Path of Exile: Betrayal Patch Notes

Tectonic Slam
Charged Slam (which typically consumes an Endurance Charge) now deal 60% more damage (up from 18%).
Now has a 35% chance to consume an Endurance Charge to create a Charged Slam (down from 100%).

What it means? Only every 3rd attack will have increased aoe and damage? Or every attack will have increased aoe and damage while you have endurance charges, but 35% chance to consume one?
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Most of these things are great, thanks.

Already updated.
There is alot of content here and opens up a world of ideas.. instead of focusing on things like OMG Molten strike lost 3 projectiles.. its also got base damage buffed. New COC meta incoming. Imagining old school molten strike with coc, and mjolner for 15 spells a second lol. Toss in some discharge :) Looks fun af! :)
dnut_00 wrote:
a_k_a wrote:
Neferpitou12 wrote:
So toxic rain is basically dead with quill rain nerf?

how does 40% nerf early game make it dead???


LOL. It's now 40% less ALL Damage. Which means that anything you do, while using QR is going to have 40% less ALL Damage -- so, the skill most used with QR, Toxic Rain, is going to deal 40% less: hit damage, pod damage over time etc.

Perhaps get a clue?

Don't talk about clues when you completely missed the fucking point.
And how does it kill the skill? A fossil and mastercrafted bow was ~+30% stronger anyway?
Does the Quill Rain nerf kill poison-based Pathfinder builds?
Was arc / arc totem / arc trap affected in any form boys? I'm looking but it doesn't seems like it, some ppl said rip arc on the comments..
Zana maps counting is a great change.

Molten Strike changes are understandable I suppose but surprising they focused there instead of Blade Vortex.

"The Agony Crawler summoned by this skill now deals increased Physical Damage per Virulence you have, rather than increased Damage."

Is that a massive nerf to Herald of Agony builds or am I reading it wrong?
2.4 is BACK bois! Lightning strike/molten strike, coc Discharge, dual mJolners.. 20 discharges plus per second. or whatever spell floats your boat :)
The capacity to create PvP-only characters is now unlocked after freeing the Scion.

Thank You for not forgetting. I was worried.
God_of_Thieves_LLD_PVP__I hate the Labyrinth

It's ARPG PVP of course you need Gearz... If you think that's all it takes meet me in Sarn. I will whip your ass with 20c of crap.

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