3.4.5c Redeployment Notes

bonemash wrote:

so u think if someone spends a lot of money on the game, in say, a short period of time, and gets banned for no good reason within a reasonable time frame following those purchases, that they are not entitled to compensation? people spend MTX on the game because there is a presumption that they would get to experience the full measure of the effects of that MTX thru stuff like virtual items. A denial of that is a typical 'non delivery of products & services' and if for some stupid reason, it ever gets to the point where it becomes a legal concern, then any legal mind will rule in favor of the plaintiff.

what i think happened is that the people who got banned were just unfortunate enough to legally scam a few whales, and they themselves were either non paying customers or customers who did not invest a significant amount of money into the game. personally i find the whole debacle a bit trivial and GGG in their infinite wisdom (of lack thereof) should have been able to revert all transactions and resolve the matter without having to resort to banning 4 people. these people will probably never spend any money on the game ever again, nor play it for that matter--and they will spread the word of their negative experience to their friends.

Btw, surprised and glad only 1% of the players took advantage of the situation.
As always: transparent and well measured... and kudos for admitting the f**k up.

bonemash wrote:
you banned people for accessing other people's accounts because the game let them do that?

what a clown show, embarrassing company

.... err... no. They banned pepole not for accessing (would have been 417 iirc) but for abusing this situation.

I mean: Should someone go unpunished after vandalising your flat just because you forgot to lock?
This is how it's supposed to be handled! get the POS that messed with others accounts AND their friends who helped ^_^ gg, GGG
Good reaction, good post. Thanks for clarifying, I like how GGG communicates with its community. Hope everything works at start of 3.5 and there will be no downtimes. Have a nice day, guys.
One day, a simple typo in the wrong place will bring the whole world down. Mark my words.
"Into the Labyrinth!
left step, right step, step step, left left.
Into the Labyrinth!"
Is there any possibility to dload the minipatch manualy? Im in a hotel, seems it blocks the automatic download. "Failed sending data to the peer hile downloading."

thanks for being transparent about this. :cd:
Thanks for being clear and providing numbers, nobody does that these days. I sure got spooked myself farming twilight strand for giggles and seeing a few lv. 100's that were definitely not mine. Servers went down as I was writing up to support, that was a fast catch.
Only 4 out of 400? Faith in community restored.
PoE 2077

Einhar: Wake the fuck up exile we have Wraeclast to burn and beasts to capture!!
Transparency and personal responsibility is critical in a situation like this.

Thank you for handling appropriately and for communicating with us directly in this manner.

Fight the good fight GGG

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