[3.14] The Nightblade | Videos #1 : Oshabi | #2 : Uber Elder/Maven | #3 : Delirium Ultimatum

Hi Exiles,

thx to the poe.ninja build I was talking in the previous message, I have made two important improvements to the build :

1- A large ring Thread of Hope jewel in the Shadow socket, to get six good notables.

2- By removing small nodes here and there, I have added another cluster : one large Dual Wielding and one medium Totems, with :
- Ancestral Guidance : 30% effect of Ancestral totem buffs.
- Sleepless Sentries : Onslaught if summoned a totem recently

Basically, the idea is to cram into the tree as many notables as possible ! :D

Two other improvements to get more DPS :

3- Aspect of the Spider replaces Aspect of the Cat.

3ex in Std

4- Herald of Purity replaces Flesh and Stone

PoB : https://pastebin.com/EQ8kbp9a

And with all that, I hope to be ready soon for the Maven's fight :)
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
Hi Exiles,

here is a new demo that contains two episodes :

#4 : Into the Mouth of Death takes place in SSF Ritual, just before Kitava act 10. With a very low-quality stuff, I'm going into Delirium, a Syndicate hideout, a Ritual and then Kitava itself.
Have I lost my mind ? Be my judge !

#5 : Fiends of the Flood is in Standard. I'm showing the latest improvements to the tree with a Thread of Hope, then I'm going into T16 Forking River with Delirium and twinned bosses.
Also, you will learn that this boss talks backward !

Good luck and have fun ;)
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
Hi Exiles,

I'm currently working on a series of videos for my different builds, including the Nightblade ofc.
Before publishing them, I have released a What I'm working on video, showcasing several of these builds and demonstrating what I'm trying to improve.

Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
An estimated budget of my character in Standard

PoB : https://pastebin.com/R7Y9JhfE


That's 1/5th of a mirror, or 4 mirror shards (1 mirror = 840ex).

Half of this budget is in the daggers (80ex). But when I bought them like 3 years ago, they were 15ex each.

Detailed prices


Two rare daggers with 450+ DPS, 1.75+ APS

40ex *2 = 80ex.


A well-rolled Starkonja (65+ DEX, 95+ life) with "40% inc BF dmg" enchant.


Shaper's Touch, corrupted, attack crit chance implicit : 40c


Rare boots, 30% movespeed, life, elem res, chaos res : 5ex

Body armour

A rare armour, with 90+ life, elem res and double synthetised implicit : frenzy charge on hit, power charge on crit



A rare amulet with : crit multi, 2 elem res, 2 phys as extra elem


+20 Turbulent catalysts : 10c


* A rare ring with Aspect of the Spider, lot of elem res, flat phys dmg and life.

* A rare ring with 25%+ chaos res, life, lot of elem res and flat added phys dmg.

+ 2*20 Prismatic catalysts : 160c


A well-rolled Ryslatha's.

+ 20 Abrasive catalysts : 60c


Bottled Faith : 4ex

* Blade Flurry 21/20 : 1ex
* Anomalous Nightblade 20/20 : 3ex
* Awakened Melee Phys : 8ex
* Vile Toxins 21 : 20c
* Anomalous Ancestral Protector : 1ex
* Anomalous Vaal Ancestral Warchief : not available (5ex in Ritual)
* Enlighten 3 : 20c

Total : 14ex


* Corrupted jewel, corrupted blood implicit, 7% inc max life : 2ex

* Lethal Pride of Akoya : 60c

* Thread of Hope, large ring, -12% or less to all res : 2ex

* 4 rare jewels, 7% inc max life, elem res, dmg mod : 1ex*4

* 2 large Attack clusters, 8pts, Fuel the Fight + 1 other : 50c*2

* 1 medium Totem cluster, 4-5pts, Sleepless Sentries + 1 other : 1ex

* 1 medium Crit cluster, 4-5pts, Overwhelming Malice : 35c

* 1 medium Flask cluster, 4-5pts, Spiked Concoction, Peak Vigour : 5ex

Total : 15ex

Grand Total : 170ex

Includes all stuff, flasks, jewels, clusters, and exceptional gems (level 21 or alt-qual).
1ex = 100c


Endgame "budget" version : 90ex

80% of the DPS for 50% of the budget

Choose :

* 2 rare daggers with 380 DPS, 1.7 APS : 3ex*2 = 6ex, instead of 80ex, 12% less DPS.

