord Mark on hit" in a ring does the job too.

MoM can give you a lot of tankiness.
But you need to reserve much less mana.
- Look for the mod "% of dmg taken gained as mana over 4 sec". You can get it on the skill tree with Battle Rouse notable. You can get it on rings, or with a Watcher's Eye / Clarity.


Any damage can stun the enemy, provided it removes at least 10% of his life per hit -see Stun. "Dealing at least 50% of maximum life will always stun."
As we deal huge physical damage, we stun small mobs all the time, and even rares. Physical damage has stun bonuses over other damages, making it even easier.
If you want to check how often you stun, you can set Endurance charge on melee stun support in your BF setup, and you'll see that you gain Endurance charges all the time.

> Additionnally, by using the Ryslatha's coil belt, we get a lot more phys dmg and we gain life each time we stun.


It's easy to stack a lot of Dexterity on the stuff and the skill tree to improve our chances to evade attacks.

We can use the Dread Banner, which reserves only a small portion of mana (10%). With this banner, enemies nearby have up to 21% less acccuracy rating, which is huge, and is cumulative with the blind penalty.
You can blind enemies with Flesh & Stone / Sand Stance. This will drastically reduce their chances to hit you with attacks.

> For endgame, get a Brutal Restraint jewel, which will give you DEX on every small nodes in radius, increasing again your Evasion.


Dodge may seem similar to Evade, but they are actually two separated mechanisms, like Armour and Energy shield.
We get attack Dodge chance on the skill tree with the Acrobatics Keystone.
Evasion is calculated before Dodge. So if the first fails, the second one is rolled -See Receiving damage.
I strongly advice to get Acro + Phase Acro. With the Elusive buff, you'll easily get 65% chance to dodge attacks and 55% to dodge spells, which are awesome layers of defense.

Technical explanations

Dodge is rolled for each hit you take -See Dodge. For instance, if you have 30% Dodge chance, on average you will dodge one hit out of three. If you have luck, you might dodge 3 hits in a row, but if not, you might miss 4 in a row. This is like rolling a dice, hoping to roll 5 or 6.

On the other hand, Evasion gives you a flat chance to evade -See Evasion. For each fight, the game will set a random order of miss and hit. And this sequence will be refreshed every few seconds.
For instance, say you have 25% chance to evade attacks. Then, the RNG may roll HIT – EVADE – HIT – HIT. Then for some seconds, you will always evade the second hit amongst a series of four, and always be hit by the other three.
Then, the RNG will be rolled again, and you may get EHHH, or HHEH etc.
Dodge and Evade chances are capped at 95%.
"Assuming a character has a 40% chance to evade and a 20% chance to dodge, a character has a 52% chance to prevent receiving a hit."


This new buff has been introduced in 3.8 and is specially designed for the Assassin, as we have an Ascendancy to buff it.
Elusive grants 40% inc movespeed and up to 15% dodge chance against spells and attacks. This buff decays over time, until its values reaches 0.
With the Ascendancy, we get :
* 25% buff effect. So we actually get 19% spell/atk dodge !
* 50% chance to get Elusive on crit.

That's even 100% on crit with the Nightblade support, and 28% inc effect. Total : 25+28=53% > 23% atk and spell dodge !
With the new Withering Steps (WS) movement skill, we refresh the buff, then lose it and get it again on the first crit.
Elusive granted by WS has 48% inc effect : 26% dodge !

In 3.11, we get No Witnesses notable on the tree : 45% inc effect of Elusive !
Total : 98% inc effect = 30% dodge, 80% movespeed !


This mechanics is mostly useful for endgame. GGG has pushed it in the last leagues. It's a very powerful layer of defense.

In endgame, even if you have 6k life or more, you are still a glasscannon. Evasion cannot save us all the time, nor Dodge.
So we try to lower the damages we take = those that remain after all other sources of mitigation have been calculated. This is the real amount of damage withdrawn from our life pool -see Damage taken.
Ideally, if we'd get 100% reduced dmg taken, we would be invincible. But that's barely possible, or you have to sacrifice all your DPS -see this build for instance.
Fun for a YT video, but not realistic to play.

The main point is that nothing can reduce this reduction, e.g. you have no map mods that reduces it.

* On the Ascendancy, with Mistwalker, -8% dmg while Elusive + no extra dmg taken from crit !
With Opportunistic : 10% reduced dmg taken when there 2+ rare enemies nearby.

* With Fortify support on the BF setup, we have 20% less dmg taken from hits (meaning : not DoT). So for 100 dmg dealt by the enemy, we take only 80.

* With the Infused Channelling support, we take 8% less physical damage hits and DoT while channelling.

(* If we use the Unshattered Will shield, the Harbinger will give a bonus every 8sec for 4sec : immune to stun and elemental ailment and 20% less dmg taken from hits and DoT : a more powerful Fortify buff, half of the time.)



+ = linked

- Blade Flurry, 6L : Blade Flurry + Nightblade + Infused Channelling + Melee Physical Damage + Vile Toxins + Fortify

- Whirling Blades : Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks (+ Blood Magic).

- Auras : War Banner, Precision level 1, Blood & Sand.
If you use MoM, add Clarity level 1 and a Watcher's Eye with a Clarity mod.

- Totems : Ancestral Protector + Vaal Ancestral Warchief + Multiple Totems support + Culling Strike. Or Blind, Lesser Poison.

