Path of Exile: Betrayal Patch Notes

QL - nerf
Zerphis - totally worthless now
Indigon - nerf
Molten - nerf

F you too GGG.
Ousak wrote:
Was arc / arc totem / arc trap affected in any form boys? I'm looking but it doesn't seems like it, some ppl said rip arc on the comments..

If the removal of the +1 max totem on that one hiero node is a nerf, then yes. Otherwise I haven't seen anything either.
Hey could I ask what happens if we just start playing 3.5 with an existing character in standard? Will the masters and hideouts in acts 1-10 be automatically available to us, will we have to go find/meet them ourselves, or must we start with a new character and go find them?
whole melee is dead i think :)
thanks to GGG i can play this game as a new game now
Also I love that the blood apes thing was a real patch note :)
how DARE they nerf overly strong builds that completely invalidated top tier content!

what gives them that AUDACITY to do something like that??
I have to say the best patch so far guys. So happy! Good work!
IGN: Shhh_Its_your_death
ok What dual wield melee skills are good now? I have NO IDEA ANYMORE

"The Stash Tab drop-down menu now shows symbols next to the various premium tabs to help differentiate them."

Please also include an option that allows us to remove, after a warning that we can accept or discard, non-working non-removable stash tabs, especially old map-tabs.

Been an issue over a year, I have posted about this many times in different forum posts. My OCD is going crazy.

Awesome patch notes as always.
Stay awhile... and listen.
Well, now you will require to spend 4k mana per sec to hit indigon's cap. 2k increased damage is still bigger than any other increase in the tree and items together, but it requires to invest heavily in mana and mana regen. I'm not sure if it's worth it anymore

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