[3.14] The Nightblade | Videos #1 : Oshabi | #2 : Uber Elder/Maven | #3 : Delirium Ultimatum

Hi Exiles,

in two days, december 23rd, this will be the second birthday of the Nightblade :)
I'm preparing a video for this occasion.

These days, I'm also doing Delve to reach depth 700. This endeavour will be featured in upcoming videos before the end of 3.12.

I'm using Delve as a stress test (or rather : crash test !) : put your character in very hard conditions and see what you need to improve. Because in the Mine, you cannot lie to yourself : any mistake and you're dead.

So, if you're interested to see how to go into the Mine (with a character that is not made for delving), you can check these past videos :

- Delve 370, Kurgal the Blackblooded.

- Delve 420, Harbinger.

- Delve 500.
No editing and I'm playing live on the music.

- Delve 570, Vaal Outpost.
This one was a nightmare. Only the music from the old Doom could convey the ambient there :D

- Delve 570, Ahuatotli the Blind.
I like this one a lot. No visual editing, just the action. From 1:45, I really do a perfect ending : run behind the pyramid, he casts his blood projectiles, woosh woosh woosh, run around him, place the totem, Blade Flurry and BOOM !, cue the music.

- Delve 600.

- Delve 625.
This video features my longest Blade Flurry so far. Starting at 1:04, you have more than 20 seconds of (almost) uninterrupted channelling :)

- Delve 666.
Four of my characters delving. The Nightblade is at the end with Cyclone, after a Caustic Arrow Occultist then the Infused Trickster and the Pestilent Viper.

- Delve 560, Aul the Crystal King.
I have tried maybe a hundred times in six months, but I could win this fight only when we got the cluster jewels from Delirium.

Good luck and have fun :)
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Hi Exiles,

today marks the 2nd birthday of the Nightblade !

On december 23rd, 2018, I published this build when we were in 3.7.

On June 14th, 2019, I published my first video, T11 Colonnade boss, when I was barely able to do a fade to black... or use a loot filter !

Ever since, I've taught myself to do some proper video editing, and I have fought all the endgame content : Shaper, Uber Elder, blighted maps, Delve, delirious maps...
Those were great moments that I could capture on videos, and I look forward to showing you the next ones !

I want to thank all the followers that have asked me questions and made suggestions to improve the build.

Before 3.12 ends, I will show you several videos where I'm delving up to depth 700 with the Nightblade and other of my characters.

Today, I have prepared a new video to celebrate these two years of Blade Flurry-ing. Last year in 3.8, I have made a Farewell to the Uber Elder (my most viewed video so far). But in 3.11, GGG has quadrupled the life of bosses.
So one year later, am I still able to beat this fight ?
It's time to send the two soulless bastards into the nothingness for good. Let's play a...

#10 : Requiem for the Uber Elder.

Hope you like it, Exiles,
and thank you for your continuous interest in this build :)

Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
Improvements in first message

Two new PoB links :

1- Level 96 minmaxed version
My current character in Standard.
Features :
- Max Rage with Chainbreaker keystone + Berserk
- Low level Vitality
- My crit chance is so high (98%) that I don't need a Diamond flask anymore. It's been replaced by a Taste of Hate. Could be a Cinderswallow if I had some fire dmg, or a more defensive flask.

2- Full speed and DPS for farming Delirium maps. See details here.
Poison setup, with double damage and up to 600% movespeed.

In Endgame section, I now recommand the Lethal Pride/Akoya timeless jewel to get the Chainbreaker keystone.
Also updated the gems links.

Two new questions in FAQ, about Precision and Poison dmg.

Gl & hf :)
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Thanks for constantly updating the build and posting replies.

I have now been following this guide, and I like it so far. Some equipment is more expensive than I initially thought and it is a bit difficult to manage the mana regen and resistances on the equipment.

But now I have a question regarding the skill tree.

On your build listed in first post you have placed Glorious Vanity on the bottom side of the skill tree. And that gives you a passive called Corrupted Soul. When I put the Glorious Vanity in the same large gem slot, i get Divine Flesh instead.

Is there a reason for why we are having two different passives?

The keystone given by the timeless jewels depends on the name on the jewel.
Your Glorious Vanity says "Bathed in the blood of (100-8000) sacrificed in the name of Xibaqua", this is why you get Divine Flesh.
To get Corrupted Soul, you need Doryani.

