Path of Exile: Betrayal Patch Notes

Cospri's was left out on accident, but what about Rippling Thoughts? Would be nice to see that become, you know, usable.

Also, there isn't any actual info on the new ailments. Are we supposed to wait and figure it out?
No fun allowed.™
shogun1209 wrote:
ok What dual wield melee skills are good now? I have NO IDEA ANYMORE

Cleave lol
Blood Chieftains can now hurl Blood Apes at you.

Wait what? So that wasn't just a joke in the Markov Chain patch notes? That's hilarious!
Ahtras wrote:
So guys what builds are okaysh to play for end game now... 1h builds are shit my molten strike build Is shit...

Shit as in:

- 9.5% more damage on melee hit (147% damage -> 161% damage)
- 27.8% more damage on projectiles (147% damage -> 161% damage, 40% less -> 30% less)
- 3 fewer projectiles (= 30% less projectiles at 2 wildfire + enchant)

-> ~11% less projectile damage

If you're using Grelwood Shank (which even got a damage buff) and/or Dying Sun this will be even less severe.

Seriously stop to think a bit before whining so much. ~10% less damage does certainly not kill your build.

(You also free up a jewel socket for another damage jewel + the loss of 25% AoE also boosts damage)

This man speaks the truth. Stop whining so much. Half the fun of this game is improvising and coming up with new and infinite ways to be OP.

The indigon nerf is going to wreck my poet's pen hiero, so what? I should just find another way to make him awesome again. It's not like the update is not giving you new toys to play with...
rrurrer01 wrote:
Molten Strike buffed - halleluya !!! )

You better go re-read the notes.
Goodbye Molten's was fun while it lasted.
Spankijs wrote:
QL - nerf
Zerphis - totally worthless now
Indigon - nerf
Molten - nerf

F you too GGG.

F you indeed!

Nerfing existing copies of items is cancer.

Very disappointed with league of nerfs!
Galtrovan wrote:
rrurrer01 wrote:
Molten Strike buffed - halleluya !!! )

You better go re-read the notes.

Sarcasm or have you missed wildfire and enchant thing?

F The nerfs!
polymortis wrote:
And what about stackable fossils and resonators or new tab for them? Depressing... T_T

And nothing about scrabs?

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