* No enchant on the Starkonja : 5c, instead of 5ex, and only 5% less DPS.
You lose 17% of DPS, you save 79ex.

= 83% of the DPS for 53% of the budget : 91ex.
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
Hi Exiles,

here is a new demo in Ritual, where I'm playing with a friend that also uses our build.
So this time, you have two Nightblades for the price of one !

We're going into tough t15-16 with very cheap stuff. Frankly, I would never have thought we could beat the Chimera with two Bino's and two Wast Nests !

#6 : The Two Flurries

My friend's PoB : https://pastebin.com/AVD0idFC
Level 90, dual Bino's Kitchen daggers. Herald of Purity, Holy Relic.

My PoB : https://pastebin.com/a4qr2TRV
Level 87, dual Wasp Nest claws. Plague Bearer, Skitterbots, Yriel's Snake minion.

Good luck and have fun :)

Next time : The Maven.
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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Hello Rahsaan,

First and foremost, thanks a lot for the build you created, it is purely awesome !
I'm a beginner in the game and i've played the build for one month so far and it globally suits my needs. I'm having fun running around and popping those little beasts with my blade flurry.

I'm still dying a few times, often getting one-shotted. My res are capped except for fire (60% ish) though so it can be one of the reason. I almost reached t10 maps (it's not an achievement for 99% of the player base but still, i'm proud).

I saw on the FAQ that i could use a shield for more tankiness. But, i certainly need to replace those dual wielding nodes by block nodes ? Are there specific nodes that i can get rid of to "max block" apart from the dual wielding nodes ?

I read the guide to survive in wraeclast that helped me a lot but if i can reduce the amount of deaths, even if it means to lose 20% dps, i'm fine with it.
As you truly said: "Maybe. But think about it for a second : how many DPS do you do when you're dead ? Exactly zero. "

I'm sorry in advance if this question has already been answered. I totally admit that i just read the first and last pages so i probably missed tons of information ^^'.

Thanks in advance :)

thx for your kind words. I may add some of them in the "My followers have said it !" section ;)

I almost reached t10 maps (it's not an achievement for 99% of the player base but still, i'm proud).

I'm not so sure about that. I don't know the statistics exactly, but I'm pretty sure only a tiny minority of the playerbase ever kill act 10 Kitava and then make it to yellow maps.

But, i certainly need to replace those dual wielding nodes by block nodes ?

Max block is not possible with this build, because Acrobatics keystone (which gives you 30% chance to dodge attacks) diminishes your chance to block by 30%. So you can't get max block. Instead, you want max spell and attack dodge : Acro and Phase Acro keystones, No Witnesses cluster, Withering Steps skill, Nightblade support.

Good luck and have fun :)


Here are some infos about Ritual :
Once again, I'm testing a variant of the build. Remember : I play like a Johnny... meaning, in short, that what I like to play is more important than what is actually meta.

So this time, I've gone into a more poisoned-focus build, with Wasp Nest claw.

Yriel's fostering body armour, to get that cool snake (and chaos dmg of course !)

4L Herald of Agony is on this armour, so that the supports are shared by the Snake and the Crawler.

Blade Flurry on a pseudo-5L with the Embalmer gloves :

But this variant has become truly "Johnny" (who said : too much ? :D ) when I decided to get Arakaali's Fang as a second weapon :

I really dig these nasty spiders. As you will see in a upcoming video, they are very efficient to clear the Rituals.

