3.5.0d Patch Notes

Is the fact you cant multicraft flatphys and flatphys/bleed hybrid intended?
Cause i dont see any patchnotes to this, and lost like 30 ex through this change, which i feel a little uncomfortable with -.-
Literally nothing has been changed to Syndicate, every encounter is still absolute mess.
Zeelian wrote:
Ygidua wrote:
The Betrayel changes are a bit annoying to be honest. The NPC´s are much more tankier now, but they do like zero damage. I was just fighting two of the hardest guys I have, Voici and Aislin, both Rank 3 with items and they did just tickle me.

At the same time, they lasted forever, while spawning a lot of adds. This clearly favors the glass cannon speed runners again, not something I support at all.

I haven't noticed any significant difference at all, they still oneshot me half the time :/

And a spawn a million bosspowered adds..

I was pretty much standing next to Tora, she lost all her power. Janus too, he was so scary before. Not died once today and I went all the way up to T10.

They definitely hit less hard now, forts of three with three stars was brutal before the patch, now it´s kind of easy, but it takes a long time as they have so many adds now and are tanky.

Will check T11 once I finally get the map drops :D
Improved Betrayal encounters by reducing damage dealt by most Syndicate members, improving skill signalling, reducing Syndicate member damage bonuses from some items, reducing skill off-screening, cleaning up residual objects to reduce clutter and reducing additional monster spawns in Fortification encounters.

--> still completely dumb. still get one-shotted a lot.
New Bug: Caravans keep moving although their only leader left alive is miles away from the caravan. So if you try to stop the caravan your just facing endless waves of mobs.

(dunno if intended but this NEVER happened to me before the patch).
Still getting one hit , so yea im done. Tired of dying 3-4 times each map because i try run paste Syndiate member to complete maps.

I been steamrolling everything. Even 3 syndicate member at same time , and up to 5 in strongholds. Then i enter maps and i die like im nothing ..everything on map dies to me like before, except now syndicate members trash me like im nothing. Just died to ONE hit from Hillock as a heavy armor specced tank lol. Pathetic.

I'll will try look back in a month or so when you got it under control for real.
Tried Betrayal again. Fortification still has an absurd number of spawns that are about 20 times stronger than the monsters in the area. In SSF it takes a summoner 10 levels above the area about 3 mins to take down a fort where any boss can be killed in 20 secs. That's with 3 spectres and 7 zombies and all minion nodes. Had 3 near death hits from the Syndicate or the spawns, far too risky if you want to level up. Please tone the spawns down if you want us to play the league. The Hideout bosses are easy and the encounters far too hard to be fun. I expect retention in this league will be very low for average players not using overpowered builds.

Back to Standard SSF where the game is at least playable now that Map Stash tabs and Atlas have been sorted. Thanks for that but perhaps QA should really have sorted most of those problems before launch. If you're going to change the Atlas regularly can we have Manifesto for Maps

Changes to delve costs are welcome, now we need a dedicated Delve stash tab for our fossils and resonators as they take up far too much space and are hard to organise.
Patch download is soooo slooooow
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Feedback here about the effects on syndicate encounters are all over the place. I've left research in the ground lately because I wanted to level up instead of dying in droves, but I'll try them out and see if I can tell a difference myself. They still sound pretty damn dangerous, but if the one shots are reduced or removed, that will be great. It's not fun to try to run past the feckers and get one-shot from way off-screen, or when trying to take them on cautiously. And I have effectively 7000 health.

But I'll see soon. The patch notes look good. Hopefully playing is too.
New hideout loadscreen is awesome!
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