- Buffs : Withering Steps, Phase Run

- Cast When Damage Taken 20 + Immortal Call 20

- Optional buffs : Abyssal Cry, Blood Rage, Plague Bearer, Ice Golem...
/!\ If you use Blood Rage, put it in a weapon and have a weapon swap. This way, if your HP get very low, you can swap weapons quickly to stop the degen effect.

- Optional defense : CwDT level 1 + Cold Snap. Cold Snap will chill enemies and can give you Frenzy charges when enemies die in the area.

Tips :
* Quickly put 20%q on your Infused Channelling gem, to get the Infusion buff faster (0.6 sec)
* BF 21/23 and Fortify 21/20 are best for DPS
* No quality needed for Blood Rage and all auras gems
* Level up Precision as you see fit. If you go MoM, level it up until you have 90 mana left unreserved. Ice Golem requires atleast 70 mana to summon.

Thx to Red7Official for these tips.


There are 3 unique items that really make the build shine :
1) Starkonja Helmet

2) Shaper's Touch gloves

3) Ryslatha's Coil belt

- Weapon : For the daggers, you want : inc phys dmg | adds phys dmg | attack speed 1.7+ | crit chance / crit multi | phys as extra chaos

- Shield : Life, elem resis, attributes, ailment avoir chance, stun avoid chance + inc global phys dmg.
A shield makes the build much less expensive but we lose DPS. Actually I always play a dual-dagger version, but I've seen several players doing this build with shield. Once more, it's up to you.

A very good unique : The Unshattered Will. It has all we need : life, elem res, inc channelling skill dmg and the Harbinger of Focus : stun and ailment immunities for 4sec every 8sec.

- Body Armour : The BiS unique is a Loreweave with 78% all max res (Legacy version : up to 80%).
- Belly of the Beast : lot more life.
- Carcass Jack : more AoE and AoE dmg + life, elem res

* More expensive : a rare body armour with :
* +max life and +% max life
* socketed attacks have -15 to total mana cost
* * socketed gems are supported by level 1 maim, for extra DPS (/!\ This mod is legacy in 3.9)
10ex and more

* One with "10% chance to gain a frenzy charge on hit". Comes from Synthetised items or items with Redeemer's influence. Guarantees 100% max frenzy charges all the time.

* A chest with "Killed enemies explode, dealing 3% of their life as phys dmg". BiS for farming. Can actually turn Blade Flurry into a very capable farming skill.

- Helmet : Starkonja with "40% inc BF dmg" enchant is BIS. Life, DEX, crit chance, Evasion, attack speed, are all what we need.

- Gloves : Shaper's Touch are BiS for this build. Enchantment and corruption are optional and you don't even need a good roll.

Other choices : Slitherpinch (cheap), Maligaro's Virtuosity, Oskarm, Tombfist (second best choice), Asenath Gentle Touch (amazing as it curses and make mobs explode, but very expensive).

- Boots : BiS unique are the Atziri's Steps for life, spell dodge, lot of EVA +30% movespeed.
Any rare with life and the elem res. You can also look for : chance to avoid stun, atk or spell dodge, 35% movespeed...
Also look for : "Tailwind if crit recently" mod = 10% more dps

- Amulet : Life, res, crit multi, added phys dmg, gain phys as extra cold...
- For mid-game, Hyrri's Truth.
- An Aul's Uprising with no mana Hatred.
- A physical Impresence with no mana Vulnerability. 1ex

- Rings : Life, phys dmg, crit, DEX, elem resis, gain phys as extra cold...
Useful mods : Warlord's Mark on hit, Aspect of the Cat / Aspect of the Spider.

- Belt : Best in Slot is Ryslatha's Coil.
Life, life gain on stun and 10-20% more phys dmg.

First, you gain life on stun, which is quite all the time against mobs -see Defense section above.

PoB cannot calculate the gain of DPS, so thanks to this build (video, pastebin), here's a way to do it :
Go to PoB, "Calcs", select BF and search for "OH Hit damage". It will give your min and max dmg.
Now, calculate the min/max ratio, which should be ~45%.
For instance, on BF 6th stage, I do 45k - 100k dmg.

So on average, I deal (100+45)/2 = 72.5.

With this particular +39/-32 Ryslatha :
min dmg = 45*(1-0.32) = 45*0.68 = 30.6
max dmg = 100*1.39 = 139.
So now, on average, I deal : (139+30.6)/2 = 85
85/72.5 = 1.17 --> 17% more physical dmg. I manually add this number in the item.
A perfect +40/-30 Ryslatha could give 20% more.

NB : I'm no Einstein, so if anyone has a better way of calculating, you're welcome.


Base items : Murderous Eye Jewels, Crimson or Viridian Jewels.
Mods you are looking for :
- Crit multi
- Attack speed
- Phys dmg = phys dmg with 1h-weapons / daggers, aoe dmg etc.
- Life
- Elem res, attributes

For crit and APS, look for : while dual-wielding / with one-handed weapons / with daggers / if you've killed recently + life, res, attributes...
For the Brutal Restraint, see Endgame section below.

Watcher's Eye
A Clarity mod to improve mana regen for Mind Over Matter. Best one is "15% of dmg taken gained as mana over 4sec.
A Pride mod : +2 Impale or Intimidate


Just the usual, depending on your budget : Atziri's Promise, Lion's Roar, Diamond Flask, Sin's Rebirth, Cinderswallow...


