3.4.5c Redeployment Notes



(I didn't lose anything btw but I'm so ridiculously fucking happy with this response)
It was a lot worse than 1 out of 100 being scummy enough to try something and stupid enough to not realize that logs would bust them after the fact.

417 players had their accounts accessed by another user. Of those, only 150 actually tried to log into a character. Most of these either logged out within a few seconds or were kicked off as the owner logged in again immediately.

Most of the people who were logged into an incorrect account either realized the problem and disconnected themselves, or were booted out almost immediately by the correct owner making another login attempt. Although GGG only explicitly stated this for people who logged into a specific character, a double login boots the first connection out at the character selection screen too. (You can test this yourself with either 2 PCs, or by logging in via the stand alone and steam clients.)

That means it's probably 4 scumbags out of a few dozen players; and that's really depressing.
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Thanks for the transparency
Can't expect every bug to be found before content hits live, unless we're simplifying to Path of Tic-Tac-Toe :P
bonemash wrote:
Vitaminbooya wrote:
blah blah Et Al.

so u think if someone spends a lot of money on the game, in say, a short period of time, and gets banned for no good reason within a reasonable time frame following those purchases, that they are not entitled to compensation? people spend MTX on the game because there is a presumption that they would get to experience the full measure of the effects of that MTX thru stuff like virtual items. A denial of that is a typical 'non delivery of products & services' and if for some stupid reason, it ever gets to the point where it becomes a legal concern, then any legal mind will rule in favor of the plaintiff.

what i think happened is that the people who got banned were just unfortunate enough to legally scam a few whales, and they themselves were either non paying customers or customers who did not invest a significant amount of money into the game. personally i find the whole debacle a bit trivial and GGG in their infinite wisdom (of lack thereof) should have been able to revert all transactions and resolve the matter without having to resort to banning 4 people. these people will probably never spend any money on the game ever again, nor play it for that matter--and they will spread the word of their negative experience to their friends.

The fact that they banned those users, makes me more willing to spend money on this game.
Jesus that is a colossal mistake
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Thanks for the quick fix and the post-mortem. Mistakes happen, no one is perfect.
supreme handling of this disaster so it doesn't overshadow the betrayal hype.

i'm also glad so few people abused that situation to betray their fellow exiles.
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Thank you for owning this, and the great communication. I wish all developers engaged as you guys do.
It's the associated friends that blow my mind. Can you imagine getting a message from your pal like, "hey, there's a bug, I just got logged into another user's account. Help me steal shit!" and then, instead of telling said pal to fuck off, you agree to help? What the actual fuck.

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