3.4.5c Redeployment Notes

Fixed so fast.
Very happy to see this frank and helpful reply on the issue. Good job, GGG.
Really glad you're trying to clean this up. Good luck.
Ty for the transparency!
Keep up the good work!
Thank you for addressing the issue.
update user_table set password = '1' #where userid='113'
People that use databases might relate to this.


delete from user_stash #where userid = '420'

good thing there are backups being made on a daily basis
One's demise is always one's own making.
thank you for the fast resolve, had some panic, if it would have happened to my characters, but all is in place and I believe that you fixed it.
Cannot understand people messing around with others players characters, because if it would have happened to them, big crying.
We all play same game, no need to steal, just ask friendly and there is a lot of help in the community. Okay noone will give me a free HH, but to steal one by accident is cheap and lame.
fritz_dreck wrote:
As always: transparent and well measured... and kudos for admitting the f**k up.

bonemash wrote:
you banned people for accessing other people's accounts because the game let them do that?

what a clown show, embarrassing company

.... err... no. They banned pepole not for accessing (would have been 417 iirc) but for abusing this situation.

I mean: Should someone go unpunished after vandalising your flat just because you forgot to lock?

He is the kind of guy when someone slap his face, he give his other cheek to be slapped.

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