* Ascendancy
1 - Mistwalker, for the Elusive buff.
2 - Noxious Strike, for life recovery with poison
3 - Toxic Delivery, for 20% phys as extra chaos dmg
4 - Opportunistic (feels better overall than Ambush & Assassinate). thx to WesterVespertine

* Bandits : Alira. Crit multi, mana regen and elem res.

* Pantheon : Arakaali and Tukohama.

* Enchantments :
- Helmet : 40% increased Blade Flurry Damage.
- Gloves : Commandment of Blades. Throws some daggers, helps to clear.
- Boots : 16% attack and cast speed if you've killed recently OR Regenerate 2% life and mana per second if you've been hit recently.



- Buy a level 83+ Ambusher : 1.5 base aps.
/!\ Imperial Skean also have 1.5 aps but they are now considered Rune Daggers, meaning they can roll caster mods. We don't want that.
- Scour + 20%q.

Then, you have two options : hideout bench or fossils

* with bench

- Spam alteration orbs to get flaring mod = added phys dmg
- Regal orb
- Annul to leave only attack speed and phys dmg
- Multi mod. Crafting the mods costs 7ex, but it’s deterministic.

Thx to Cane_Cane for his advice.

* with fossils

- Perfect fossil for >20%q. I settled for 23%.
- Optionnally, Encrusted fossil to get white sockets. I didn't use it.
- Shuddering for speed + Serrated for attack mods + Sanctified for higher rolls.
- You can add Aberrant : more chaos, no lightning, to try and get "phys as extra chaos". But then you need a Primal Resonator (4 sockets), which is more expensive.

Body armour.

Prices are in Blight league.
Buy a 6-link EVA-based one, with high item level (82+). 45c.
- 20%q with Armourer Scraps,
- Perfect Fossil (6c) to improve quality. Got 29% and decided to settle for it.
- Scour
- Pristine (8c) for life mods + a Serrated (16c) in the hope of getting "socketed attacks have -15 to total mana cost" + Sanctified (25c) to get higher values
Then you pray for RNGesus (there's no other god left in Wraeclast)

The life regen can counteract a bit the DoT.
Only crap mod is the Thorn (reflect phys dmg to melee atkers), which only exists to block others good mods.
But I wasn't expecting the awesome "maim support" that comes from Serrated (/!\ No more available in 3.9)

Went to bench to recolor with "at least 1 red and 1 blue" and got two blue on first try.
Total cost of crafting : 102c.
This was my lucky day indeed.

Boss fights
Malachai, The Nightmare
He can kill you instantly when he reappears from underground.
Watch your steps : the red spots on the grounds are often deadly.

Atziri/Uber Atziri
Vessels of the Vaal : go to the left one and stay near it while it activates. There is a delay before the second one activates, which will allow you to kill the first one before.

The Trio
Always kill the girl first : she launches a physical rain that can insta-kill you. Pop an anti-bleed flask and kill the two others.

She reflects 2% of any damage dealt to her. So, to avoid killing yourself, use Sibyl's lament ring on right slot (-40% of reflected phys dmg taken) and Yugul's Pantheon (-25%). Then you should be ok with reflects. On the tree, Master of Force notable also gives -20%.
Avoid cursing her, because she reflects curses.
You may use three flasks : one anti-bleed, one Ruby and one Topaz. Or perfectly learn to dodge the attacks yourself.
For the clone phase, quickly spot the one with the mirror while it appears, and attack any other three. Never attack the mirror clone, as it reflects 100% of dmg.
Uber Atziri is faster, has more life and her attacks have more AoE. So it's a matter of knowing the fight and having quick reflexes.

Use large AoE to channel BF while standing at the limit of his ground circle.
Take care when he dives like a mole and watch his trails while he moves underground.
Blind him (Sand Stance or Stibnite flask).

Not much to say here. Usually, I go to close range, run around her or whirling-blade through her.

Mutiple totems are very useful here, to kill mobs as soon as they exit their cage. You can go at the center of arena and raise three totems around you while you attack all around.

Dodge his big explosions. Run away and while he concentrates, kill the small phoenixes.
When he cyclones towards you, dodge sideways and start BF-ing while he finishes his movement.
Use WB to move through him and attack with BF while he turns around.


This build was designed to assasinate the Shaper.

* His attacks are very telegraphed. He even announces them with catchphrases : for instance, he says : « Gaze into the abyss » before his beam. Because when you are the master of the Atlas of Worlds, you might as well quote Nietzsche when you launch a kamehameha ! He channels his beam for 3 sec so that's when you want to go full BF.

* Learn the rhythm of his warp and slam (« Behold my misery »). He warps for one second and a half, then reappears where you are. Move at this moment.

* Use multiple totems to kill the mobs during the portal phase (« The power from the void »), while you explode the cold balls at the edges of the arena.

* Be cautious at the end of his purple rain (« Ultimate chaos ») when you exit Zana's bubble, one of the remaining projectile can still kill you.

* The third phase is harder, because of the clone. But it's just a hint to how difficult Uber Elder fight will be.

Uber Elder
"Even as we rise, the shadows of failure continues to haunt us"

* Setup used in my first deathless fight : https://pastebin.com/WEzuU7dW

* Video deathless

* In this fight, your main enemy is the Shaper. Elder is more of a nuisance. So this fight should be called the Uber Shaper, as the latter is still the most dangerous antagonist.

* This fight is really hard for any melee build. You will have to learn it the hard way. I have failed maybe 10 times before my first victory.

