3.5.0d Patch Notes

Was so excited about Syndicate changes. Didn't notice much of them 4Head. Green clouds on fortifications clearly get better. Thats about it.

Seriously, this is just not normal that adds summoned by syndicate have few times more hp than map boss (atleast it feels like) and they are infinite. It just can't be right. Please look in this direction.

Rest of the changes are amazing. Thx a lot.
Is there a Plan to Fixed the old shaped maps? Have 1000 Shaped maps t10+t11.... Still waiting for a fix to can play the game normal.

Ps: One of the Worst Patches releases. Bugs Bugs Bugs

I'm glad team worked on visuals of when and what dmg will come. And I'm against reducing the overall dmg.
Tnx for making mine/delve things more affordable to have fun, instead of grindy repeatable actions b4 <3
" Improved Betrayal encounters by reducing damage dealt by most Syndicate members "
Can we have the number please ?
You have not fixed fortification, I still can't see what the hell is going on and the fog effect seems to have gotten worse.
Reading community comments this league suddenly makes me dislike the community.
I'd playing since 2013 went through dozens of leagues, and never felt such way before. I'm not even a hardcore player, or pro player, or the kind of super addict playing 24/7.

Still, I felt that the quality of player has gone down.
Difficult contents? Whine about it, asking to nerf left and right; instead of figuring out ways to counter play. Literally the last thing people would blame is their own build and their own self.

In the last few pages of this thread; "still a mess I can't see shit!", "I still got 1 shotted!", blah blah blah...

Is this the fault of Diablo player infux? I dunno.
Or just generally the mood of the community has changed, from being niche-hard-contents-loving to become 99.999%-generic-gamers?

I truly felt that for my own well being, and to continue having fun with this game - interact less with the community might be the best way going forward.
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Improved Betrayal encounters by reducing damage dealt by most Syndicate members, improving skill signalling, reducing Syndicate member damage bonuses from some items, reducing skill off-screening, cleaning up residual objects to reduce clutter and reducing additional monster spawns in Fortification encounters.

Minions are still fucked in the ass. Necro was never so shitty before. Cant do anything with 21lvl minions with bone offering. Everything dies. I want refund all my minion skill skins
It is simply somehow unbalanced.

Yes, i know, it shuld be hard, but not unfair. And if i go to a T8 Map, and a portal of Intrusion ist opening, and a Guy is already on its way out in the same moment, onehitting me, i simply can't mitigate that.

T10 Maps ? No problem, even with rare modifiers etc. Simply no problem. But every encounter feels like "come, i show you t15 Damage", and this kills atmosphere and fun.

The idea, the work, the whole other things, brilliant, no doubt, no complaints.

Didn't read every single previous posts.

After experiencing the changes made with this patch i can testify some changes didn't happened or went the opposite of what expected.

First thing first great changes to It that fled (doign her big attack less frequently) and to the ground effects (ice pikes and blades).

But Fortification encounters are worse:
-Before patch, when you destroyed a gate all monsters defending that gate were removed or moved to the center of the forteress. Additionnally, attacking another gate woudldn't trigger the defensive forces on that gate.

-After patch, destroying a gate would not stop the defensive monster spawn on that gate. AND, attacking another gate ALSO trigger the deffensive spawn for this other gate.

Those spawns being infinite, it makes the encounters on heavily modded maps extremly messy and difficult.

Also noticed every betrayal non-unique monster spawn have a kind of "spawn kill" protection, just wondering why ?

My personal request to improve those encounters is to make those monsters spawn limited to a number of wave for every betrayal encounters (yes also intervention and transport).
When you're playing a ranged build, the syndicate members getting a infinite meat shield when you're trying to keep a distance between you and the syndicate member is really frustrating.
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The "Prefixes cannot be Changed" crafting modifier can now correctly be acquired by defeating Inya, the Unbearable Whispers from the Unbearable Whispers V prophecy.

I'm still unable to obtain this crafting recipe, over 1 month into the league. Anyone else still having this issue? Everyone seems to have gone quiet on it. I have repeated Unbearable Whispers V at least twice AFTER patch 3.5.0D and still no joy...

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