3.5.0d Patch Notes

Thanks for listening and acting GGG.

The patch notes sound great. Looking forward to logging in a little later and "Exiling"
I have a wrist disability and play POE on a PC with a controller, using software for bindings, for which I am really grateful else I would be unable to play POE. Now using JoyToKey. Google it if you want more info.

I play ranged - always up for party. Now: Scion ES.

Have Fun Exile!!
I tried to do a brand build with a friend where we would both use brands... didn't work out because we couldn't both attach brands... do I correctly understand that this has been fixed with the: "Fixed a bug with the number of brands that could be applied to a monster was not on a per-player basis"??

Because that would make me happy and mad at the same time, I started a new build because it was not viable, haha!
No betrayal nerfing? GG :D Nice work ....
i havent died yet in any syndicate safehouse fight , but i might die during the "allocating space" phase of this update...................

EDIT: Midway throo download , i got an error mentioning that a file on an old HDD (which im not using actively for PoE since 2015) is problematic ,.................................................................................................................WHY DOES THE GAME CHECK THIS ? WHY DID IT SEARCH MY LONG FORGOTTEN D DRIVE ? IT NEVER UPDATES THIS WAY........

good job
nice job
good job
well played
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Heyy I don't know if any of the ones this is addressed to will actually read this at all, sure hope so because I think they deserve this as the bare minimum, I just wanted to say thank you, in the shitty climate we gamers are experiencing with corrupt companies, illegal practices and overall immoral greedines coupled with a lack of care for the client, for GGG to release this patch so fast and systematically solving most of the issues the players have, showing actual feedback reception, showing that you listen to your people, those actions are worthy of praise and gratitude, I personally see it as a sincere show of care for us and it's much appreciated, since I started playing not long ago I've been noticing not only more and more interesting things about the game but more and more "beautiful" (<-non Eng speaker here) actions by the company and it's kinda moving, as such I only wanted to say thank you and good job. ^.^

Kind regards, a random gamer.
> Substantially increased Sulphite Capacity at all tiers.

LOL I got 120 (1/1) sulphite form T12 Lair 145% quantity on sulphite daily.
It used to be 1000 before the patch.

thx for hard work
Sulphite seems worse? 310 in a scarab juiced Moon Temple map.
Only one bug remains that annoys me, the fact that the betrayal members can spawn inside one another and you cannot select the one you want and must choose only the one that is interactable maybe that can be fixed also.
Fortification base (or maybe other encounters) tends to spawn beside separated boss arena such as Crimson Temple that is unreachable (anyone?)

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