But now, I have a claw and a dagger. Very suboptimal... The only notable related to wielding two different weapons is called Quick and Deadly :
"60% increased Main Hand Attack Damage while wielding two different Weapon Types
30% increased Off Hand Attack Speed while wielding two different Weapon Types".

It can be found on a large Dual Wielding cluster jewel. Works well with Ambidexterity node on the basic tree.

Supports for the Spiders : Minion Dmg, Dmg on Full Life, Vile Toxins (could be Multistrike).

I also buff them with Spirit Offering and Despair curse.

Arakaali players generally raise the spiders at the beginning of a map, or during a boss fight, with this combo :
- Desecrate, to get corpses
- The Writhing Jar flask to get two enemies worms :

- Use Divine Ire, pop the flask, kill the worms, get the 20 spiders at once.

Fortunately, it works well with BF too.
All in all, I'm in low red maps with only 4L skills !

PoB level 91 : https://pastebin.com/DDHeWXJx

Good luck and have fun !

Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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Thanks for these answers.
I think i'd probably need to improve my dodging skills instead of wanting to tank more. It might be actually more helpful for future second / third characters.

I would need some advises as how to optimize correctly my char, cause there are so many things to buy that i'm quite lost.

I've started by the items and i'm actually missing only the amulet atm.
But i know i need to get all the alternative quality gems + increasing quality of all my gems + catalysts for some of my items and eventually the last cluster jewel, not to forget better gear in general for rings, body armour and gloves. That is a lot to think about !

Added to that, i need to buy better daggers: got 350 pDPS for now, which is more than enough to clear the content in general atm.

What woud you advise me to get first as to optimize my "price / dps" rate ? 'I don't to feel like i'm wasting my currencies ^^)

Apart from that, your poisoned-focus build seems dope !
I might give it a try once i reach my objective with my first character.

Hope i'm not bothering you with my questions. It might again have been answered and i've looked for these in many of the 72 pages but didn't find what i needed.

Thanks !

you're not bothering me at all. I always appreciate when people are interested in my builds !
I try to put all the tested and reliable infos in the first msg, so that a reader does not have to look through all the pages. Because there are a lot of outdated infos in them.

My current poison/Snake build is experimental. It's fun for me, that's all I can say for sure ;)

Now, about your character :

* First, alternate quality gems are purely a luxury. I have played years with this character before they existed, and none of them have drastically improved the build. They are just QoL, like faster totem placements. That's all.

* All your stuff is very good. You have more than enough DPS indeed, for the moment.
* You may want an anti-freeze flask. Get a normal sulphur flask instead of the Overflowing Chalice (this flask is outdated IMO, because it dates from a state of the game when there was much less monsters. Now, your flasks refill all the times due to the density of mobs).
* And cap your res at 75%. That can be done with more res on your 3 normal jewels.
* You can put 20 abrasive catalysts on the belt, they are not expensive.

You don't need more expensive investments to improve your character. Just improve small things here and there :)
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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Hi !

Thanks for your answers !
I've invested quite a bit in a new amulet with the aspect of the spider. Couldn't find a ring with that aspect in my actual budget. This allowed me to better balance my res. I need 5% more in cold and i'll be fine for now.
I might take one of the accessible nodes res since i don't have enough points to allocate the whole last cluster jewel down in the passive skill tree.

Indeed, i wanted to change my sulphur flask for a bottled faith but it is quite expensive (for me) atm. I will buy an anti-freeze flask before having enough to invest in the bottled faith flask.

I've bought the ryslatha's with the catalysts that had been already put by the previous owner.

I'm happy that my stuff is well-built ! I've spent quite some time to understand how everything worked and i see from your comment that this is rewarding !

One last question: You advised in your build guide to craft the daggers, crafting bench or fossils but would it be more affordable to buy daggers instead of crafting them ? (since i couldn't quite get how to craft correctly nor the budget needed to achieve this).

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