3.5.0d Patch Notes

Something tells me you will eventually see bug reports about hideout bosses just randomly being missing, now. The one case I had of a safehouse boss turning invincible happened without me actually going anywhere until I reached the boss and couldn't kill it. I suspect this happened because his subordinate was left kneeling on the grass in a field because both his choices were shit considering I was about to do the safehouse ... (The zone in which he was left had not been unloaded yet, though he was gone when I went to check after the problem became very apparent.)

Actually, I'd like to requisition a proper "ignore" option or feature or something for when neither choice is good.
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Good stuff!
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nice fixes~!
go Delve go!!!
RIP syndicate.

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...it was quotes. from the forum. lolz!
Do wish the notes were a little more detailed.
1)Such as % of dmg reduction and on whom rather than just "most members"
2)What percent were the azurite vein drop amount increased (did the increase scale with depth more?)
3)Lame on the massive nerf to Aisling (the crafting thing)
4)Nothing on syndicate members dying on top of each other??
5)Alva still invisible unless standing on top of her??

I appreciate the changes to syndicate members and too delve, though vagueness is a bit annoying, but eh take what I can get.
Hopefully we can continue to get some tweaks as the league goes on, though we likely aren't getting anything else this week or next week huh due to the holidays. I do wish happy holidays and a nice break for the ggg team.
Great changes! All of them needed imo!

Awesome as nearly always!
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y u no fix syndicate member overlapping PLS
Thank goodness no more getting slowed/stunned and resultantly instakilled by syndicates
Updated the hideout loading screen art

Not gonna lie... so hyped about this xD

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