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The auras reserve a portion of your mana, so they are used passively all the time.

Totems are to be used against bosses mainly. Vaal Ancestral Warchief, you can use it as soon as you can against large packs. Vaal skills have been improved in 3.14, so that you can use them more often.
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I'm testing several features in Ultimatum :
- Blade Flurry + General's Cry, as I had done in Harvest.
- Low-life with Petrified Blood and Bloodthirst support.

Low-Life version has more dmg, while the General's Cry variant has better clear in Ulti encounters. But these two setups are still in the making.

Meanwhile, here is a first demo in Ultimatum, with the cold setup I was talking the other day : Hatred, Herald of Ice, Goblinedge dagger.

Time to go...

#3 : Into the Freezing Fog

Hope you like it :)

More things coming soon for the league and in Standard.
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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Poe.ninja now has a daily build overview with more diversity and a fellow Nightblade player is featured today !

Congrats and thx to RumiWP !
You can see his character here.

I'm always curious to see how other players make their own adaptation of the build. I'll continue to check regularly.

Thx to all for your interest :)

Update 05/10

Another one today :
Ulti_Nightblade, level 91, by Vipow
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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Here is a quick where I give some infos about the Nightblade in league and in standard :
What I'm Working On - may 2021

Have a good day :)
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
Hey, so I'm a brand new player and I'm going through the acts. I'm at act 4 and the guide on here says to get 30 life on every piece of equipment. I have the 15-25 to max life craft but that's not 30 haha. Is there a surefire way to get 30 that I'm missing? Really enjoying the build so far! :D
I'm now on Act 5, same Question with resistance

welcome to the game !

+30 is just a guideline. If you don't die too much, then 15-25 is ok.

As for the resistances, you get -30% to all res at the end of act 5. Then, in act 6, you will need Fire resistance in priority, because of the enemies you will fight (the Maoris creatures). At this point, you must be close to 75%. 65% can do, but eventually, you will need 75.
My advice after the 10 acts is +70 life on each piece, but I've seen several players doing this build with less on average.

Good luck and have fun :)
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.

Thanks for the answer! I will try and get these sorted. Do you recommend any specific methods for getting these stats? RNG with gear, try crafting, or something else?
Yeah, crafting at hideout is the easiest method.

Life is a prefix on the bench. So each time you loot an item that looks nice, if it has a free prefix, you can craft +life on hit.

Go to Menu > UI > and towards the bottom of the list, make sure you check "Advanced mod descriptions".
then, you need to keep ALT hit to see the details mods of the item and whether they are prefixes or suffixes.

When you progress into the acts, you may want to buy yourself some stuff with your hard-earned money ;)

As a seasoned player, I buy almost nothing in the 10 acts, but then, I reward myself before beginning Atlas.
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Two Nightblades featured today on poe.ninja/Daily :

RuniWP's character like the other day :


And the second one is mine :

The Mutewind shield gives Call to Arms for General's Cry BF.
The +2 level Starkonja comes from a not-so-botched corruption of a Glimpse of Chaos helmet.
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.

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