Path of Exile: Betrayal Patch Notes

Introduced those completely retard shaper stat-sticks and now you guys don't know how to balance it properly so u just straight up remove it from the game.

What about all those unique stat-sticks in the game?
what about melee being complete shit besides starforge and voidforge?

Melee has been about converting your damage to elemental for a hell lot of time in this game and this mechanic always sucked for me, u can't do a really good build with just physical damage alone.

all those shitty decisions you guys made turned melee into this and the answer to all of this is simply removing a core mechanic of path of exile. so smart ay?

What do you guys think will happen with dual wielding?
It's not hard to stat-stick with a shield and get a better buff than more phys damage and attack speed u would normally get with another expensive weapon equal to the main hand

Ain't that 'never miss' shield a thing? what about that?

Completely shitty way to balance stat-stick GGG


you're killing the fun from lots of players u know.

Not everyone want to play the stupid flavour of the league build, this time is the new cold spell, some people just wanna build w/e the fuck they want and they can't

not receiving my money and support anymore, well done.
JoaoP wrote:
I'ma go buy diablo
salty for quillrain nerf

I just went n bought it too, ran out of toilet paper.
does lvl of zone where im meeting syndicate have influence on final drop in safehouses? i mean quantity, quality and item lvls.
KillerFit wrote:
This is MY opinion on the matter noob,if you do not like it,feel free to gtfo and do not comment!

KillerFit wrote:

I will NEVER ever again support this game in anyway!
Sick of nerfs from people who do not care for what the community wants!They care what THEY want!I hope GGG ends up like Diablo and Bethesda!I really wish it!

In my opinion, with the same money that you have spent on the game, you could have taken a couple of anger management and human interaction courses. You seem to be a mentally imbalanced and very unhappy person. How does your attitude work for you?

Last edited by Bhaya on Dec 15, 2018, 6:45:29 AM

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