* Stats and stuff :
- 6000k life, bare minimum
- It's hard to stun the bosses and curses are 66% less effective against them. So instead of Ryslatha belt and Poacher ring, we can use :
Cyclopean Coil for freeze immunity + more life.
And Winterweave ring for reversed chill effect.

* You must do two things at the same time : attacking one boss while keeping an eye on the other, and on the squids... When you attack, consider you have less than 2 sec before being hit by an icy projectile.

* In this fight, what has saved my life more often that not is counter-intuitive : slow down. For instance, do not use Whirling Blades too much. Most of the time, just walk to dodge : that is why I prefer my 30% movespeed boots to the Kaom's Roots. When Elder is siphoning and slows you down, do not panick : just walk. Use WB only for emergency, otherwise you won't control your char and get killed by any projectile.
We can reach very high DPS, so don't hurry. You can kill them fast. Take your time to explode the cold balls on the edge of the arena. Same for big squids. Otherwise, the ground with be splattered with cold and phys DoT, which makes the end of the fight a nightmare.

* Getting stuck in a corner of the map is guaranteed death within seconds. You must remain in control of your freedom of movement. That is why you need to stay around the center most of the time, and so you need to keep the map clean.

* Try to move in circles in the upper side of the map. During portal phases, use your multiple totems + Vaal Warchief.

* Now, clench your teeth and blast those bastards. I am myself a decent player but certainly not a virtuoso. But I am stubborn. That is the way of Wraeclast, I guess :
Improvise. Adapt. Overcome, always.

Delve bosses

- Kurgal, the Blackblooded : His green beam does high physical degen. In the second phase, watch out for his deadly lasers. Use the totems all the time while you dodge and also during the mob phase.
- Ahuatotli, the Blind : When he launches his deadly blood attacks, run behind a pyramid on the corner.
- Aul, the Crystal King : Probably the most difficult boss of the game. He has a ton of HP and hits like a truck.
* Learning the shield charge phase is the most difficult part. If a clone hits one of the cocoon, then Aul will unleash is cold beam phase, which is very hard to survive. So you want to attract the clones between the cocoons and then avoid to walk on the cold degen ground they leave.
* If you have the deadly "100% inc AoE" mod, then you must be ready to sacrifice at least one quarter of the arena.


- Drox : Just be sure to destroy his banners and watch out for his big fist of Justice.
- Al-Hezmin : Shakari Pantheon for poison immunity. Do not walk into the pool at the center while it's filled (chaos degen).
- Veritania : Nothing special to say here, her attacks are well telegraphed.
- Baran : Take your time to find a good spot between his debuff runes and burst him.


* /!\ A corrupted jewel with "Corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you" is mandatory to (have a chance to) survive his beam.
* First three phases are easy. Dodge when he shouts "Die !" and watch out his projection, which launches meteors.
* Whirling Blades through him to espace his corridor.
* To escape his maze, look for the flares that indicate the way. Just like emergency exits in a plane !
* Take your time to dodge his attacks between phases. Wait for the projection to launch two large beam that explode and leave a crater. Then, walk under his throne to begin a new phase.
* In the 4th phase, the most important thing is to never lose sight of him. Quickly spot him among his clones.


I like to test the limits of the builds, and delving is a great way to do it in the hardest possible conditions.
When you've done some multi-modded 550+ delves, Beyond T15-16 maps will feel much easier.

Enemies you must spot :
- Screamers with their lightning sonic wave. Can kill you in <2 sec.
- Blue felines and their exploding blue aura.
- Zombies that spread caustic ground on death. Because of them, very deep delvers (1000+) go CI, as it's otherwise impossible to survive the chaos degen.
- Areas like Haunted remains nodes have those small grey ghosts (like mini-Shapers) that can insta-kill you with phys dmg.

How deep can we go ?
Greatly depends of your knowledge of the Mine and your stuff.
I think 300 is easily doable.
400 is still possible.
Things can become very hard past 500.
And I can barely make it past 600. My absolute best is 629.


This is for advanced players, who are already familiar with the games.


« Just like the Maraketh from the plains, wandering and killing... »

The best Timeless Jewel for us is the Brutal Restraint. It adds DEX on every small node and mods on the notables, like : life, gain 5% phys as cold, crit chances, poison dmg...
You can socket the jewel in the Shadows or Ranger socket, where there are plenty of notables available. .

In 3.11, Wind Dancer becomes available on the skill tree.


All oil recipes : https://www.iskmogul.com/path-of-exile-blight-oils-guide/

Ambidexterity is a solid choice : Amber - Azure - Black
You can't go wrong with it.
The best notable DPS-wise is Panopticon. Oil recipe available in 3.11 !
Otherwise, best DPS comes from Nightstalker.
Other choices include : a fat life node, Weathered Hunter, Holy Dominion, Hematophagy, Aspect of Stone, Soul of Steel...

Amber + Amber on each ring, for 2*25% inc Scout Tower dmg. The easiest and most balanced choice.
Pop a Scout Tower near the pump, then a Stun level 3 as a support then a green one tier 3.

Map anointing
- If you're not familiar with Blighted maps, 3 amber for 60% reduced costs of towers. You'll build a lot of towers even before the encounter begins.
- For maximum loot, 3 Teal or 3 Crimson, depending on your budget, to get lucky chests = content of the chest is rolled twice and the best is kept. This number is increased by the Awakening bonus (with Aawakening level 8, 9 lucky chests become 11).


- Abrasive on the Ryslatha's belt
- Prismatic on a ring with lots of elem res.
- Turbulent on an amulet with phys as extra lightning/cold


A selection of notables, with mandatory ones.

