3.5.0d Patch Notes

Sick changes + Fixes

Thanks heaps!
Two core league mechanics/problems not mentioned at all:

The syndicate Boss fight: A trollish and nightmarishly unrewarding unintuitive mess.

Stacked syndicate members: One hell of an annoying bug when trying to setup a particular safehouse for specific drops/items.

IGN: @Azuriyl or @Bephany
Fixed a bug where veiled modifier experience and unlocks were not being migrated correctly.

Fixed a bug where your Atlas was not properly migrated when migrating to a different league if you had no characters in that league.

So these aren't fixed retroactively? Friend and I played on our own private league that ended yesterday, we still have no migrated atlas, guild stash, beasts or veiled mods.

Edit: Delve wasn't merged either.
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I'm still missing my 2 and 3 socket crafting.
Thank god for the nerf on the syndicate members and the dvelve changes!

Good Work!
"Socketed gems are supported by lvl 1 blood magic" craft back??? for 2h ranged

I need it !!!!!!

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No Pain No Gain!!!
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I love you guys
Might try HC again.... after just switching to standard yesterday
Thanks for the fixes.

Can you guys please look at shaped maps in standard? They're oppening at their unshaped area level.
Appreciate the hard work you've been putting in!

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