So either you buy another one or you spam Divine Orbs on it to get the right one.

For mana sustain, make sure to have "0.4% of phys dmg leeched as life" mod somewhere on your stuff.

I'm adding the Glorious Vanity in the Endgame section btw.

Gl & hf :)
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Cool thanks. Now i will know ;)
Hi Exiles,

here is a new video in Heist league.
I wanted a very fast Chimera fight, and I've found a map where the boss has a total of 70% increased attack speed, +26% movespeed and 26% damage.
So here is a dogfight where I'm...

#11 : Shredding the Chimera !

Good luck, have fun and happy new year, Exiles !

Next time, we are going back in Standard, on the road to Delve 700 ;)

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Hi Exiles,

the Nightblade has gone back to Delve !
But he's reported missing for three days now.

All we have left is this last page from his personal diary :


With my friend CA Occultist, we have started back our descent into the mine. She has just cleared a smuggler's cache at depth 673 and I've done the same at 683. Those bastards were tough.

Niko is increasingly unstable. He's become obsessed with the Mine, each time he's like "deeper Exiles, DEEPER !"
Guy must be sniffing sulphite.


Currently on my way to 686. T3 azurite node.
It's gonna be dangerous.


Wow, I managed to kill those explodey rocks, they were insanely strong. Also survived the nasty screamers.
What's expecting me now ? We gonna see.

Ah, one of those blue tigers.
Hopefully, it shouldn't be too hardWHAT THE F---?!!
the eyes ! the EYES ARE ALIV-


What happened next ?
We will never know.

But one thing is sure...

#12 : In Delve 686, No One Can Hear You Scream.

Hope you like it ;)
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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Thanks for the build guide - this will be my league starter & finisher in 3.13

Got any wisdom to give in terms of the Assassin ascendancy changes coming with 3.13?

Oh, and here's a list of all the required gems, where to get them, and when: https://ibb.co/jZgXLzV
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Xelathur wrote:
Got any wisdom to give in terms of the Assassin ascendancy changes coming with 3.13?

Oh, and here's a list of all the required gems, where to get them, and when: https://ibb.co/jZgXLzV


thx a lot for the gems infos, I'll add it in league start section !

As for Ascendancy, obviously I've been thinking about it since the moment they published it ;)

Assassin Ascendancy in 3.13

Overall, I think there are a lot of nerfs for the Blade Vortex poison builds.
For us... not so much.

The Ascendancies are now more streamlined, as they've removed a lot of small bonuses and buffed the big ones. For us, that's especially the defenses bonuses and it's a great thing !

* Mistwalker + small node now give 60% inc Elusive effect (up from 25%) which is great to reach the 75/75% dodge cap.
(We might even remove the No Witnesses cluster on the tree, to get more life or dmg nodes.)
Mistwalker should remain the first choice for the Ascendancy.
We lose some movement speed from the nodes. But we regain some of it thanks to the increased effect of Elusive. So it's not a huge loss. We still have Whirling Blades anyway.

* Toxic Delivery is the big nerf. We lose the 20% phys as extra chaos dmg. Ooch that hurts ! We also lose the reduced dmg taken from DoT. Not good at all. This node becomes useless for us, so we'd better get :

*Ambush and Assassinate = more dmg against trash mobs, more dmg when bosses are on low life, Culling Strike in every case... except the rare cases when the culling does not work (looking at you, Uber Elder and Vox Twins !)
Also, 20% reduced dmg taken when there are several rare/uniques nearby, which is better than the previous 10% +8% from Mistwalker.
It will come handy to survive the 10 boss fight of the Maven !

* Noxious Strike remains a good defense, with the life recovery per poison affecting enemies you kill. So I still recommand it, unless you want Unstable Infusion to generate power charges. That will be the 4th, open, choice for the Uber Lab.
Several users of this build have been baffled by the fact that I recommand poison nodes, without dealing real poison dmg. I understand this. Now, poison becomes a defensive-only feature.

Let's wait for the gems and tree infos. Then the Nightblade will be ready to rock and roll again in Ritual !
(But with all the content coming in the core game, I'm not sure to play the league. Maybe I'll go SSF again like I did in Harvest.)

Good luck and have fun :)
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.

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