Large cluster with 2 jewel sockets : Dagger or Dual-Wielding. 8pts.
- Drive the Destruction (20% faster life leech)
- Feed the Fury
- Fuel the Fight (for mana leech)
- Hit & Run
- Martial Prowess
- Wind-Up (Dagger only)

Medium cluster with 1 jewel socket : Channelling or Crit Chance. 5pts is ok, since it's cheaper than a 4pts. You won't have to allocate the fifth point.
- Hex Breaker (curse immunity while channelling)
- Overwhelming Malice
- Precise Focus
- Rapid Infusion
- Unwavering Focus

Small cluster : Life. 2 or 3 pts.
- Fettle
- Peace Amidst Chaos
- Surging Vitality (best option : 10% of life regenerated every 5sec)


I die too much. What can I do ?
- 5k life bare minimum for endgame
- All elem res capped. 78% with a Loreweave.
- Low positive chaos res
- CwDT level 20 + Immortal Call for endgame
- A Panicked life flask : « Instant recovery when on low life »
- Flesh & Stone / Sand Stance
- Endurance charges generation : Warlord Mark ring or Enduring Cry
- More DPS. Moaaarrrr !!!

Which unique daggers for levelling ?
Widowmaker for the 10 acts
To begin Atlas : Bino's Kitchen, Taproot, Sanguine Gambol

Why this low-level CwDT + Cold Snap ?
So that it procs on every pack and chill them. Also gives chance to get Frenzy charges. A small but nice layer of defense.

Should I always use the Shaper's gloves ?
Use them if you have at least 350 or (better) 400 DEX.
Otherwise, Tombfist are also good, or rare Spiked gloves.

I don't like MoM. Must I really use it ?
No, it's just more survivability at the cost of less DPS.

Are the cluster jewels worth it ?
Yes, one complete cluster is definitely worth it.
To be socketed near Acrobatics or Point Blank.
See Endgame section for more details about cluster notables.

Can I use another main skill ?
Yes, Cyclone with the exact same setup.

Can I use a shield ?
Yes, you can.
BiS unique : Unshattered Will
A rare with tons of life, elem and chaos res.

Can I use claws ?
Yes, that should be less DPS and more survivability.
Take the big 3 notable claw wheel + Claws of the Pride.

- "I die too much. What can I do ?" A guide to survival in Wraeclast.

- A guide for the 10 acts

My followers have said it !

"I somehow picked this one, and no regret at all! Great build overall im having a great time!"

"Hello, just wanted to thank you for this guide, it is really complete. I started the league with this and it's a lot of fun."

"Thank you very much for this guide. This is my first playing and it really saved me."

"Its my first time using someone's build (im kinda new to poe)
and it is very well written and really nice that you update the build regularly. so even a noob like myself understands it."

"Big fan of this build.lots of strategies to employ during combat."

"It may or may not be a 'top tier meta' build, but it has made me enjoy playing my first league of POE immensely. It feels very much much like an Assassin, and I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Hey man! I just started this game around a month ago, and I've been hooked ever since. Your blade flurry assassin build is actually what made me enjoy this game so much."

"I'm really enjoying this build in 3.8. The added phasing and elusiveness makes for a great playstyle"

"It is tons of fun and one of the few builds I have played that feels like the theme it matches."

" The impaler, poison, evasion, elusive, shadow cat blade flurry is the best of the assassins in the creed. Altair would be proud."

"This guide just keeps on delivering."

"Awesome build my guy, I love the layered mechanics."

"Looks great and investments required not so bad as for usual OP builds."

"To hell these meta archers\necros\miners. The melee is where the real fun and action you kind find. For a casual player with work\family the details provided in your guide are super important as they save me time for researching. Thank you very much man ^__^"


Well, i guess that's it :) I recommend this build if you need a good rush of adrenaline !

If you have any question or criticism, feel free to ask. Thx to all those who asked me questions and helped me improve this build.
"Here are the thrill seekers, corrupt and immoral..."
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Who to help there? Oak, Alira or that one dude? And what Ascendancy skills? POB Pastebin doesn't work for me.
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All PoB links have been updated with the Community fork.

* Impale version from 3.7 Legion.

Max Impale, Pride, Flesh & Stone + Maim, Rage, Berserk
Level 94 in Std.

* Invisible version from 3.8 Blight.

A "Uber-PoB" for different levels, from 28 to 95
Solo Self-Found stuff until level 70 (Kitava act 10 kill).
Phase Run + Aspect of the Cat = 100% invisibility.
Nightblade support, Withering Steps, Elusive buff

* Mind Over Matter version, a tankier setup from 3.9 Metamorph.

Mind over Matter, Phase Acrobatics, Wind Dancer
Level 95 in Std
Budget (6ex) :
Level 90 in Metamorph league
Note : If you don't like MoM, you can use the same tree, just remove the Keystone.


Leech can be improved with the Gladiator's Perseverance cluster : up to 20% inc recovery/sec from life leech. You'll leech the same amount but x1.2 faster.


When blinded, an creature has its chance to hit halved -see Blind. With the Sand Stance from Flesh & Stone, all nearby enemies (in melee range) are blinded, meaning we get a lot more chances to evade their attacks.

> My current Evasion rating is ~10k. I have normally 34% chance to Evade. If the enemy is blinded, it goes up to 67% (PoB numbers).

