3.5.0d Patch Notes

Awesome work guys.
The crafting bench can no longer replace crafting modifiers on an item if that item has multiple crafting modifiers but does not have the "Can have multiple Crafted Mods" modifier, as this behaviour was unintentional. You will still be able to use the "Remove Crafted Modifiers" option to remove all crafted modifiers.

That sucks.
Looking forward to the Delve changes!
FreeMark wrote:
More Niko rocks please.

+++++++ Strongly agree
Zana-ception should be a thing, not taken out. Boo!! Make one of those "1 in 1000" achievements like getting a unique drop in Twilight Strand. (Was trying to find the bit from Inception about going more than three dreams deep, but can't find the exact line(s).)
not convinced the patch did anything. It That Fled still 1 shots off screen. and leo 95% dmg on dash on t11 with full res and 5k hp. amount of mobs in a fortress are still insane
Started playing directly after servers went up with 3.5.0D continuing my journey for first uber elder attempt. My shaper has completely moved to a new location (i already had shaper on the 4 guardians) and then my elder started responding like ive never before seen. As soon as i started the map he moved off the map i had just opened. So now i have solo elder coverage on t13 shrine map with shaper directly next to it on courthouse and im already wondering wtf is goin on but at this point whatever, ill just do courthouse and elder will naturally move to it because shaper/elder contact point....wrong. As soon as i started courthouse map elder spread onto courthouse (have not dropped courthouse boss yet and he already moved?) and he moved north onto t14 carcass!?!?!?!?! I thought I understood the mechanics for shaper/elder but this is not acting properly according to past experience. Am i missing something in patch notes? Any explanations would be helpful, I honestly feel like this is a new bug post patch? Thanks
Lot of great changes, thanks.

How about legacy shaped maps opening zones of wrong level?
There was no nerf for Syndicate guys...

I got killed by it another 4 times. For instance guy from ambush is killing 9 golems having 20-30k hp each with 1,5-2k hp regen/sec and later me of course as well.

On the other occations, I'm still getting one-shotted having 6,6k effective life + enfeeble + 23% flat dmg reduction (excl. normal armor).

Should I consider this normal?

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