Note that spells do not have an accuracy rating, so you cannot evade spells.
More expensive option : Asenath's Gentle Touch gloves. Enemies near curses corpses are blinded.

Reduced dmg taken
* On the skill tree, two notable nodes :
Crystal Skin, for 5% reduced elemental dmg taken.
Silent Steps : 5% reduced dmg taken from blinded enemies (and remember, with Sand Stance, we can blind all nearby enemies).

So, if a blinded enemy does elem dmg to us, we will take only 100-5-5 = 90% of his dmg.
If we have Fortify atm, only 90*0.8 = 72.
If there are two rares or more, 80*0.8 = 64
If we have the Harbinger of Focus buff at this moment, 64*0.8 = 51%

Note that you have to choose whether you want more defense or more DPS. For the moment, I don't use Silent Steps nor Opportunistic.

Additional sources of damage reductions include :
* The Berserk buff : 19% less dmg taken from all sources
* Immortal Call buff against phys dmg
* Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz flasks against fire, cold and lightning dmg respectively
* The Wise Oak flask.

The combination of all these reductions allows us some mistakes in dangerous situations.

It is possible to get temporary 100% invisibility.

First, we need Phase Run. While it is active, we get 50% reduced visibility = enemies aggro range is lessened by 50% -See Visibility.

Then with Aspect of the Cat aura, we have two alternating buffs, one of which, Cat's Stealth, gives us another 50% reduced visibility. By phasing and getting Stealth at the same time, we become 100% invisible to enemies !

/!\ Being invisible is NOT 100% chance to evade attacks. It simply means that the enemies cannot see us, so they don't know where to attacks. You'll see them stand still or hit in thin air. Watch them totally clueless, while you prepare to attack from the shadows !
They only stop attacking for a split second, which is a very powerful layer of defense. It's a kind of mini-invincibility phase. But any ongoing effect, like DoT or Caustic ground will still affect you, of course.

> You can link your Phase Run with CwDT and keep it low level, as higher levels do not increase its duration.
In 3.7, that was my choice, but now, I prefer to raise it to lvl 20 and cast it manually. Up to you. Add Inc Duration support if you want.

Also a lesser-known but powerful defense. And there are neither any possible maluses against it in maps.

With Silent Steps cluster, 100% to avoid blind = immune.
With Unpredictable Offensive cluster, 40% to avoid stun while channelling.
Heart of Oak notable : 20% to avoid stun.
With Crystal Skin cluster, 20% to avoid elem ailment. + % to avoid other ailments and dmg.
(Optionnally, another 8% to avoid elem ailment with Thick Skin).
While Cat's Stealth is active, 15% to avoid all dmg from hits !

In 3.8, with the new annointed passive Aspect of Stone, 20% to avoid phys dmg from hits.
Oil recipe : Violet - Golden - Golden
Expensive but worth it.


Impale more than doubles our phys dmg.

Impale lasts for 5 hits and deals 10% of hit dmg to the enemy.
* On average, an enemy has 5*(% chance to impale) impales on him.
* Each Impale on enemy deals 10% more phys damage.
So, Impale gives us : (10*5*impale chance)% more phys dmg.
If we just have 20% chance to impale, we get : 10*5*0.2 = 10% more phys dmg.
So let's get 100% chance to impale and increase its effect to the max.

Impale chance :
40% with Impale support
20% with Dread Banner
5+15+5+15 = 40% on the tree
= 100%
(it's actually 102% with 22% in banner 20%q)

Inc effect of Impale :
59% with Impale support 20/20
21% with Dread Banner 20/20 (19% + 10% of 19% = 21%).
30% on the skill tree
= 110%
Now, each Impale stacks 10*(1+110%) = 21% of phys dmg.

Then it goes like this :
Hit 1 : 100% dmg, impales for 21%
Hit 2 : 121% dmg, impales
Hit 3 : 142
Hit 4 : 163
Hit 5 : 184
Hit 6 : 205. You've lost impale from hit 1 and gained impale from hit 5.
Hit 7 : 205
Hit 8 : 205

> On reaching the 6th hit, we have gained 105% more phys dmg = more than double. This takes less than a second and it corresponds to the 6th stack of our BF.
Ofc, that is a theoretical number, since you will kill mobs with less than 6 hits.
Check this thread on Reddit : « Asymptotic Impale Damage with Varying Levels of Investment » (someone's got to do a PhD on that subject !)

« Impale doesn't help you at all when you're one-shotting enemies. To make this clearer, if it only takes 10 hits to kill a target, then only half of those hits fully utilized impale. If it takes 100 hits to kill a target, then 95% of those hits fully utilized impale. For this reason, impale is definitely more suited towards helping you on your single target damage, and you'll see more benefit on a fast-hitting build like Blade Flurry ».


To further improve Impale, you can get a Watcher's Eye with this mod : "Impale you inflict lasts 2 additionnal hits while using Pride". This is totally broken, since on the 8th hit, we get 247% = 147% more phys dmg !
(If my calculations are right, Dread banner enchant is not worth it over the BF enchant, even with the Pride/impale jewel.)

To get 100% chance and 21% per impale, set the tree like this :


More DPS and less dmg taken with Berserk.

We can stack up to 50 Rages, at a maximum rate of 1 every 0.4sec = 2.5/sec. So we need to grind for 20sec to reach the max.
We need the Rage support in the BF setup.
* At 0 Rage, we have ~33% less DPS than with Melee phys dmg.
* At 50, we still have 5% less, but we attack and move faster.

Now we add the Berserk skill gem, no support needed (I've put in a unset ring). When we activate it, it will quickly consume our Rages, at an increasing rate the less stacks you have. Even if you continue to gain stacks meanwhile, do not expect it to last more than 6 sec.
But then, the berserk boost gives us more atk speed and more dmg for an impressive total of 40% more dmg.

Is it worth using Rage instead of Melee phys dmg ? Yes, but only with Berserk activated.
Now, does this increase the fun factor ? Definitely.

Also, when we go Berserk, we get more movement speed and up to 19% less dmg taken, which are fairly huge bonuses. And unexpected ones, since no one would expect more defenses from something called « Berserk » ! It's the equivalent of a Fortify buff.

You can use it against bosses of course. But you can also trigger it for emergency dmg reduction + dmg burst, even if you do not have max Rage. Hello, Infiltration Syndicate members just coming out of your portal, I will now tank your attack !

* Watcher's Eye : Pride / Precision
The new 3.7 mods for Precision and Pride auras are broken.

* For a Pride Watcher's Eye, best mod is by far +2 hits for Impale. It's up to 42% more damage (see section 4 for more details). Worth at least 35ex in std.
Then, by decreasing order :
* (8-12)% chance to deal double damage
* +(40-60%) inc attack phys dmg
* Intimidate on hit
* +25% chance to impale : not worth your money IMO. Best to take Swift Skewering and/or Forceful Skewering on the tree, for the impale chance and inc impale effect.

* For Precision, best one is "+30-50% crit multi" (~ 10% more dmg).
Then "+40-60% inc atk dmg" or "10-15% inc atk speed" are roughly equivalent.
Now, if you're like me and you suck at using flasks, and you double spam each flask in the hope you might get double effect, you can try "gain a flask charge when you crit", since it gives you practically infinite charges. Now, you can play the flask piano all maps long, oh yeah !

Auras options
* You can switch between Sand and Blood stances using any of the two skills, Blood Stance or Flesh & Stone.
* In PoB, go to Pride skill. You can swap between "initial effect" and "maximum effect".
* You can get lot of accuracy and crit bonuses from the new Precision aura. While levelling, you can get Precision lvl 22 with the Hyrri's Truth amulet. Or without the amulet, take it and keep it at level 1 : it reserves 22 flat mana and gives 40% inc crit chance.
* You can add Maim support to F&S. In Blood stance, maimed enemies will take 16+14=30% inc phys dmg, ~6% more dmg. Mana reserved *1.15. Totally worth it IMO, if you have enough mana and slots.

Blade Flurry variants

Base setup is always : Blade Flurry + Impale + Vile Toxins + Infused Channelling

* Max DPS for bossing : Rage or Melee phys dmg + Energy Leech.
Blood Stance.

* Max AoE for farming : + Pulverise + Increased Area of Effect
You can also swap Vile Toxins for Faster Attacks, and prefer Fortify to Pulverise.
Sand Stance.

Example PoB links :
* Level 28, when you get BF.
* Level 55 : up to 90k DPS with Belly 4-link.
* Level 72 : up to 500k DPS with Belly 5-link.
* Level 84, up to 1.2M DPS with Bino, Unshattered Will shield and Tabula Rasa.
* Level 91, two 320k daggers, 2.7M DPS, up to 4.6M with flasks.
* Level 91, Hardcore, 6,3k life, 1M DPS, 1.5M with flasks.

Here is a simulation for level 55 : https://pastebin.com/Vt0kTekR
2.4k life, up to 90k DPS.

Items and prices :
I have included only unique items for suggestions. Ofc, feel free to adapt to your needs and budget.

Daggers : 2 Widowmakers. 2*1alch.

Helmet : Lightpoacher. 1c
Abyss jewel : 5c

Body : 4L Belly of the Beast. 10c or less if you craft.

Gloves : Tombfist. 5c or less if you craft.
Abyss jewel : 5c

Boots : Three-step Assault. 1 alch.

Amulet : Ungil's Harmony, 1alch. Marylene's Fallacy, 1alch. Carnage Heart 10c.

Ring : Blackheart 1alch. Death Rush 2c. Voidheart 10c.

Belt : A rare Stygian Vise with life and 2 res : 1c
Abyss jewel : 5c

Jewels : Viridian jewels with life and dmg mod : 2*5c

Beginning Atlas
Here is a simulation with PoB for level 72 : https://pastebin.com/yKf4Rumm
3500 life, 500k DPS with flasks. And I haven't accounted for the Impale effect, which would be 11% more phys dmg.

Level 84 : With Bino, Unshattered Will shield and Tabula Rasa. Up to 1.2M DPS.

This is a budget version for midgame content (act 8 up to Atlas tier 12, IMO).
I think that for ~1ex, you can start a nice version of this build.

Daggers : Two Bino's Kitchen Butcher Knives. They come from 1 alch to 30c. Good DPS, poison enemy and gives life regen when you kill a poisoned enemy. A amazing boost to survivability. But eventually, you'll find they are too slow : only 1.4 APS is a huge limitation to our DPS. Lvl 66.

For more survivability, use a shield. Unshattered Will is an excellent and often overlooked shield. Every 8sec, gives you stun and ailment immunity for 4sec, meaning you are protected half of the time. + inc Channelling skill dmg, life, elem resis. What else to ask ? Lvl 68.
They come from 30c on poe.trade.

Helmet : Starkonja : 2c. Dex, speed, life, crit chance, eva. Requires level 60.

Body Armour : Belly of the Beast 5-links : 35c. Lvl 46. OR Carcass Jack : 2ex. Lvl 62.

Gloves : Shaper's touch Lvl 66. Buy any for 5c, then 4-link yourself.

Boots : Atziri's Steps : 5c. Buy and 4-link. Life, 30% movespeed, EVA, 16% spell dodge chance. Lvl 66.

Amulet : If you have enough elem res elsewhere, a unique one like :
* Bloodgrip : 1c
* Carnage Heart : 10c
* Warped Timepiece : 10c

A good rare one with life, phys dmg and 2 res : 10c.
For our build, best base is Jade amulet, as the implicit is +20-30 DEX. You can spam blessing orbs to put it to max.

Rings : Good unique ones : https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/List_of_unique_rings
* Blackheart : 1c
* Voidheart : 25c
* Le Heup of All : 10c
* Death Rush : 15c
* Mark of the Elder : 15c + a rare Shaped one with life, attack and some res : 20c
A good rare one with life, atk, 2 res : 5c

Belt : Belt of the Deceiver : 1c. Life, res, phys dmg + enemies are intimidated (=they take +10% dmg). Lvl 20.
* A Stygian Vise with life and tri-res, 20c. + Murderous Eye Jewel with 25-30 life and an attack mod : 10c. Lvl 1. Jewel : variable.

+ Some nice jewels : life, aps, phys dmg : 5-10c each.[/spoiler]

The daggers I've got are worth 10-15ex each.
You can get a very decent DPS with a less expensive dagger. Example build lvl91 with two 320 daggers : https://pastebin.com/L38Xd1Th
- Dagger is the only very expensive part of this build.

Prices on Poe.trade in Standard.

- Daggers : 2ex for a good 300 pDPS/1.6 APS ; 4-5ex for 350/1,8 ; 15ex+ for 400/1,8. (x2)
- Starkonja : 6c for good rolls in life and DEX. ~4ex with "40% inc BF dmg" enchant.
- Shaper's Touch : 5c. No need for a good roll.
- Loreweave : 50c for a 5-link. Try to get one with 78% max res. For a 6-link, pre v3.6 80% max elem resis : 5-6ex.
- Atziri's step boots : 1c. Try to get one with 16% spell dodge chance. Rare ones with life, elem resis, stun avoid chance : 1-2ex.
- Hyrri's Truth amulet : 20c. A good rare one : 1-2ex.
- Ring with 70 life, phys dmg, DEX and two 25% res : 50c - 1ex. Elder's ring with Poacher's Mark on hit : 50c-2ex.
- Ryslatha's : 25c to 10ex and more, depending on mix/max rolls.
- Jewels with life, phys dmg / crit / aps : 30c-1ex each.

Total : 15ex for endgame viable stuff. 25ex to feel comfortable.
Of course, add some exalted if u buy 20/20% gems.[/spoiler]

Level 91. 6.3 life. 1M DPS, up to 1.5M with flasks.

PoB : https://pastebin.com/Hf4CS5Vp

- Belly of the Beast. Warlord's Mark on the ring.
- Fortify on BF setup.
- High uncapped res with jewels, for Elem Weakness maps.
- Basalt flask
- Acrobatics + Phase Acrobatics on skill tree
"Here are the thrill seekers, corrupt and immoral..."
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I've added lot of information about gearing, Ascendancy, Pantheon, gems + a budget version.
Hope it helps !


Learn to use Blade Flurry. Click >
Channel >
More ! >

YEAH !...

Now you've learnt how to BF !

Now do it again, FASTER !

"Here are the thrill seekers, corrupt and immoral..."
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How can i see the skill tree? Want to try it
You can use the PoB link : https://pastebin.com/8c2LtUsx
(I've just updated it)

Or this URL : poeurl.com/cl9d

I've just discovered this amulet :

This is pure GOLD for this build !

+55 DEX, +15-27 phys dmg, +27% crit multi, +1000 accuracy, +85% crit chance !!!

Price : 1-2ex

I'm adding it to the build.
"Here are the thrill seekers, corrupt and immoral..."
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Does the enchant "Trigger Commandment of Blades on Hit" necessary on gloves?
also all gem levels at 20?
lastly how to use Vaal double strike and Vaal ancestral in a situation?
Last edited by prokent on Apr 4, 2019, 10:08:28 AM
I find this Enchantment very powerful (it throws 3 powerful projectiles that can kill some trash mobs), but it is by no mean required. Tbh, I don't know all enchants, so surely there are other to consider.

Yes, my gems are all 20/20%. My BF gem is even lvl 21, and I corrupted my Maim gem to 23%q.

Vaal Double Strike and Warchief : very useful against swarms of mobs, like Delve encounters, breaches and abysses.
Otherwise, I don't often use them against mobs. I keep them for bosses. Vaal DB will distract boss (a bit), while Warchief will give u a huge boost to DPS.


Last updates :
- Estimated budget
- More detailed build for beginners
- Updated PoB link
- Passive skill tree link
"Here are the thrill seekers, corrupt and immoral..."
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It's my first ever char in this game and i am watching streams and learning so much new things. When i made a new char i red some things and all said to follow some guide if i dont want to ruin my char so i somehow picked this one, and no regret at all! Great build overall im having a great time! My friend is new aswell and he picked elementalist and we are a great team. Please keep up the updates on anything new on the build as i dont understand enough yet to fully go on developing it on my own.
Thank you so much!

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